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8 Working Ways to Fix Apple TV Keeps Restarting

This article offers you a wide range of solutions for the all-too-common problem of an Apple TV that keeps restarting. You may find a lot of additional solutions for this problem online, but the solutions we have outlined below have been tried, tested, and proven to be highly effective. Let’s begin with the most effective … read more

Dave Patterson

January 19, 2021

8 Worthwhile Steps to Fix iPhone Camera not Working

This article offers a number of highly effective solutions when your iPhone camera will not work. These solutions can fix any camera problems that may be affecting your iPhone’s camera. But since the most common cause of camera issues on your iPhone is software issues, you will find that many of the solutions outlined below … read more

Nicole Campbell

January 15, 2021

Step By Step to Fix “Face ID Not Working” Issue

This article shows you the best ways to get your Face ID working normally again. If you are using Face ID to unlock your device, you may have difficulty using the device if Face ID is not working properly. Let’s begin with the first thing you need to do when Face ID is not working … read more

Dave Patterson

January 7, 2021

iPhone GPS Not Working? 9 Steps to Fix the Issue

This article outlines the steps to take when the iPhone GPS is not working as it should. Location services on your iPhone can be useful for a number of reasons such as getting Maps to work accurately to getting accurate weather readings in your location. If Location Services is on but is not working, the … read more

Dave Patterson

January 5, 2021