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iPhone Battery Draining Fast After Update iOS 17, How to Do?

When contrasted with iOS 16, iOS 17 is promoted to be lighter, snappier, and better streamlined. While there is no question that the most recent cycle of iOS is by all accounts a positive development because of a decent numerous outstanding elements, it’s as of now entangled in a few relentless issues, for example, the … read more

Joy Huxley


Time to Say Goodbye to iPhone Battery Drain Overnight

One of the main issues that many people face with their iPhones is that the battery does not come with a lifespan that is as ideal as they would like it to be. Imagine experiencing such a significant overnight battery drain, It can be extremely discouraging. However, what can deplete your iPhone battery short-term? In … read more

Joy Huxley


iOS 17 Beta 2/3: How to Download/Install/Downgrade

What’s going on in the realm of Apple? Indeed, we as a whole have some familiarity with the iOS 17 beta 2/3 delivery date and how it has taken numerous online entertainment discussions (counting Reddit and Twitter) by storm. In any case, did you have any idea that iOS 17 beta 2/3 and Beta 3 … read more

Joy Huxley


How to Download/Install/Downgrade iPadOS 17 Beta

iPadOS 17 beta was recently introduced by Apple to get the cutting-edge experience. With its updates to Messages, FaceTime, Chrome, and all other apps, iPadOS 17 beta gives users even more ways to get things done more efficiently and faster. In this article, we will look at how can you download, install and downgrade iPadOS … read more

Joy Huxley


[Top 3] Well Known iOS 17 (Beta) Downgrade Tool

Updating to beta versions is the easiest way to use the new features. But these beta versions often have bugs and errors. You can do that if you recently upgraded to iOS 17 and want to return to the previous version. We will discuss the 3 most well-known iOS 17 Downgrade tools that you can … read more

Joy Huxley


Emergency! iOS 17 Beta Not Showing Up What Should I Do

iOS 17 has launched a new version that lets you share your content differently. You can test the beta version before updating to the latest version. However, many users are experiencing problems downloading it because the iOS 17 beta is not showing up. If you are also facing the same problem, read the article below. … read more

Joy Huxley


5 Ways to Remove iOS 17 Beta with/without iTunes and PC

Apple has recently released the iOS 17 beta version, and many people have tried it. The feedback shows that only a few people are happy with the update, and others want to downgrade it to the previous version. If you need to learn how to remove the iOS 17 beta with or without iTunes and … read more

Joy Huxley


[Latest in June] How to Download/Install/Downgrade iOS 17 Beta

Source: The first beta of iOS 17 is officially here for developers. Try out the new features Apple promises to introduce with its iOS 17 update without waiting several months. Today, installing the iOS 17 beta version has become easier than ever. If you’re among thousands of users wondering how to download the iOS … read more

Joy Huxley


Here’s the Fix: iPod Classic/Touch Stuck on Apple Logo

Might it be said that you are confounded by your iPod stuck on Apple logo issue? Do you want to find the best and complete ways to fix it? You are fortunate to be reading this article because we will discuss some common and effective solutions to this frustrating issue in the following section. What … read more

Joy Huxley


Tired of iPhone 12 Ear Speaker Not Working? Here’s How to Fix

Apple smartphones are the most popular devices worldwide due to their top performance and excellent user experience. But, it becomes annoying when the iPhone ear speaker stops working. If you have an iPhone 12 and you’re facing difficulty with it, there is nothing to worry about. Luckily, you can repair in some easy ways. In … read more

Joy Huxley