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Straightforward articles to help you unlock, reset your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch easily without password.

Directunlocks Review and the Best Alternative

Getting stuck with a locked iPhone can be the biggest nightmare for any user. It won’t allow you to even make simple phone calls, let alone access the exclusive iOS features. Fortunately, there are tools like DirectUnlocks that can get you out of such situations. DirectUnlocks is an online service that allows users to unlock … read more

Liam Alexander


How to Unlock iCloud Sim Card? Here’s the Answer

Unlocking an iCloud activation lock and a sim card is quite different. The iCloud locked iPhone doesn’t allow anybody to access iPhone unless they know the passcode. The sim card-locked iPhone can be used again if you perform a factory reset. However, you can’t use iCloud locked iPhone again by implementing a factory reset. Here … read more

Liam Alexander


Forgot Apple Watch Passcode Series 5/4/3/2 How to Do?

If you are using your Apple watch after a considerable amount of time then it is possible that you may have forgot passcode on apple watch or forgot passcode for apple watch and it isn’t paired to my iphone. In either case there are ways you can retrieve your passcode with or without being paired … read more

Liam Alexander