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How to Use iToolab AnyGo for Android


    iToolab AnyGo for Android is a handy GPS location changer app for Android user to spoof location in AR games and location-based apps. Download AnyGo Location Faker at Google Play Store, which is iToolab AnyGo for Android App.

    Social Mode

    If you’ve installed the app on your device, the default mode is social. You can change location-based apps through the following steps.

    Enter location on the search the box.

    enter location anygo location faker

    Select the location from the list and hit “Teleport” on the map.

    hit teleport anygo location faker

    If your device haven’t enable developer mode, please follow the steps on-screen steps to enable it and select AnyGo Location Faker as mock location app.

    enable developer mode anygo location faker

    Once done, you will back the map screen. Hit “Teleport” again, and your location will be changed.

    change location complete anygo location faker

    Game Mode

    If you want to change location in AR game, please select the game icon on the right side (POGO Mode, MHN Mode and DQW Mode).

    game mode pogo anygo location faker

    game mode mhn anygo location faker

    game mode dqw anygo location faker

    Next, you need to install the latest VR game. Click on “Install” and follow the steps to finish the steps.

    install vr game anygo location faker

    Once done, you can now use the following functions in the AR game.

    Teleport Mode

    AnyGo for Android will display your current location on the map using the red coordinate logo. To change the location, click on the search box at the top of the screen and enter the place you want to go.

    teleport mode anygo for android

    Now, click on search and the map will be located to the specific location. Click on “Teleport” on the map.

    click on teleport anygo for android

    Your current location will be teleported to that place. You can click on “OK” to check the location in the VR game. Also, the cooldown timer is also displayed on the map.

    teleport success anygo for android

    Two-Spot Mode

    The current location will displayed on the map, to use the Two-spot mode please click the random location on the map and click on “Walk” option to star walking.

    click on walking anygo for android

    Now, the game character will start walking with the route you specify. Also, you can customize the walking speed by adjust the progress bar at the top. You can end the route or pause it at any time.

    start walking anygo for android

    Note: You can check the game character by clicking on the game icon in the bottom right corner.

    Once done, click on “OK” and you can now check the game to catch the Pokemon!

    arrived in anygo for android

    Disable Hover Windows/Cooldown Timer

    Go to profile, disable Hover Window or Cooldown Timer if you don’t want these feature.

    settings anygo for android

    Joystick Feature

    You can now use the joystick feature to control your game character better.

    Click on the Joystick icon on the main screen.

    Anygo android joystick

    Next, click on “OK” and go to “Setting” to authorize the app.

    Ok anygo android joystick

    Now, the GPS joystick controller will displayed on the screen. Click on the “Start” icon to control your game character.

    Controller anygo android joystick

    You can long press the icon in the upper right corner of the GPS joystick to move the controller, or you can click on the “Exit” icon to finish the action.

    Exit anygo android joystick

    Other Features


    You can favorite any spots or routes by clicking the “Star” icon. Next, name the spot or route and click on “Sure.”

    Favorite anygo android

    Name spot anygo android

    You can check favorite locations and routes by clicking the “Favorites” icon.

    Check favorite anygo android


    Every action you take will be automatically saved inside the History. You can view them by clicking on the “History” icon.

    Check history anygo android

    Resource Search

    Want to know the specific location of the Pokemon you want to catch? Use the Resource Search feature to do so. Also, learn more details about the Pokemon, such as Coordiantes, Despawn, Move, CP and Lvl.

    resource search anygo android

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