How to Unlock Android Screen Lock & Bypass Samsung FRP Lock


    iToolab Unlock(Android)is a professional Android screen lock removal and Samusng FRP bypass tool. By using this amazing tool, you can easily remove Android locks. Check the full guide to see how it works.

    How to Remove Google Lock (FRP) on Samsung Devices

    iToolab UnlockGo for Android enables you remove Samsung Google Lock on PC without complicated steps. Whether you’ve forgotten your Google account password or bought a second-hand Samsung phone, all your Samsung FRP problem will be solved less than 5 minutes.

    Step 1. Connect Samsung Device to PC

    Download and install UnlockGo for Android your computer, then connect your Samsung device to PC with USB cable. Next, select the feature “Remove Google Lock(FRP)”.

    select remove google lock

    Step 2. Select Samsung Device OS Version

    Confirm you want to remove Google Lock(FRP) by clicking “Start” button, then select your device OS version.

    click start button select samsung device os version

    Make sure you have selected the correct version number, otherwise the removal of the account may fail. And do not disconnect Wi-Fi during the following process.

    confirm Samsung os version

    Step 3. Send Notification to Samsung Device

    Now, UnlockGo for Android will send a notification to your Samsung phone. Keep connecting your device during the process.

    send notification to samsung device

    Step 4. Set up Samsung Device

    For Android 6/9/10

    Video Guide:

    If you receive the notification, your Samsung device will pop-up a message, click “View” > “Agree” buttons. Now, you will need to update (If it requires) and open the Samsung Internet Browse.

    set up Samsung device 1

    Next, enter the URL “” in the browser, then tap the first result in the google search and click “Open Settings” > “PIN” to set a new password.

    set pin password

    Once done, click “Continue” and confirm your password again. Next, click “OK” > “YES, I’M IN” > “GOT IT” to finish the setup.

    finish the setup

    You will back to the Open Settings page when you finish the setup. You need to return to the WiFi Settings by clicking “<” keys, and click “Next”. Now, enter the PIN that you just set and click “Next” again. In the following screen, click “Skip” key. Last, you need to click “Accept” button to complete FRP bypass.

    finish Samsung set up

    For Android 5/8

    Video Guide:

    Click on “View” button to open the Samsung browser, then enter the URL “” in the browser. In the result, select “Android_8-9-10_GAM.apk” and “FRP_Bypass.apk” to download.

    Note:If you’re running Android 5, please install the android_5_GAM.apk.

    install android frp apk

    Next, click the “Bookmarks” option at the bottom of your browser, and click “HISTORY”. Then, open the DOWNLOAD HISTORY and you will see the APKs you just downloaded. Double click “Android_8-9-10_GAM.apk” to install it, and press “SETTINGS” to move on.

    install apk

    Turn on “Allow from this source” to finish the installation. And back to the DOWNLOAD HISTORY page to install FRP_Bypass.apk. After installing, click the “OPEN” > “┇” icon >”Browser sign-in”.

    install frp bypass apk

    Last, click “OK” to enter your new google account and hit “Next”. After login, your device will auto restart.

    login new google account

    If the FRP Lock has been removed from your Samsung phone, you will see the “Removed Google Lock (FRP) Successfully” screen.

    removed google lock successfully

    How to Unlock Screen Lock with iToolab UnlockGo for Android

    iToolab UnlockGo for Android can remove android passwords in minutes, it supports removing all types of the Android version easily, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, etc. Before starting, please download and install iToolab UnlockGo for Android firstly. Then follow the steps to remove lock screen easily.

    Step 1:Connect your device

    Open UnlockGo (Android) from your computer, select “Unlock Screen Lock”, then get a start and connect your phone with the computer.

    UnlockGo for Android Main Interface UnlockGo for Android Start

    Step 2: Confirm device information

    Before connecting, make sure to confirm your device information. Once you selected your Phone Brand, click “Unlock” to proceed it. Take Samsung for example.

    UnlockGo for Android Confirm Device Information

    Step 3: Put your device into Recovery Mode

    On Samsung phones with and without the home button, there are different ways to enter recovery mode. Please follow the on-screen introduction or video guide to enter recovery mode.

    📖 Check detailed guide to enter recovery mode for phones without home button>>

    📖 Check detailed guide to enter recovery mode for phones with home button>>

    Step 4: Start unlocking process

    Once your Phone has entered Recovery Mode, please follow the on-screen steps below to remove the screen password.

    UnlockGo for Android Reboot System

    Note: Considering some device is different, they have entered “Reboot System Now” automatically. Then please ignore Steps 1-3 above.

    Step 5: Unlock successfully

    Finally, restart your Phone and you will be able to set up a new password.

    UnlockGo for Android Remove Successfully

    How to Unlock Screen Lock without Data Loss

    If you have an older Samsung phone (earlier than Samsung S7), then you can try to this feature to unlock screen lock without losing data.

    Step 1. Connect Samsung Device

    Connect your Samsung device and select “Unlock Screen Lock without Data Loss” feature.

    unlock screen lock without data loss

    Step 2. Select Device Information

    Next, you will need to confirm the unlock selection by clicking “Start”.

    confirm unlock selection

    In the next screen, you need to select your device information. Please select the device name and device model, and click “Next”.

    select device information

    Please confirm the device information is correct, or it will cause remove screen lock to fail.

    confirm device information

    Step 3. Download Data Package

    UnlockGo for Android will take a few seconds to download data package for you, and then click “Next” to move on.

    download data package

    Step 4. Enter Download Mode

    Now, follow the on-screen steps or check the video guide below to enter download mode. Once done, click “Start” button to continue.

    enter download mode

    Step 5. Removing Screen Passcode

    Once you’ve entered download mode, UnlockGo for Android will auto remove screen lock for you. It will spend a few minutes.

    removing screen passcode without data loss

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