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Top 9 iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool Download Free


    Activation Lock is a nightmare for many iCloud users. No matter, what’s the reason behind the iCloud Activation Lock, you’ll have to deal with it. An useful iCloud remover would be your life saver, let’s take a look at below:

    Some FAQs about Activation Lock

    When you turn on Find My on your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch, Activation Lock is activated. If someone factory reset your iOS device, then it will get stuck on Activation lock interface and would never get past on that. This is a feature to keep others from using your iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch.

    Is it possible to unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone?

    It’s possible to unlock iCloud lock with limitation, for example you can only unlock A7/A8/A9/A10/A11 devices (iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE-1st Gen). You might think of using any third-party tool or software to get rid of Activation Lock. In the article, we will list some popular iCloud Activation Lock removal tools. If you want to bypass iCloud easily and quickly, you can use iToolab UnlockGo – iCloud Activation Lock Removal to accomplish that goal.

    Is there any iCloud Activation Lock bypass tool free download?

    If you’re looking for an iCloud Activation Lock removal tool download free, then this article is for you. You can free download the tools mentioned below to remove iCloud Activation Lock. They are tested, and work perfectly. However, if you’re looking for an iCloud Activation Lock removal tool free online, you must be careful. Many of them are scam websites.

    Is there any free tool can remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 11?

    Currently, there is no third-party program can remove Activation Lock on iPhone 11. You should be careful about those iCloud unlock services online that say they can bypass iCloud with IMEI for free.

    Top 9 iCloud Bypass Tools Free Download on PC

    This section will discuss the best 7 effective iCloud removal tools. Moreover, you don’t need to master any technical knowledge to use all of these programs. Let’s get started with our first tool now!

    Top 1. iToolab UnlockGo – All-in-one iOS Unlocker

    iToolab UnlockGo is an all-in-one iOS unlocker tool that can help you remove iCloud Activation Lock in just a few clicks. Moreover, it can help you remove Apple ID, screen time passcode, MDM(Rmote Device Management), screen passcode, etc.

    Why does iToolab UnlockGo stand out?

    • Remove iCloud Activation Lock without password, or previous owner, or IMEI/serial number.
    • Support iPhone 5s to iPhone X, iPad Mini 2/3/4, and other iOS devices with iOS 12 – iOS 16.7 (16.7 for macOS users).
    • Won’t be remotely erased by previous owner.
    • Log into new Apple ID from iTunes Store & App Store.
    • Fast and easy.
    • Effective and secure tool.
    • 10 USD OFF coupon code: XMAS10M, get now.

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    Step 1. Download and install UnlockGo on your computer, connect your device and click “Unlock iCloud Activation Lock”.

    unlockgo guide - unlock icloud ios 15.7 main interface

    Step 2. Next, click “Start” button to move on. There are some notes out there, please read them carefully.

    unlockgo guide - starts unlock icloud ios 15.7

    Step 3. Now connect your device to macOS computer and you need to tap “Trust” on your iPhone.

    unlockgo guide - connect device to mac

    Step 4. After that, your iPhone needs to be put into DFU Mode. Just follow the guide step by step

    Note: We recommend that you read the tutorial before you prepare to put your iPhone into DFU mode. Please follow the instructions step by step, and be patient if this is your first time to try this. Otherwise, you won’t be able to put your iPhone into DFU mode easily.

    unlockgo guide - put iphone into dfu mode

    Step 5. After less than 1 minute, iCloud activation will be removed. Now you can access your iPhone.

    unlockgo guide - icloud activation removal is finished

    Top 2. 4MeKey iCloud Unlocker

    This iCloud unlocker tool is very similar to iToolab UnlockGo. You can free download 4MeKey iCloud Unlocker on your Windows or Mac computer, and use it to remove iCloud lock, unlock Apple ID, and turn off Find My. Before you download this tool, you should pay attention to the supported devices. The devices supported by Windows edition are slightly different from those supported by Mac edition. And one more thing, the Mac edition is much more expensive than iToolab UnlockGo Mac edition.

    4mekey icloud unlocker


    • The tool can help you turn off camera sound.
    • The interface is user-friendly.


    • It’s much more expensive than other similar tools.
    • If you want to unlock iPhone passcode, you need to download a different program and purchase again.
    • If your device is running iOS 12.0-14.8, you need to create a USB boot disk to jailbreak the device. However, iToolab UnlockGo can help you jailbreak iOS 12.0-14.8 without USB drive.

    Top 3. iFrpfile All In One iCloud tool

    FRP File iCloud bypass tool is a free program. It can bypass Activation Lock screen in 1 click. But it only supports some iOS devices running iOS 12.0-14.8. After searching, we find that some users bypassed iCloud lock with this tool successfully, and some users met different issues during the usage. You can free download this iCloud bypass tool on your computer, but you need to disable the anti-virus protection first.

    ifrpfile icloud bypass tool


    • This iCloud bypass tool is free of cost.
    • The user interface is very simple and clear.


    • It’s doesn’t support iOS 15.0 or later.
    • Your computer will be infected with virus since you have to turn off the anti-virus protection.
    • The success rate is low.
    • The tool hasn’t been updated since 2022.

    Top 4. Tool-WipeLocker V3.0.0

    The unlocking method of Tool-WipeLocker V3.0.0 is very different from other tools we mentioned above. You don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device. You only need to input your IMEI/serial number, and the tool will unlock your iOS device. You can only free download the tool from a dedicated server.

    Tool-WipeLocker V3.0.0


    • It works on iOS 16/15/14/13/12/11 and more.
    • The tool is easy to operate.


