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Best iPhone Location Changer

iToolab AnyGo for iOS is the powerful location changer for iPhone. It helps you change GPS location without jailbreak. All location-based apps and games on the iPhone will have their location changed.

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No One Knows,
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From social apps to dating apps, or even games like POGO and MHN can be easily changed location with iToolab AnyGo for iOS. Whatever the reason for wanting to change the location, you can do it with one click.

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Features Gamers Will Love

iToolab AnyGo for iOS is also equally good for gamers, you can use this app to simulate GPS movements by adjusting the speeds randomly. For POGO user, you can also collect your favorite routes or check the cooldown timer to control the next action more precisely.

Simulate GPS Movements

Two-spot mode enables you change location from your cuurent location to the destination. Especially for bad weather! cially for bad weather cially for bad weather cially for bad weather

gps movements icon

Customizing the walking speed

Tired of walking speed? You can customize the speed to riding or driving speed, just like the real thing.

speed icon

Display cooldown timer

It must be the safest features for POGO, you can check the cooldown timer to avoid being penalized for the next action.

cooldown timer icon

Fake location with GPS Joystick

GPS Joystick feature helps you control your game character in a 360-degree direction!

gps movements
colddown timer
gps joystick

Why Does It Have to Be AnyGo for iOS?

AnyGo for iOS
  • Supports more than 100+ apps/games
  • Change iOS location unlimited times
  • Simulate GPS movements unlimited times
  • Customized speed
  • No jailbreak required
  • Display Cooldown Timer
  • Control actions with GPS joystick
  • Historical records
  • Collect spots and routes
  • Supports up to 5 devices
  • Compatible with all iPhone models
Other Location Changer Apps
  • Supports less than 10 apps/games
  • Only change GPS location
  • High risk of account blocking
  • Requires jailbreak
  • One device supported only
  • Complicated operation
  • Not cheap

How It Works

No complicated operations, just three simple steps to change iPhone location.

install the latest ar game anygo for androiddd
blue star Step 1

Download and install iToolab AnyGo for iOS app on your device, connect it through Wi-Fi.

teleport mode anygo ios
blue star Step 2

Enter the location or coordinates on the search box to locate the destination.

hit teleport anygo ios
blue star Step 3

The map will be displayed as the corresponding city for the coordinates you entered, Click "Go" on the map

teleport success anygo ios
blue star Step 4

Now, your location will be teleported to the specific place.

Tech Spec
iphone All Models

iPhone: iPhone 5s to the latest iPhone

iPad: iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini all series

iOS/iPadOS versions

iOS: iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15, iOS 16, iOS 17

iPadOS: iPadOS 13 to iPadOS 17

Frequently Asked Questions
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Q4: Does iToolab AnyGo for iOS is safe?
Q5: How to restore the real location?
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Best App to Change Location on iPhone

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