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Tips to help you recover excel open password and remove excel restriction password.

[Detailed Answered] Passper for Excel Password Unlocker

Are you struggling to unlock an Excel file that has restrictions? Then you must have searched for the solutions over the internet and came across Passper for Excel password unlocker, right? Now, you’re looking for if it is actually helpful or not or maybe you may have been looking for better alternatives. Well, we have … read more

Joy Huxley


How Do You Unlock An Excel Spreadsheet without Password

A spreadsheet is an excellent tool for keeping data in organized form. It has been widely used to resolve the problem of storing large amounts of data in a well-organized form. However, after so many years, people often struggle to know the difference between spreadsheets, worksheet, and workbook. We often mistakenly take them as they’re … read more

April Ashley


How to Unlock Excel File Password Protect without Password

In this era of technology, where everything is touching its peak of advancements, privacy is one of the major concerns for everyone. Passwords are what everyone uses to secure the files stored in digital devices. Microsoft Excel – a highly productive tool widely used for keeping data in a tabular organized form also allows the … read more

April Ashley


Best 9 Free Excel Password Remover Online in 2024

Who does not love free tools and programs? Just remember that free stuff sometimes can cost you loss of important data in case of Excel password removers. The Internet is full of tools and programs that are claimed to remove and recover passwords for protected Excel files. This blog is the result of research and … read more

April Ashley


How to Open Password Protected Excel File in All Scenarios

A password protected Excel file means that only authorized users can view, open, change or edit the contents of the file. It also means that the file is locked, and users must know the password to open it. So this tutorial will explain how you can open password protected Excel files without the password. If … read more

April Ashley


Free Online Excel Password Recovery Tool: LostMyPass

LostMyPass is an online password recovery tool designed for Microsoft Excel. Although it has established itself as a successful password recovery tool, it charges its users to recover their Excel sheet passwords. For example, there are only 22% chances for weak password of LostMyPass successfully recovering your Excel sheet’s password. However, it will ask for … read more

April Ashley


[Tested] How to Remove/Change Excel from Read Only

Changing or removing excel from read only can be easy by following the ways below, but read only as a not security feature in excel, people often encrypt a password on it to prevent editing, so this article offers the solutions in full cases. Let’s dive in! Part 1. Why Read Only Mode Occurs in Excel? … read more

April Ashley