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iToolab AnyGo for Android

Superior GPS Spoofer App for Android

  • Spoof GPS location on 100+ apps and games.
  • Simulate GPS movements between two spots.
  • Display cooldown timer.
  • Equipped with hover mobile controls.
  • Customize the speed of movement at will.
  • No root required.
  • Support the latest Android 14.
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Break through location restrictions at your fingertips

Changing the gps location and simulating the gps route with iToolab AnyGo for Android, you can find more fun in the game anytime and anywhere.

Switch social and game modes with a single click

You heard it right, iToolab AnyGo for Android has two modes. In social mode, you can change the location of over a hundred apps such as Instagram, X, Facebook, etc. In game mode, you can foucs more on the AR game.

singe click
go wherever you want

Go wherever you want without hindrance

Too tired to go out and play the game? Can't get to other countries to get regional roles? Want to raid, trade or battle in the gym with a friend in another country? With iToolab AnyGo for Android, that's not a problem!

  • One-click to virtual location in location-based game.
  • Spoof location directly without switching to other app.

You’re moving, but you’re not

You read it right, you can play POGO / MHN / DQWalk at home without moving. iToolab AnyGo for Android's simulated GPS movement feature is here to help. You can make full use of the two-point or GPS joystick to control actions more realistic.

  • Two-spot mode to simulate GPS movement.
  • GPS Joystick mode allows 360-degree control.
  • Freely customize the speed in walking, riding and driving.
  • Know more accurately the time and distance required.

Synchronize your actions instantly

You can stop at any time when you encounter rare characters on your walk in case you miss them! The hover button can help you stop or continue your movement at any time.

All-round guarantee your gaming experience

Still worried about violating the rules of the game by changing the location randomly or excessively? iToolab AnyGo for Android can easily solve this worry! Its exclusive "Show Cooldown Timer" feature helps you determine exactly how long you need to wait before your next move, and automatically counts down the time for you. This is fantastic!

all round guarantee

Free or paid, it's up to you

Both versions support updates and technical support. Haven't experienced enough relevant features? Choose the best plan for your needs. We highly suggest the most cost effective one year version.

Limited Access
  • gps Fake GPS Location
  • map Simulate GPS movement
  • joystick Supports GPS joystick
  • speed Customized speed
  • time Display Cooldown Timer
  • historical records Historical records
  • collect Collect spots and routes
  • supports Supports up to 15 devices
  • root No root required
  • android Compatible with Android 14
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Ready to use

A few simple steps to change the POGO location in minutes.

enter location 1
blue star Step 1

Step 1. Download and install the app on your device and enetr the location.

teleport mode anygo for android
blue star Step 2

Step 2. The map will be displayed as the corresponding city for the coordinates you entered, Click "Teleport" on the map.

allow mock app 3
blue star Step 3

Step 3. Enable developer mode to allow location changes.

teleport done 4
blue star Step 4

Step 4. Now, your location will be teleported to the specific place.

Tech Spec
brands All Brands

Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Huawei, Wiko, Google, OnePlus, Realme, OPPO, etc.

android Android OS

Android 7.0, Android 8.0, Android 9 Pie, Android 10, Android 11, Android 12, Android 13, Android 14.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q2: Can you spoof location-based game on iOS device? drop down

Yes, you can now use iToolab AnyGo for iOS to spoof location-based game without computer.

Q3: What Is a Cooldown Timer in POGO? drop down

The cooldown timer is calculated from the distance after you move in the game and you must wait until the cooldown is over before you perform your next action. iToolab AnyGo for Android will display the cooldown timer to avoid being punished.

Q4: Why doesn't the POGO map appear in the app? drop down

This may be caused by your Android system or Pokemon version being too low. Please upgrade to the latest system and restart the game.

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Best GPS Spoofer App for Android

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