Tips to help you recover excel open password and remove excel restriction password.

Free Online Excel Password Recovery Tool: LostMyPass

LostMyPass is an online password recovery tool designed for Microsoft Excel. Although it has established itself as a successful password recovery tool, it charges its users to recover their Excel sheet passwords. For example, there are only 22% chances for weak password of LostMyPass successfully recovering your Excel sheet’s password. However, it will ask for … read more

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[Latest] Unlocking Specific Cells in Excel without Password

In order to protect certain cells in excel from being changed and causing unnecessary troubles, people choose complex password to encrypt cells, but often tend to forget it, so this article tells you how to unlock cells in excel without password and when scrolling. How to Unlock a Cell in Excel without Password If you … read more

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[Tested] How to Remove/Change Excel from Read Only

Changing or removing excel from read only can be easy by following the ways below, but read only as a not security feature in excel, people often encrypt a password on it to prevent editing, so this article offers the solutions in full cases. Let’s dive in! Part 1. Why Read Only Mode Occurs in Excel? … read more

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Everything You Need When Recover Unsaved Excel File

Losing your project file in Excel is a serious trouble as we usually forget to save the file while working on it. If the program restarts for any reason or laptop experienced unexpected shutdown, you may not easily find the previous version of the Excel file. In Office 365, user has to sign up with … read more

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[Latest] How to Recover Excel Password to Open File

Recovering a password for a locked Excel file is quite complicated in the latest versions. If you forgot the password for the Excel spreadsheet that you previously created, a password recovery tool is an effective solution. You can recover Excel passwords with some methods, and in this guide, we are going to explore some of … read more

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