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Turn on/off Safe Mode on Android Phone

When your Android smartphone starts crashing often, it can be annoying and unreliable. For instance, you may have bought some groceries in the supermarket and plans to pay for them online using your phone. Suddenly, there is a crash making it hard to make that payment. The inconvenience, to you, is the rest of the … read more

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Full Guide for Xiaomi Recovery Mode

If you are a power user and want to flash custom ROMs, kernels, and builds, you might once boot your device in recovery mode. In case, if you bought a new Xiaomi phone, you need a guide to access the hidden functionalities through Recovery mode. Here, I gathered new insights for Xiaomi users to enter … read more

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Comprehensive Guide for Huawei Recovery Mode

Huawei erecovery mode is an excellent option for Android users who would love to install custom ROMs and troubleshoot the issues. There is a separate partition allocated as the light-weighted runtime recovery mode in your Huawei device. Booting the device into recovery mode can be different for each model, and in this article, we will … read more

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How to Stop Pokemon Go Crashing? Read This Guide

“Pokemon Go keeps crashing on my iOS device whenever I open the app to play. What seems to be the issue behind it? Moreover, how to stop Pokemon Go from crashing as I have tried everything to fix it?” — From Pokemon Go Community It doesn’t matter if the application is Pokemon Go or any … read more

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Detail Guide: Learn How to Power Off iPhone 12/13

The design of the iPhone doesn’t change over the years, but the Apple company changes the role of the button in their latest model. However, turning off the iPhone 12 is quite easy, most people are still unclear about the exact buttons which can turn off iPhone 12. In this guide, we will help in … read more

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How to Remove Google Account From Phone?

Google Account is a pass to your Android phone. It downloads and installs apps, sets up emails, calendars, backs up Google photos in the cloud, etc. Removing Google Account from your phone sometimes helps you to streamline things but you must know what that means. It will erase all information (emails, contacts, settings) and terminates … read more

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[FAQ] How To Turn Off Samsung Without Password?

Locked Samsung phones ask for a password when you want to switch it off. Especially, when you don’t remember the password and tend to turn it off instead of switching to recovery mode which keeps restarting and leads you back to the locked screen. Let’s dive into the most in-depth answers for how to turn … read more

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How to Fix Apple Watch Battery Drain So Fast

Hi all! I have an Apple watch with OS 7.6 and recently, I am noticing that it’s battery is draining too fast; like it goes 100 to 50 in about 3-4 hours. Can anybody help me to fix this? When you think of Apple watches, Apple watch battery drain is what you must be thinking. … read more

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How to Fix Apple Watch Not Connecting to Phone

Just bought a new Apple Watch and after an hour of trying, you realize that you need some help to resolve the issue of the Apple Watch not connecting to phone. Well, the issue might be frustrating and you might be a little anxious as well. But you really have nothing to worry if you … read more

Liam Alexander