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How to Use iToolab SIMUnlocker to Unlock iPhone SIM Card

The iPhone locked by the carrier can only use the designated SIM card. If you want to change to a different carrier, unless you have already paid off the contract. With iToolab SIMUnlocker, you can unlock the iPhone SIM lock in just a few minutes. Read on for a detailed guide. šŸ“„ Free Download Here: … read more



How to Use iMute to Turn Off iPhone Camera Sound

Apple has made a hard-coded customization in iPhone which sold in Japan and South Korea. When you take a photo, it will forcibly make a clicking sound and it cannot be turned off. iToolab iMute is here for you to remove iPhone camera sound, follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to use … read more



How to Fake Your iPhone GPS Location Via Wi-Fi on Mac

The wireless connection saves us the trouble of USB connection. Especially when you have multiple devices connected to AnyGo, you will find that there are not so many USB ports on your PC or Mac. In the recently updated AnyGo v3.1.0, it supports Wi-Fi wireless connection to the computer for you to fake GPS location … read more



How to Put iPhone into DFU Mode

What is DFU mode on iPhone? As Apple’s own repair system, enter DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode helps you fix various iOS problems. When your iPhone jailbreak fails or want to restore iOS version but stuck on loading screen you can easily solve these issues by putting iPhone in DFU mode. It’s a really useful … read more



How to Enter & Exit iPhone Recovery Mode

There are many situations that require you to enter iPhone recovery mode. For example, your computer doesn’t recognize the iPhone when you connect it with USB cable, or update your iPhone but stuck in Apple logo, etc. Therefore, it is important for iPhone users to know how to enter recovery mode. By referring to this … read more



How to Jailbreak iPhone on Mac with Checkra1n

Easy Way to Jailbreak iPhone on Mac with Checkra1n Here is the video guide: Download and run checkra1n on your Mac, and connect your device to computer with USB lightning. Then, click “Start” to jailbreak your iPhone. If the “Start” button is grayed out, please click “Options” and select “Allow untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions”. If you … read more



How to Use AnyGo to Change the Location of Your iPhone/iPad

This is a simple step by step tutorial to help you use AnyGo to change GPS location and simulate GPS movement. To begin, download the AnyGo setup file to your computer. Double-click on it and follow the installation wizard to install the program. Open the program after installation. Download for Win Download for Mac Check … read more



How to Use FixGo to Fix System Issues of Your iPhone/iPad

This guide will show you how to use FixGo step by step to fix your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch easily. Note: The Standard Mode will fix most iOS system issues without data loss. The Advanced Mode on the other hand will fix the most stubborn iOS issues but will cause total data loss. It is therefore advisable … read more