How to Restore SMS From Google Drive to Android/iPhone


    If you want to reset your Android phone, move your data to another phone, or recover data from an iPhone, there are some critical steps that you must follow, you cannot take them for granted. The same is true for restoring test or SMS messages. If you have backed up your SMS using Google Drive, there are some solutions that may assist you in restoring SMS from Google Drive. We will guide you through very effective SMS recovery methods for both Android and iPhone.

    Part 1: How to Restore SMS from Google Drive to Andriod?

    Restore SMS from Google backup is a useful method, but without a third part recovery software you can only restore the full backup to a new phone or need factory reset your Android phone. Here we will introduce two ways to help you restore SMS from Google backup with/without factory reset.

    Way 1: Restore SMS from Google Drive to Android with a Factory Reset Phone

    A factory reset is need when you try to restore the SMS from Google backup. Here is the detailed step:

    • Go to settings and open system and tap on reset.
    • Tap on “Delete All” and add a password when required. restore sms from google drive
    • Phone will get restarted and will install the Andriod OS.
    • After that go to phone settings. In the backup and restore option, click google and add your same account
    • Click Sync and check the data types you are willing to restore.
    • Then click “Restore all sync data”, so this is how your messages will be restored.

    Way 2: Restore SMS from Google Drive to Android without Factory Reset

    If you have accidentally deleted SMS on Android and have backup text messages to google drive, don’t worry. You can use RecoverGo (Android) to recover all your SMS in just a few clicks. RecoverGo (Android) supports restore SMS form Google drive without factory reset Android phone, what’s more, you can preview, search and download certain messages. The following steps are for SMS recovery:

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    Step 1. Download and run the iToolab RecoverGo (Android) setup program on your computer, then select “Recover Android Data from Google Drive” to move on.

    restore sms from google

    Step 2. Sign in Google drive with the account you want to view and download data.

    google backup messages

    Step 3. Select Messages and click on “Download”, it will automatically analyze the most recent backup data.

    restore sms from google drive

    Step 4. The scanning process will take a few minutes to complete. For the scanning process to run smoothly, please keep your network stable.

    restore sms from google drive to android

    Step 5. After the scan process finished, you can preview and select the SMS you need. After selecting, click “Recover”button, data will be restored to your PC directly.

    backup text messages to google drive

    RecoverGo (Android) can be a lifesaver in such situations. If you accidentally delete an important text message, RecoverGo (Android) can help you to recover it quickly and easily without reset the Android phone.

    Part 2: How to Restore SMS from Google Drive to iPhone?

    If you are using iTunes and you want to restore your text messages or any other app data, you have to restore all of the files because your data is stored in one file like a container. Unfortunately, you are unable to choose an individual item or any particular file, so you only have to choose “back up your entire iOS device”. Here you can learn the method to recover your data:

    • To recover your data you have to connect your phone. Then run “iTunes”, click on summary. Click on restore to start restore program
    • Under the “Backup” click menu “Restore backup”.
    • Choose backup you want and click “restore”.
    • Wait until the process will finish.
    • Keep in mind all of your data will be overwritten. Click on restore backup

    Transfer SMS from Andriod to iPhone:

    To transfer your Andriod messages into iPhone, make sure your phone is connected to the internet.

    • Install app “Move to iOS” app.
    • On you iPhone, follow prompts and go to screen “app and data”, select “Move from Andriod” and add 10 digit code.
    • Choose the data type (SMS in this case) you want to transfer. set move to ios app on your phone
    • Now wait to complete the process.

    That’s it and your SMS will be transferred from Android to iPhone; in just few minutes.

    Part 3: Does Google Drive Save SMS Messages Automatically?

    First, if you are using Andriod 8 or later, it lets you have the backup from app data, call history, and SMS to google drive. But there is a downside: the data is restricted to google drive; older backups will be removed over time, and you will not be able to restore it if you’re inactive for 57 days.

    To see your text messages on google drive:

    • Go to google drive
    • Open menu
    • Go to backups restore sms from google drive

    Here you can see all the backup files, including SMS messages, but you can only view the backup file; you cannot read the messages. If you want to see the backup SMS, you must factory reset your phone first.

    To launch the backup for your text messages via google drive:

    • Open your android settings and go to google or system
    • Select backup and select google drive
    • To add your Google account, tap account.
    • Select ok to complete the process.


    That’s how you restore SMS from Google Drive, it’s pretty easy to get your SMS back whether you want to restore it on your formatted device or just restore certain SMS to your device. As a professional data recovery tool, iToolab RecoverGo Android will help you a lot to save all your lost data. If this article helps you, please let more user know!

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