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How to Fix iPhone Automation Not Working in iOS 15

Is iPhone automation not working on your device? A couple of users have also claimed these issues, one of them stated, “The latest iOS 15 updates have reversed all my automation that contain conditional statements like if-otherwise etc. Is there anyone else facing similar issues?” This guide is recommended to all iOS users who’re facing … read more

Liam Alexander


iOS 15 Shortcuts Not Working Again Here’s the Fix!

After updating to iOS 15, various bugs are plaguing the Shortcuts app. Similarly, my shortcut isn’t sending a message in iOS 15, and I can no longer delete the file. What should I do now? The older version, iOS 14, comes with amazing features like custom app icons creation, spellchecker, Do Not Disturb timer, and … read more

Liam Alexander


AirTags Missing After iOS 15 Update? Here Fix it

I was unable to locate AirTags after the iOS 15 update. They were not missing or lost somewhere, rather they were completely gone. AirTags make it easier for you to monitor your stuff. You can attach them to your belongings to make sure that you don’t lose them. Also, they are constantly being shown on … read more

Beth Nichols


Simple Ways to Fix Quick Reply Not Working on iOS 15

I’ve updated my iPhone XR to the latest iOS 15, but I’m unable to access the quick reply option for notifications on the notification panel. Can you help? Every iOS update comes with bug fixes, but it welcomes a lot of errors in the meantime. In the latest iOS 15, users are making a lot … read more

Liam Alexander


[Solved] How to Fix iOS 15 iMessage Not Working on iPhone/iPad

iMessage Notifications Not Working After iOS 15 Update Has anyone else stopped receiving iMessage notifications after moving to iOS 15? I tried toggling the notification settings, switching off and restarting my phone. All other notifications are working. — From Reddit Community Apple has introduced a major update, iOS 15, to how apps work on its … read more

Dave Patterson


7 Ways to Fix iPhone WiFi Greyed Out on iOS 15/14/13

My phone doesn’t allow me to try and connect to the internet. The latest iOS 15 has many bugs and issues that don’t allow you to connect to the internet or use your phone correctly. This blog will review all possible reasons why iPhone wifi greyed out on iOS 15. Moreover, we’ll be discussing how … read more

Liam Alexander


[Useful Ways] How to Fix iPhone Stuck on No Service

If your iPhone is stuck on no service, you won’t make any calls and messages to your friends and family. Furthermore, you won’t be able to use internet services on your favourite network. However, you’ll always have an option to browse the internet via Wi-Fi. In this detailed blog, we’ll have a closer look at … read more

Liam Alexander


11 Ways to Fix iPhone Camera Won’t Focus

There is an issue with my camera. Whenever I am trying to take pictures, it is not focusing on close up shots, my phone is brand new and still I am having this problem. Suggest me what to do? As the user above has mentioned above that there is an issue with their brand new … read more

Liam Alexander