Custom iPSW to Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone 14/13/12/11


    Here we are talking about how you can install ipsw without icloud activation downloaded on your device. Lot of you may have a question about what is IPSW? So, it’s a software that is generally used in the Apple devices that can compress and encrypt the file for security purposes. To have the access of your device without IPSW we have an easy method in the last.

    Before Installing IPSW without iCloud Activation

    There are some questions you may want to know beofore you install IPSW. Let’s take a look.

    1. Is it possible to install IPSW without iCloud Activation?

    Yes, downloading and installing IPSW to your computer (both in MacOS and Windows) is possible without iCloud activation. To install IPSW to your computer you need to have IPSW file and your computer. Please keep this in mind that even after having a working method to do this process, it is quite difficult to do it properly. So, it is recommended to be focused when you are installing the IPSW to your iDevice without iCloud Activation.

    2. The limitations of download IPSW to bypass iCloud

    1. Doesn’t work on newer iPhones also the rate of success is less.
    2. The process is very complicated.
    3. The process very delicate, slightest mistake can cause to iPhone bricking.

    3. Where to download IPSW file

    You can download IPSW file by visiting to this official website:

    How to Custom IPSW to Bypass iCloud on iPhone 14/13/12/11

    So, as the procedure of creating custom IPSW is quite different from Windows to MacOS, so the explanations for both the methods are given separately. Down below we are telling you to how you can custom ipsw without icloud activation download. Make sure you follow each process carefully and cautiously because even the slightest mistake can be the last mistake for your device.

    For Windows users

    1. Firstly, you need to change the extension of the file to .zip after downloading the required IPSW file to your computer.
    2. In this step you need to extract this zip file to any new folder. Once you will extract this zip file, you will see files with .dmg extensions. All these files are needed to decrypt as they are encrypted.
    3. For decrypting of these files, you need to have a certain tool. And the decryption would need a decryption key that you will find from
    4. Find the largest .dmg file from the list and copy it to the desktop.
    5. Now, decrypt the file using the tool and the decrypting key.
    6. After decryption, head towards the desktop where the decrypted file is located. Now open it. After that go into the “Applications” folder.
    7. In this folder find the “” file and delete it.
    8. Now you have to encrypt the same file which you have decrypted with the same method and key which you have used to decrypt.
    9. The last step is to rename the file with the same name having the original .dmg file. After that replace the file to the original location from where you have copied it.

    So, these were the steps to create custom IPSW on your windows PC. Now, final step you have to do is to compress the file and change the extension as IPSW file.

    For Mac users

    This method is only compatible with 32-bit system, and this is totally different from the process you followed for windows.

    1. First you need to download the IPSW file from the official website.
    2. Now, you have to change the extension of the iPSW file to zip file, and extract the file.
    3. Once you have successfully extracted the file you will find 3 .dmg files.
    4. Now find the biggest file among them and cut and paste that file to the desktop. This file won’t open as it is encrypted.
    5. To decrypt the file you will need the firmware key. You can find this to “The iPhone WiKi”.
    6. After finding the key, this is the time to decrypt the file. And for that we will use iDecrypt that you have already present in you Mac. All you have to do is open the app and decrypt the .dmg file with it.
    7. The warning message will be shown after the decryption is done, click on the OK button and select the output folder followed by pasting the key for “RootFilesystem”.
    8. After that you have to click on “Decrypt DMG”. Once the whole process is done a success message will be appeared.
    9. Now, open the iPSW file after decryption is done and find the application folder in it. Now you have to delete the “Setup” file from here.
    10. Once the whole process is done you need to exit the current folder and right click on the decrypted file followed by selecting “Eject”.
    11. After the file is successfully saved, you need to delete the original file followed by renaming the new decrypted file with matching to the original file. Now take this file back to the folder which you extracted earlier.
    12. In this final step you need to finally compress the file back to IPSW.

    Can’t Download IPSW? How to Bypass iCloud Activatrion Lock?

    Installing IPSW is obviously a complicated process, I know you need something simple. Here it is then, iToolab UnlockGo is the easy-peasy solution for this. All you need is this application, and have the access of your phone instantly it’s just that simple. With only a few steps you can easily bypass iCloud Activation Lock without installing IPSW file.

    👉If you’re running iOS 15 to iOS 16.5, there’s no doubt that this is the tool of choice.

    Secure Download
    Secure Download

    Follow the steps given below:

    Step 1. Click on the “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” button after downloading and installing UnlockGo on your Computer, then hit on “Start”.

    ipsw without icloud activation itoolab unlockgo

    Step 2. Connect your device and jailbreak it now. The program will download the right jailbreak package for your system.

    ipsw without icloud activation download itoolab unlockgo

    Step 3. The Jailbreak tool will get downloaded automatically. Hit on “Jailbreak” and follow the on-screen steps to jailbreak your device. It will take a few minutes.

    ipod mini custom ipsw without icloud activation download itoolab unlockgo

    Step 4. Click on the “Remove” button after successful jailbreaking.

    install ipsw without icloud activation download itoolab unlockgo

    Step 5. After a few minutes, the process will get completed.

    activation lock removed itoolab unlockgo


    We’ve talked about how you can have the access of your phone using ipsw without icloud activation, not only this we have talked about the awesome way using which you do not have to do through the lengthy process. As you can see, custom iPSW to bypass iCloud on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XR is not a difficult thing for us, especially with iToolab UnlockGo. Hope this article helped you to get access of your phone.

    Secure Download
    Secure Download

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