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How to Download Apps without Apple ID – 5 Possible Ways

There are millions of apps out there, and sometimes you quickly have to install a new app only to discover you have forgotten your Apple Id or password. This is extremely frustrating as, unlike an android, Apple does not natively support installing download apps without an Apple ID. Apple has always preferred to have a … read more

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How to Quickly Solve Could not Create Account Apple ID?

Here is a question: Have you ever been greeted with the error “Can not create account” on your Apple device? It is a common error as many users could not create account Apple id using conventional methods. So in this article, we will help you with a detailed guide to help you out. Part 1. … read more

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No Option to Turn off Two Factor Authentication Apple? Fixed!

Apple introduced Two Factor Authentication back in 2013 in an attempt to improve the overall security of your Apple device. Fast forward to 2022, and Two Factor Authentication has become an integral part of Apple’s security and has saved millions of people, creating a firewall that hackers could not penetrate. Owing to this success, many … read more

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How to Fix iPhone Unavailable Screen with Best 4 Ways

Most people see an “iPhone Unavailable” message on the screen, possibly due to many reasons, including a wrong password, failed screen passcode attempts, and much more. However, you can’t use the iPhone immediately due to this issue, which can be frustrating. In case you are worried about how to fix the iPhone Unavailable message, don’t … read more

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How to Apple ID Password Reset with Effective 6 Ways?

Apple ID helps manage your Apple services, such as App Store, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more. Without the Apple ID, you can’t open your payment and security details. However, forgetting Apple ID can cause various issues for you. In case you have forgotten your Apple ID and are worried about how to reset your Apple … read more

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Fix iPhone Account Not in This Store with Quick 7 Ways

If you are trying to download a new iPhone application and always get this error, “Your account is not valid for use in this store.” It means something is wrong, and you have to fix this problem as soon as possible. This issue can stop you from downloading various applications, making it difficult to update … read more

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Best Mobitrix LockAway Review: Does it Really Work?

How to unlock Apple ID? Don’t know how to remove the iCloud activation lock without a password? If you are one of those who have forgotten their password and don’t know how to unlock your Apple ID, don’t worry because Mobitrix Lockaway will help you fix all these issues. This application is created by Mobitrix … read more

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Apple ID Greyed Out? 5 Quick Ways to Solve!

“Hey, why my Apple ID or sign out is greyed out after I changed my password? My iPhone runs iOS 13.2 and I have recently changed the password. But after changing the password my Apple ID is greyed out. Even my iCloud, iTunes, Messages and even the App Store is not working properly. I need … read more

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