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Fix All iTunes Errors and Clean Up iTunes for Free

  • Repair 200+ types of iTunes errors and releated issues.
  • Clean up iTunes for duplicate songs and useless data.
  • iTunes repair without data loss and in a simple click.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iTunes version.

Instantly repair iTunes errors and issues

Get in trouble with the iTunes errors? No matter iTunes update errors, iTunes connection errors or the iTunes sync errors, even the iTunes won't open, TunesPal can handle all these problems in a simple click and it's free.

install download itunes error

Installation/Download Errors

update itunes error

Update Errors


Connection Errors

backup itunes error

Backup Errors

restore itunes error

Restore Errors

sync itunes error

Sync/CDB Errors

Repair iTunes 200+ errors

Common iTunes errors cuased by iTunes backup/restore, connection and firmware update. All of them can be fixed with TunesPal.

  • Error 14: The [device name] could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (14).
  • Error 0xe8000015: iTunes could not connect to this iPhone, an unknown error occurred (0xE8000015).
  • Error 4000: The iPhone [device name] could not be updated. AN unknown error occured (4000).
  • Error 7: iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes error 7 (Windows error 127).
  • Error 1671: There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone [device name]. An unknown error occured(1671).

note Note: Different error codes may be the same problem, and the error messages they display are the same.

Fix iTunes not working issues

No matter what reason causes iTunes not working on Windows, TunesPal helps you fix all the unknown issues in a short while. Common problems include iTunes randonly crash, and not opening etc.

  • iTunes keeps crashing.
  • iTunes freezes on windows 10.
  • iTunes not responding.
  • iTunes not opening on windows 10.
  • iTunes keeps reopening.

Clean up iTunes, speed up iTunes

TunesPal helps you clean up iTunes cache files, cookies, older backups, logs and all the junk with one-click.

Keep iTunes clean and clear

iTunes generates a lot of junk files every time it runs, which not only causes your itunes to run slowly but also causes your computer's memory to become small.













Clean Up iTunes Library,  Speed Up iTunes

Why TunesPal, not others

Instaed of repair and clean up iTunes, TunesPal can also help you fix iPhone issues.

TunesPal Free
  • Repair all the iTunes errors.
  • iTunes won't open on Windows 10.
  • iTunes keeps crashing.
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod is not connected to iTunes.
TunesPal Pro (FixGo)
  • Repair all the iTunes errors.
  • iTunes won't open on Windows 10.
  • iTunes keeps crashing.
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod is not connected to iTunes.
  • Fix iPhone/iPad stuck on Apple logo, black screen, etc.
  • Update and downgrade iOS/iPadOS version
  • Enter and exit Recovery Mode on iPhone/iPad

How TunesPal helps iTunes

Only a few clicks you can repair iTunes errors and clean iTunes with ease.

click itunes repair
downloading repair driver
fix itunes done
Step 1. Lauch TunesPal

Download and inatll TunesPal on computer.

Step 2. Repair iTunes

TunesPal will auto download repair driver to fix iTunes.

Step 3. iTunes Repaired

In a minute, your iTunes will be fixed.

Don't look any further

"Thanks to TunesPal, I finally solved the iTunes error -50 on my computer. It's a really powerful tool for iTunes errors!"
Babar Mugha
"My iTunes won't open on my Windows 10, and I can't solve it by updating. But with TunesPal, the problem was solved in a few minutes!"
Kyle Emmett
"My computer is running very slowly and the scan shows a lot of cache in iTunes. After trying this amazing free tool, my computer runs significantly faster."
Alex Corda
Tunes Pal iCon
1-Click to repair iTunes errors and clean up iTunes data for free!

Tech specs

1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)
256 MB or more of RAM (1024MB Recommended)
Hard Disk Space
200 MB and above free space
iTunes Versions
12.11.0, 12.10.10, 12.10.9, 12.10.8, 12.10.7, 12.10.6, 12.10.5, 12.10.4, 12.10.3, 12.10.2, 12.10.1, 12.10.0, 12.9, 12.8, 12.7
Computer OS
Windows: Win 10/8.1/8/7

TunesPal FAQs

TunesPal as a professional iTunes repair tool, it helps many users who get in trouble with those iTunes errors. You can always trust this 100% safe tool.