How to Use RecoverGo (WhatsApp)


    How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Data from Device

    If you have accidentally lost WhatsApp or WhatsApp business data on your Android or iPhone, you can use RecoverGo (WhatsApp) to recover the lost data no matter what the cause is. Let’s see how to recover deleted WhatsApp (Business) data on iPhone or Android device.

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    Step 1. Download and Install RecoverGo (WhatsApp)

    You should download and install RecoverGo (WhatsApp) on your computer, then select the feature “Recover deleted WhatsApp data from device” to move on.

    recover deleted whatsapp data recovergo whatsapp

    Step 2. Scan WhatsApp (Business) Data

    Now, connect your device to computer via an USB cable, please hit “Trust” option on your iPhone device and enter the screen passcode.

    connect device to computer recovergo whatsapp

    Now, select the account from which you lost data and RecoverGo (WhatsApp) will start scanning the account data.

    scan whatsapp data recovergo whatsapp

    The scanning process will take a while, then you will see all the scanned data. Click “OK” to check the data.

    scanning complete recovergo whatsapp

    Step 3. Recover Deleted WhatsApp (Business) Data

    Now, select the data you want to recover and click “Recover” button. You can also select all data at once, simply click on the option next to the account number.

    recover whatsapp data complete recovergo whatsapp

    Note: You can also select the text or file in the message box individually and then click the button next to it to copy the text or export the file (video, audio or file)

    Last, select the path you want to save the data and click “Save” to finish the step.

    whatsapp data exported recovergo whatsapp

    How to Recover WhatsApp Data from iOS Backup

    If you’ve backed up your WhatsApp (Business) data, you can also use RecoverGo (WhatsApp) to directly recover WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business data. No more spending a lot of time looking for WhatsApp data from all iTunes backups.

    Step 1. Select “Recover WhatsApp Data from iOS Backup”

    After installing the RecoverGo (WhatsApp), select the feature “Recover WhatsApp Data from iOS Backup” to move on.

    recover data itunes backup recovergo whatsapp

    Step 2. Select the Backup File

    Now, you should select the backup file and click “View” button to go on.

    view itunes backup recovergo whatsapp

    Step 3. View WhatsApp data from iTunes Backup

    You will see all the WhatsApp data from your iTunes backup, select the data you want to recover and click “Recover” to save to the computer.

    view itunes backup details recovergo whatsapp whatsapp itunes-backup done recovergo whatsapp

    How to Backup And View WhatsApp Data

    In addition to recovering WhatsApp data, RecoverGo(WhatsApp)also supports helping you backup WhatsApp data to your computer to reduce your phone’s memory.

    Step 1. Select “Backup and view WhatsApp Data”

    After downloading RecoverGo (WhatsApp), launch the software and select the feature “Backup and view WhatsApp data”.

    backup view whatsapp data recovergo whatsapp

    Step 2. Backup WhatsApp (Business) Data

    If you’ve used the recover deleted WhatsApp data feature before, there will have a backup. If want to re-backup WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business data, click “Backup Now”.

    backup now recovergo whatsapp

    Next, select the account you want to backup, and RecoverGo (WhatsApp) will back up your data in a few minutes. Click “OK” to finish the step.

    select account backup recovergo whatsapp

    Note: If you find lost data in the backup, you can select the data and click “Recover” to restore the data directly.

    backup complete recovergo whatsapp

    Step 3. View WhatsApp (Business) Backup

    Once you have backed up WhatsApp data, you can see the backup files on the interface.

    backup files recovergo whatsapp

    Next, select the backup you want to preview and click “View” button to continue.

    view whatsapp data recovergo whatsapp

    More Feature about RecoverGo (WhatsApp)

    There are some useful features to help you restore deleted WhatsApp data quickly. You can export contacts from WhatsApp gruop or export messages individually. Let’s check it out!

    Export Group Contacts

    Once your whatsapp data scan is complete, you will see this screen. Now, select the group messages and click the export option and all your gruop contacts will be exported to your computer.

    export group contacts recovergo whatsapp

    Export Messages Individually

    You can also export messages/photos/stickers/videos/files/links from the chat box individually. Once the scan is complete, select the chat and find the message or other data you want to export and click the copy option. Then, paste on the word file or text file.

    export whatsapp messages individually recovergo whatsapp

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