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How to Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Overheating?

Apple has made huge highlights in the market when they announced the launch of the iPhone 13 max pro in September last year. iPhone 13 max pro is the advanced version of its predecessor and the most expensive smartphone available in the current market. However, soon after the launch, many buyers have reported a heating issue … read more

Evelyn Hutton


iPhone Says SIM Failure, Why and How to Fix?

My iphone 11 pro max keeps saying “sim failure.” Its not the sim card because i put in my iphone 8 and worked just fine. Ive had this problem at random times for about a month, but usually works after cutting off then on — From Apple Community It would be the same problem you … read more

Dave Patterson


What to Do When YouTube Videos Are Not Playing?

“I’ve been encountering problems watching videos with YouTube lately. Whenever I open YouTube on my iPhone and click on a video it suddenly stops. Please, what’s the cause of this problem, and how can I resolve it because the fact I’ve been unable to access my YouTube page in the last few days really sucks.” … read more

Evelyn Hutton


Why Is My Cellular Data Not Working? How to Fix?

Internet has become like water and air to breathe for all of us. We cannot imagine even a single day without the internet. But when cellular data not working issue takes place, we feel annoyed and look out for all the possible solutions available around us. Well, if this is happening to you, just stay tuned to … read more

Evelyn Hutton


iPhone Dropping Calls in iOS 15/14? Try Quick Fixes

While in the middle of some important phone call, it is very irritating if the call gets dropped. If your iPhone drops call once in a while, there is nothing to worry about because it might be due to telecommunication signal problems. But if your iPhone keeps dropping calls more than often, you will certainly be … read more

Evelyn Hutton


What to Do If Your iPhone Stuck on Silent Mode

When your iPhone is stuck on silent mode, there is no need to panic! Often the simplest solutions are the most efficient. Then again, if that does not work out there are also more definitive contingencies also in place. Anyhow, your iPhone is a device, which is very important to you for several reasons, but … read more

Evelyn Hutton


Why Is My Whatsapp Notification Not Working? How Do I Fix?

📣 “How to find the solution of the WhatsApp notification not working error on my iPhone? I was hoping to receive some text messages from my colleagues via WhatsApp, but I have not received any alerts. What to do when you are not getting WhatsApp notifications?” There is no popular messaging app other than WhatsApp … read more

Evelyn Hutton