    • There isn’t an official website to download or purchase the tool. You need to contact the developer via email.

    Top 5. Open My iCloud Unlocker Tool

    Open My iCloud is a free iCloud unlocker. It has 2 iCloud unlock methods, one is online unlock service, second is offline desktop application. The desktop application is free to download. But you need to turn off the antivirus program or firewall. Otherwise, the installation will fail. What’s important, the desktop application only supports iPhone 5S to iPhone X running iOS 12.0-14.8.

    iCloud  Activation Lock removal tool free download -open my icloud


    • This iCloud unlocker tool is easy to use. You only need to connect your device to the computer, and the tool will help you unlock the device.


    • You need to complete a survey before downloading the tool.
    • There is a possibility that your computer will be infected with virus.
    • The tool doesn’t work on Mac computer.

    Top 6. iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4

    The iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 removes iCloud Activation Lock by using a combination of proxy and software. Compared to other free iCloud unlocker tools, it’s much more difficult to process. And now, it’s hard a find a true and working download link.

    iCloud  Activation Lock removal tool free download - icloud activation bypass tool version 1.4


    • It’s free of cost.
    • The user interface is straightforward.


    • You can’t find an official website to download the iCloud bypass tool. It means that you won’t receive any technical support if you meet any problems during the usage.

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    Top 7. DoulCi Activator Apple iCloud Unlock Service

    DoulCi Activator is an amazing iCloud tool which states it supports to unlock all iCloud-locked iPhone/iPad/iPod models running all iOS versions. You only need to install the program, connect your locked iOS device, then the program will unlock your device.

    iCloud  Activation Lock removal tool free download - doulci icloud unlocking tool


    • Fast and effective tool to unlock iCloud lock.
    • Easy to use.


    • It’s a paid tool.

    Top 8. Use DNS Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

    DNS Bypass is a way to get around the iCloud activation lock on iPhones. It works by changing the usual path your iPhone takes to connect to Apple’s servers during activation. Instead of going to Apple, it’s redirected to third-party servers that help you bypass the lock.

    iCloud DNS Bypass might seem like a way to unlock your iPhone and use apps, but it’s more like a trick than a real solution.

    iCloud DNS bypass


    • Without software downloads.


    • Only work on older iPhones (iOS 8-10)
    • Partial functionality.

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    Top 9. iRemove Tools

    iRemove tools is a software engineered to bypass activation lock on Apple devices. It can removes activation locks works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (both GSM and Wi-Fi models) for certain models.

    bypass iphone 4s icloud with activation lock removal tool


    • Multi-function: It can bypass Apple ID, screen passcode lock, MDM


    • Costly. Price differ for different iPhone models. $44.99 for bypass Activation Lock on One iphone.
    • Limited Language Support: The software interface is currently only available in English.


    You may be worried about protecting your device from theft or unauthorized use, but this sometimes welcomes huge problems like the iCloud Activation Lock. Once that is activated, you might look for an ultimate solution to get rid of it. Keeping that in view, this guide should be a perfect solution for you. In this blog, we’ve discussed the iToolab UnlockGo – Best iCloud Activation Lock Bypass Tool that can help you deal with all kinds of locks related to your iOS device. Also, we have listed other 6 tools along with their pros and cons so that you can choose wisely.

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    • Avatar Muhammad Junaid Hussain says:

      Hi Everyone,

      Can anyone help me to unlock my ipod 5 activation lock, i forget to use my old id. kindly if have any good software or link please share with me. some of the software i used it’s not supporting the ipod 5.

    • Avatar Linda says:

      Unlock iCloud help

    • Avatar Tatenda says: to unlock my iPhone forgot passcode and cloud

      • Paul Jones Paul Jones says:

        Hi Tatenda, what’s your iPhone model and iOS version. With iToolab UnlockGo, you can unlock iCloud lock on iPhone 5s to iPhone X running iOS 12.0-16.6.

    • Avatar Ralphie Sanchez says:

      Dear sir kindly activate my icloudlock from this was given by my bro lts her daughter old phone so gave it to me so that his niece could use it in her school activity but eventually I forgot to asked or is there any account in the phone… So eventually it was reset by my child so I was stuck in activation lock hope you could help me…the imei number is 355730074555353..thank you very much

      • Paul Jones Paul Jones says:

        Hi Ralphie, iToolab UnlockGo iOS Unlocker can bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone 5s to iPhone X running iOS 12.0-16.6 without password or IMEI number.

    • Avatar Alfred Mbai says:

      hi, advice on best tool to unlock icloud activation lock. iphone 8 plus running iOS 16.7.2

      • Paul Jones Paul Jones says:

        Hi Alfred, we suggest that you try iToolab UnlockGo. The Mac version supports iPhone 5s-iPhone X running iOS 16.7.

    • Avatar Kevin Elliott says:

      Hi can anyone help me unlock my iwatch SE ? locked to previous owners account, can’t get hold of them .

    • Avatar Amadu Laban says:

      Can you help me to unlock my ipad 3 running iOS 9.3.5?

      • Paul Jones Paul Jones says:

        Hi Amadu, we’re sorry to tell you that UnlockGo doesn’t support bypassing iCloud activation lock on iOS 9.3.5.

        • Avatar Dieubon says:

          Hello dear !
          Can you help me to unlock my iPhone Xr?

          • Paul Jones Paul Jones says:

            Hi Dieubon, iToolab UnlockGo can remove screen passcode from iPhone XR without password, but it can’t bypass iCloud on iPhone XR right now. If you want to remove screen passcode, unlock Apple ID account, don’t hesitate to download the program to have a try.