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How to Fix Pikmin Bloom Not Counting Steps?

“Why is Pikmin Bloom not counting my steps? My device isn’t accumulating the steps I have taken while using Pikmin Bloom, and there is no point in playing if the data isn’t recorded. How to fix the Pikmin Bloom not counting steps?” The focal point of Pikmin Bloom is that you gain more experience and … read more

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How to Fix White Lines on iPhone Screen – Top 4 Solutions

iPhones are undoubtedly one of the most responsive, robust, and advanced smartphones in the market. You name a technology and Apple is usually the pioneer in bringing it to the masses. But, at the end of the day, even iPhones are technical gadgets that could experience some wear and tear due to everyday usage. One … read more

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How to Fix Gboard Keeps Crashing on iOS & Android?

I’m having the same issue (Gboard crashes when clicking on “gif”). Seems it’s definitely a bug connected to the new iOS15.2 update. Hopefully the Google Team finds a solution to this soon. Gboard is an app for Android and iOS users, developed by Google. It is also known as a virtual keyboard typing app. This … read more

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[8 Methods] How to Fix iPhone Not Getting Group Texts?

“I am using iPhone 12 and recently faced with an iPhone 12 not receiving group text. This is not the same in the case of an individual text. I have rebooted my device changed my network settings the problem remains. I have checked my group text notification settings. Yet, I could not solve the problem. … read more

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[10 Ways] How to Fix When WhatsApp Not Working on Wi-Fi

WhatsApp is one the most considered application by people around. But sometimes it happens that we are not in the state to use it properly and WhatsApp not connecting to Wi-Fi is the culprit behind it. Well, if you are stuck in this situation, don’t worry and keep reading. Here we are discussing all the … read more

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How Can I Fix My iPhone Visual Voicemail Not Working?

The Visual Voicemail feature is one of the most important and popular features of the iPhone device. Using this utility, you can access, listen and review your voicemails without ever needing to dial into your voicemail. However, it has become common that once you update the iPhone’s iOS to the latest version, you will suddenly … read more

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How to Quickly Fix iPhone Screen Is Not Responding to Touch?

“I have the 13 Pro Max, sometimes when I tap my locked phone there’s no response till I tap again, some on-screen taps seem to be delayed. Why is my iPhone screen is not responding to touch?” — From Apple Forums Besides having the so-called ‘world’s most advanced phone’ many users of iPhone have reported … read more

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Ultimate Guide: How to Fix Waze No GPS on iPhone?

Waze is a subsidiary of Google. It is an application with free GPS navigation. The application offers many useful and unique features including real-time traffic updates. Waze shares real-time information with the iPhone user while traveling. This information includes: Recent accidents with pinpoint accuracy Blocked roads Weather conditions Road structure Traffic conditions Sometimes, the application … read more

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