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  • 5 devices and 1 PC.
  • license valid for 1 Month.
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  • Automatically renew, cancel any time.
  • 5 devices and 1 PC.
  • license valid for 1 Year.
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  • 5 devices and 1 PC.
  • license valid for Lifetime.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for our full refund policy. In reasonable order disputes, iToolab welcomes customers to submit a refund request that we will respond to in a timely manner and help you through the process.

5 devices means you can apply our product to 5 iOS/Android devices.

1 PC/Mac means you can install and use this program on a PC or Mac computer.

No, Windows license can only be activated on Windows computers and Mac license can only be used on MacOS computers. If you bought the wrong version, we suggest you refund and re-purchase.

Please contact us at [email protected], if you change your computer, we can reset the registration code twice for you.

Yes, you can cancel the subscription at any time. Basic 1 month and 1 year plans often come with automatic renewal. But if you don't want to renew the subscription, you can cancel at any time. Click here to cancel the subscription by yourself.

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RecoverGo (WhatsApp)
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  • One month or one year license will automatically renew, you can cancel it anytime.
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