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Useful tips to unlock any Android locks, including screen lock and FRP lock.

How to Create Alliance Shield X Account?

An office has several devices and it becomes difficult to manage all the devices. Managing devices means keeping a check on software updates, firewall/adblock rules, remote options, disabled packages, etc. All of these can be managed effortlessly and smoothly through one software, that is Alliance Shield X. This article highlights what is Alliance Shield X … read more

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How to Fix No Command Error on Android Phone?

Sometimes, Android users encounter different problems, especially after resetting their device or entering the recovery mode. One of the errors is the No Command Android issue. Such errors are frustrating since users need to clear the error to use the device. Rebooting the phone doesn’t bring any success to these types of issues. Despite the … read more

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How to Bypass Google Lock on Samsung Tablet?

Have you ever come across a Google account sign-in prompt on your Samsung Tablet? It’s the Google FRP lock found in many Samsung device models. If you are dealing with it and wondering how to bypass Google FRP lock on Samsung tablet, we are here to help. We know how frustrating it can be for … read more

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How to Unlock Samsung Phone If Forgot Password/Pattern?

It is rare to find a person without a smartphone, especially a Samsung phone. We always protect our data from unauthorized people by locking the device with a password or a pattern. But sometimes, we may forget the unlock code and find it hard to unlock Samsung phone. Are you a user who forgot Samsung … read more

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How to Reset OPPO Phone Without Password?

No matter which device you own, you are going to face trouble in case you forget your phone lock password. It can happen with Oppo device owners too. You may try entering the password multiple times but can end up facing the worst. Your Oppo phone can become inaccessible and you may not be able … read more

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How to Unlock OPPO Phone Without Password or Pattern?

If you frequently change your Oppo lock screen password, chances are there that you will forget it at some point. And a lot can go wrong after you forget the pattern or screen lock password. Imagine not being able to call your loved ones, text them, or play your favorite music or game because your … read more

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