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Find out complete and detailed instructions, tips and tutorials about unlocking SIM card and carriers.

How to Block SIM Card Online?

Nowadays, people love to keep multiple SIM for different purposes. Unfortunately, their smartphones contain 2-3 slots on max so the rest of the SIM they put anywhere they want. And because of this, either they lose one of the SIMs or someone else starts using them. If your SIM goes into the wrong hands, you … read more

Beth Nichols


How to Unlock Cricket iPhone Without the Password?

One of the best deals you can get is an iPhone on Cricket Wireless. After you own and use the phone for a while, you will probably find that it’s really expensive to use after the contract is up. Cricket usually locks your Cricket iPhone to its wireless network, which will only work with that … read more

Beth Nichols


How to Unlock SIM Card on iPhone Without Jailbreak?

Unlocking the SIM card allows the users to use any SIM card they wish. When the users don’t satisfy the requirements of the official unlocking, they need to look for different ways. Most of the other methods require jailbreaking the device. Jailbreaking is not a simple process, and one needs to handle it with proper … read more

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How to Unlock T-Mobile iPhone without Account?

You might have decided to leave the T-Mobile network and move to a different one. But if you have bought the iPhone from T-Mobile, you need to unlock T-mobile phone before swapping the SIM card. You must have a valid T-Mobile account to request the official unlocking. If you don’t have an account, users need … read more

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How to Fix “Phone Not Allowed MM#6” Error on iPhone?

I inserted a new SIM card, but it shows your phone isn’t allowed to use this SIM card. Are you a user with iPhone says phone not allowed MM#6 error? There can be various reasons for this, especially seen on refurbished phones and used phones after inserting the SIM card. However, smartphones are part of … read more

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How to Unlock MetroPCS iPhone?

The subsidized iPhones from carriers will be the go-to option for users with a limited budget. These iPhones are carrier locked-in exchange for the contract of network use for a specified period. Similarly, once you buy an iPhone from MetroPCS, it is carrier locked, and no other SIM cards work unless you unlock it. Can … read more

Beth Nichols


Why Does My iPhone Say Invalid SIM, How to Fix it?

A popup message appeared on my iPhone screen saying, “iPhone Invalid SIM.” How can I resolve it since I can no longer use the services? Are you an iPhone user with such questions? iPhone says invalid SIM due to many issues, and in this article, we will introduce you to how to avoid such issues … read more

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[Final Answer] Does Dr. Fone SIM Unlock Software Still Work?

Dr. Fone was one of the best go-to-software to unlock SIM in Android and iPhone. It was used to remove carrier restrictions and any locks on the screen. Unfortunately, developments of Dr. Fone have been stopped, and you won’t find the software to download from the official website. Since some users still search for Dr. … read more

Dave Patterson