Tips and tricks to help you change the locations of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch easily.

Pokemon Go Safari Zone Is Coming: All Details Here

Pokemon Go is a famous game all around the world which allows you to collect Pokemon from various locations by going there. This gaming software provides different events every year in different countries. This year Pokemon Go Safari Zone event is coming. Many people don’t have any idea about this event. Pokemon Go Safari Zone … read more

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How to Stop Sharing Location without Notifying?

There are too many causes for which you have to share your location with your close ones. It has a lot of benefits like if you ever face any accident, your family and friends can find you easily. Again if you ever have to visit any unsafe place, your family members and friends will know … read more

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Pokemon Go Player Reaches Level 30 without Catching Pokemon

As a fan of the Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go’s level is step-by-step just like a dream come true. We exploring the world, finding new Pokemons, we catch them, and evolving them. However, one Pokemon Go player has seemingly done what no other player has done before, reach level 30 without catching more than one Pokemon. … read more

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What to Do When iPogo Keeps Crashing & Not Working?

One of the most annoying experiences is your iPogo app not working. That’s because it makes it hard, if not impossible, for you to enjoy your Pokémon Go faster game. It explains the importance of fixing this problem lest you realize that not all the game’s settings are working excellently. For instance, what’s the need … read more

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How to Change Pikmin Bloom Flower Locations?

“What is the quickest method to plant a Pikmin Bloom flower? I am fairly new to the game and do not know much about the flower types and how to plant them. What should I do?” Many new players are a bit confused about the flower types in Pikmin Bloom and how to plant them. … read more

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How to Spoof Walking Dead Our World? [iOS & Android]

If you’ve grown up watching and fanboying the Walking Dead TV series, you are most likely to be in love with Walking Dead: Our World as well. It’s an AR-based first-person shooter where you have to save the world from a Zombie apocalypse by shooting Zombies in your nearby area. Within the game, you can … read more

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2022 Latest! New Peridot Game Release Date And All Details

An imaginative new friend. A story that’s completely yours. Peridot is a real-world adventure pet game where you raise, care for, and breed one-of-a-kind adorable creatures. Pre-register today to stay up-to-date on our development! — @playperidot According to a Tweet post from Niantic, there has been no official confirmation on a release date for Peridot. … read more

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2022 Niantic’s AR Pets Game Peridot Will Be Launched Soon

Niantic works on a lot of different projects all the time, whether updates for existing games like Pokémon Go and Ingress or completely new games like their newly revealed project – Peridot. The game took inspiration from Niantic’s previous success with Pokemon Go, and its creation is an added indication that the company has no … read more

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