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[Detail Guide] How to Download And Install iOS 16 Beta

Apple Inc is well-known for its mind-blowing creativity. Since the multimillion-dollar company announced its development of iOS 16, most iPhone users can’t wait till the launch date. Are you one of them? Well, there is a beta version of the iOS 16 that you can download and install on your device. However, you need to … read more

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How to Downgrade from Android 13 to 12 on Google Pixel

We all love to upgrade to the newest version of Android as soon as it’s released. Google has recently rolled out the Android 13 developer preview, and many users have upgraded their devices. But the upgrades are not for all the users. Some users have come across stability issues and bugs after the upgrade. Also, … read more

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My Phone Restarts Automatically, How to Fix It

With over 2.5 billion active Android users, it’s not rare to hear troubleshooting stories on tech forums that report annoying apps, hardware or cache data issues, and corrupt software systems. These issues malfunctioned Android and it keeps crashing and restarting automatically called random rebooting. This condition leaves your Android of little or no use. Firstly, … read more

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How to Hide Photos on iPhone? You Can Lock Them Now

Many of us have personal photos that we keep on our phones. And although iPhones have a “Hide” feature that will keep your photo away from the gallery, you can not password protect it, thus risking privacy. But with the announcement of iOS 16, Apple is finally addressing the issue, and in this article, we … read more

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How to Reset Samsung Account Password?

Do you know that some of the features are inaccessible on your Samsung device unless you don’t create a Samsung account? You can’t use the apps like SmartThings, Samsung Pay, Smartswitch, and so on. Once you finish creating a Samsung account, ensure to remember the credentials. Otherwise, your device will always ask the prompt “To … read more

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Update the Latest Android System, Fix Update Issues

Android 13 beta is proof that Google is ready to keep its Android System updates more customizable to provide Android owners a smooth experience across multiple devices. At Google I/O 2022, we got a detailed and fresh look at Android 13. Google’s new OS comes up with more personalization, updated privacy and security tools, advanced … read more

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iOS 16 Enables Always-On Display iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max

Will Apple finally introduce the Always-On Display feature on iPhone 14 Pro Max? Android users have been lucky enough to use this function for a long time now. Any news? Well, the cat is out of the bag! According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will be implementing a new Always-On Display feature on the upcoming … read more

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Does iPhone Charge Faster on Low Power Mode?

Low power mode is one of those mind-blowing features integrated into iPhones by its company to help end-users maintain their battery life. It works by limiting the background operations of your device to reduce the rate of battery discharge. This feature is highly beneficial to all end-users, especially those who reside in an area where … read more

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