How to Use AnyGo to Change the Location of Your iPhone/iPad

February 1, 2021

    This is a simple step by step tutorial to help you use AnyGo to change GPS location and simulate GPS movement.

    To begin, download the AnyGo setup file to your computer. Double-click on it and follow the installation wizard to install the program. Open the program after installation.

    Check the following video to know how to use AnyGo to change the GPS location of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch easily.

    1. Teleport to any location in the world

    Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the computer and then click on “Start” in the program’s main window.

    Connect the iPhone to the computer

    Step 2: You should see your current location on the map that appears on the next page. If the location shown is inaccurate, click on the “Center On” icon to get the correct location.

    your current location on the map

    Step 3: Click on the “Teleport” icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and then enter the location you’d like to teleport to. Click “Search”.

    search for an address

    Step 4: The system will record the new desired location. Click “Go” to teleport.

    Click on the “Teleport” icon

    2. Simulate movement along a specified route

    You can also use AnyGo to simulate GPS movement between two pre-determined locations:

    Step 1: Click on “Two-spot route” in the upper right corner. Select the place you would like to go to on the map. A popup will appear telling you how far it is.

    Drag the slider at the bottom to set the speed you would like to use. You can choose walking, cycling, or driving speed. Click “Go”.
    Two-spot route

    Step 2: In the popup box that appears, select how many times you would like to move between the two locations and then click “Go” to begin the simulated movement.
    begin the simulated movement

    3. Simulate movement along a route (set by multiple spots)

    If you would like to pass through many places on the map, choose the multi-stop route.

    Step 1: Select the multi-stop route in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select all the locations you want to pass through.

    Note: Make sure that the locations you set are along a specific route to avoid the movement appearing unnatural.

    A popup will appear showing how far you will travel. Select the moving speed and then click “Go”.
    select all the locations

    Step 2: Specify how many times you want to move along the selected path and locations and then click “Go” to start the simulated movement.
     start the simulated movement

    The GPS on your device will now be moving along the specified path, passing through all the selected points at the specified speed.

    4. Use the Joystick for easier and more flexible GPS control

    The joystick feature in AnyGo can save you a lot of time and effort when controlling the GPS. You can find the joystick at the bottom left of the screen.

    In one-stop or multi-stop mode, the joystick is meant to help easily move your GPS from one point to another. But it goes one step further, allowing you to change direction in real-time.

    Joystick mode

    The following are the main situations in which the joystick will prove very useful:

    Automatic GPS Movement: To start an automatic movement, click on the “Start” button. You can then use the following actions to change direction as needed:

    • Click on the left or right arrow
    • Drag the spot around the circle
    • Press the A and D keys on the keyboard
    • Press left and right keys on the keyboard

    Manual GPS Movement: You can use the “Up” arrow in the program or long-press W or the up key on your keyboard to move forward. To reverse direction, use the “Down” arrow in the program or “S” or “Down” arrow on the keyboard.

    You can also easily change the direction using the 4 ways described above before moving forward or back.

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    • Avatar Juan says:

      Hola, como ago para pasar la conexion a otro iphone

      • Dave Patterson Dave Patterson says:

        Hola Juan, muchas gracias por tu propuesta. Anygo actualmente no admite la conexión de varios dispositivos, pero he enviado sus comentarios al equipo de I + D. Lo admitiremos en varias versiones nuevas en el futuro.