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How to Jailbreak iPhone on Mac with Checkra1n


    Easy Way to Jailbreak iPhone on Mac with Checkra1n

    Here is the video guide:

    Download and run checkra1n on your Mac, and connect your device to computer with USB lightning. Then, click “Start” to jailbreak your iPhone.

    click start to jailbreak

    If the “Start” button is grayed out, please click “Options” and select “Allow untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions”. If you are an iPhone 8/8 Plus/X user you should also select “Skip A11 BPR check”. Last, click “Back” > “Start”.

    select options select other options

    Note: if your are a iPhone 8/8 Plus/X user, you will need to enter “Settings” > “Face ID & Passcode” > “Turn Passcode Off” in iPhone.

    turn off screen passcode

    Next, it will pop-up a warning windows, after reading the warning and click “OK” to move on.

    jailbreak warning

    In the next screen, you should click “Next” and checkra1n will auto put your device into recovery mode.

    enter recovery mode entering recovery mode

    Once your device entered recovery mode, you need to click “Start” button and follow the in-app guide to put your device into DFU mode.

    Note: You need to press and hold the button until the timer ends.

    enter dfu mode enter dfu mode 2

    If you’ve entered DFU mode successful, click “Done” button and close the program. Your iPhone is now jailbroken.

    enter dfu mode successful

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