Straightforward articles to help you unlock, reset your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch easily without password.

How to Unlock Apple ID Without Phone Number with 6 Options

There are moments when someone forgets their Apple ID password. If this has ever happened to you, you know the hassle that comes with finding a solution. Apple offers various recovery options to recover your forgotten ID, including using an email, phone number, security questions, or even providing some other information. It becomes difficult when … read more

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How to Bypass Remote Management iPhone for Free

It is possible to manage iOS devices remotely using Mobile Device Management (MDM). MDM mainly restricts security features and precise applications if set up by your organization. It is also possible for MDM to track daily performance on your device. To acquire full access to your device, you should at least bypass MDM on it. … read more

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Top 5 iPhone Unlock Software: You Should Know in 2021

In this guide, we share with you the 5 top iPhone unlock tools in the market. These programs can help you get back into your iPhone when you’ve forgotten the device’s passcode or when you don’t remember your Apple ID password and you can’t get past the Activation Lock Screen. Let’s take a look at … read more

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How to Remove iCloud Account from iPhone Without Password

If you know the password to your iCloud account, deleting it is a relatively simple process; just sign in and delete. But without a password, you can’t take the straightforward route to remove it from your device. While you can try and guess the correct password, entering the wrong password too many times could get … read more

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How to Remove iPad Activation Lock in 5 Ways (2021)

All Apple devices with Find My iPhone enabled have an activation lock that is meant to safeguard your data from unauthorized access once the device is lost or get displaced. This means that if a different person tries to access your iPhone or iPad, the device is literally useless as they will need to unlock … read more

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4 Working Options to Unlock iPhone Without Apple ID

Have you forgotten the Apple ID and/or password of your iPhone? This issue is more common than you might think. With so many apps and services today, it’s not easy to remember all your usernames and passwords. But while forgetting your credentials for an app or service is never that big of a deal (since … read more

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How to Turn Off Find My iPhone Without Apple ID

You have just bought a second-hand iOS device but can’t factory reset it because it has the Find My iPhone enabled. In this case, you can’t access the device’s iCloud account. What will you do? Don’t worry, as we got you covered. Even though Find My iPhone is a helpful security feature, it becomes inconvenient … read more

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