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How to Use PassWiper for Excel


    Check the tutorial to see how PassWiper for Excel helps you recover Excel open password and remove restriction password.

    Let’s see the video guide firstly.

    How to Recover Excel Open Password

    There are 3 attack modes to recover Excel open password: Dictionary Attack, Combination Attack, Brute Force Attack. Each attack mode is suitable for a different situation.

    Use Dictionary Attack Mode

    This mode is suitable for users who have a vague impression of the password information. For example, if you know some of the numbers, characters or the length of the password then this is the best choice for you.

    Step 1. Download and install PassWiper for Excel on your computer, choose “Recover Excel Password”.

    choose recover excel password

    Step 2. Import your protected Excel file, then select the “Dictionary Attack” method and click “Recover” to move on.

    select dictionary attack

    Note: If you want to make your own dictionary file, check the guide here to know more.

    Step 3. The scanning time depends on the length and complexity of your password.

    dictionary attack scanning

    Note: If you want to stop the scanning process, PassWiper for Excel will auto save the process for you. You can continue scanning at the next time.

    stop the scanning process continue scanning

    Step 4. Once the scan is complete, you can view your passwords and copy them.

    found password

    Use Combination Attack Mode

    This method is suitable for those users who know most of the password information, even the specify prefix or specify suffix. It will help you find your password quickly.

    Step 1. After installing PassWiper for Excel, select “Combination Attack” then hit “Next”.

    combination attack

    Step 2. Next, you should select the password information to move on. If you have no idea about the information just ignore the steps and click “Next” to move on.

    select password information select password information 2 select password information 3

    Step 3. Once you filled your password information, you can see all the information in the summary window. Next, click “Start” to move on.

    check password information

    Step 4. The scanning process will take a while, if your password has been found then you will see the follow screen.

    found password 2

    Use Brute Force Attack Mode

    If you know nothing about your password, try this method to unprotect it. This method may take a long time to find your password. So, be patient.

    Step 1. Select “Brute Force Attack” and click “Recover” to move on.

    brute force attack

    Step 2. PassWiper for Excel will start scanning your Excel file. You can check the recovery progress at any time.

    brute force attack scanning

    Step 3. Once done, your will see the password on the screen.

    found password 3

    How to Remove Excel Restriction Password

    If you can access your Excel file but no rights to edit or add worksheet? Well, this function will help you remove the restriction password from Excel.

    Step 1. Download and install PassWiper for Excel on your computer, and select “Remove Excel Password”.

    remove excel password

    Step 2. Import the Excel file with restriction password and then click “Remove” to go on.

    import excel file with restriction password

    Step 3. In a minute, your Excel restriction password will be removed. Now, you can edit your workbook without limitations.

    remove restriction password successfully
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