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Can WhatsApp be Tracked? The Truth You Need to Know

Wondering can WhatsApp be tracked? Users can easily be tracked on WhatsApp as while signing up on WhatsApp, there are no settings for privacy and security. You must have noticed that while signing up on WhatsApp, users don’t require any password, username, or authentication information. That’s why many users think that someone is monitoring them; … read more

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[2023] How to Find Deleted Group Chat on Messenger?

Messenger is a popular app for group chats, but it’s easy to accidentally delete messages. If you’ve lost an important chat and now can’t seem to find it, don’t panic! We’ve got you covered! Follow our simple guide on how to find deleted group chat on Messenger in no time. How to Find Deleted Group … read more



How to Find Blocked Messages on iPhone [Recommend]

Are you wondering “How to find blocked messages on iPhone?” There are times when we want to check even the messages from blocked people. Isn’t it? The process may seem complicated, but with a few simple steps, you can find the messages from a person you have blocked. But before that, you should understand that … read more



How to Make Certain Contacts Ring on Silent Android 2023

You might have hundreds of contacts on your phone. Some of them tend to stand out among the rest because of certain reasons. For instance, you’re waiting for an important call but got busy in some meeting. Or if your family and loved ones requires your availability for any emergency situation, you may wish to … read more



Best App to Restore Old Photos Android [Free/Paid]

Imagine your dear old photo album getting fade over time. Well, no one wants to face this situation ever! And therefore, you may now want restore those old black & white photos to the digital and colored form, so as you can hold onto them forever. Fortunately, it’s possible to restore old photos with some … read more



2023 Effective Way to Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing on iPhone

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications that allow users to send and receive messages & pictures. It offers various built-in filters for capturing images in a very different and captivating way. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most commonly used apps, but it shows that Snapchat keeps crashing issues at different … read more

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Useful Tips of Security Keys for Apple ID, Quick to Know!

Using Advanced Data Protection, users can now add Security keys for Apple ID. Announced in December, Advanced Data Protection consists of three different layers to protect users’ data. The first one is end-to-end encryption, the second is iMessage Contact Key Verification, and the last layer is two-factor authentication on Apple ID using security keys. Those … read more

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Should I Turn on Advanced Data Protection for iCloud?

On December 7, 2022, Apple made an announcement regarding Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. In this announcement, they added important details about this feature and why users need to enable it. They also added how this feature would protect users’ sensitive data and communications. In this article, we will tell you why this feature is … read more

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