How to Remove iPad Activation Lock in 5 Ways (2022)


    All Apple devices with Find My iPhone enabled have an activation lock that is meant to safeguard your data from unauthorized access once the device is lost or get displaced. This means that if a different person tries to access your iPhone or iPad, the device is literally useless as they will need to unlock it to function.

    This feature is very beneficial to the end-user as it has discouraged the theft of iOS and iPadOS devices. Your iPad especially needs the activation lock feature since many people are turning to iPad use as opposed to using computers.

    The downside of the lock feature is that by any chance you cannot remember it; you may forget your own Apple ID and password, or accidentally purchased a 2nd-hand iPad with Activation lock and be locked out of your device. For this reason, one of the things you should familiarize yourself with is how to get past the iPad activation lock. Below is a detailed guide on how to bypass the activation code of an iPad.

    What is an Activation Lock?

    Simply put, an activation lock feature locks Apple devices in the event that your iPhone or iPad gets lost or is stolen. Once this happens, the owner of the device can lock it remotely via iCloud. Apart from keeping your iPad and iPhone secure, this feature also enables you to track the devices and increases your chances of recovering them.

    If a different person has your device and it happens to register to a known WiFi network, Apple will automatically track it. In worst-case scenarios, the activation lock allows you to erase data from your devices which implies that the person who is having the device cannot access your personal data such as emails, pictures, and messages.

    Other Apple products that have the activation lock feature are the Apple Watch and Mac. It could be that the device’s screen is not responding or you simply forgot the activation code. For Apple devices, many are the times that original owners offer their devices as gifts or for sale.

    However, they fail to delink themselves from the device’s iCloud account. This means that the next user will need the original activation lock credentials. This does not however mean that you cannot bypass the activation code requirement.

    Activation Lock

    1. Remove Activation Lock with Password

    If it’s your own device and you just want to remove the Activation Lock on your iPad before you sell it. you will need the following data:

    1. The original owner’s Apple ID and password: bypassing the activation lock will require you to have the user’s (the person the device is registered to) credentials.
    2. The four- or six-digit lock screen code of the user: if the user has not already erased the device, you can still see the passcode screen as opposed to the four- or six-digit lock screen code.

    Here is how to bypass the activation lock on your iPad or iPhone with password;

    1. Power the device to active mode.
    2. Follow the prompts on the screen that allows you to set up the device’s WiFi networks, language selection, etc.
    3. Once the sign with “Sign In with Apple ID” pops up, enter the user’s ID.
    4. If you enter the correct details, the setup will continue.
    5. Once the setup is complete, tap on the “Settings” app icon.
    6. At the top of the screen, click on the owner’s banner.
    7. Scroll to the bottom and click “Sign Out”.
    8. Re-enter the user’s Apple ID password.
    9. On the top-right of the screen, click “Turn Off”.
    Remove Activation Lock with Password

    2. Use UnlockGo to Remove Activation Lock Without Password

    One way of bypassing your iPhone or iPad activation code without a password is by using third-party tools such as iToolab UnlockGo. One of the best features about UnlockGo is that it has an easy-to-use user interface and is primarily designed to bypass the activation lock.

    Main Features of UnlockGo

    Below are some of the main features that make UnlockGo an amazing tool for removing the activation lock on Apple devices.

    1. Easy to use interface that allows you to bypass the activation lock on your iPad in just a few simple steps.
    2. Enables you to access your locked iPhone or iPad thereby giving you access to all the features on your device such as logging into the iTunes app store with a totally new Apple ID of your choice. The only functions that you might not be able to access are iCloud, cellular functions, and calls.
    3. Once you access your device using UnlockGo, the device cannot be accessed remotely by another user.
    4. It also allows you to delete Apple ID on iPad without password.
    5. Unlock your iPad without passcode.

    iToolab UnlockGo supports different iPhone models from iPhone 5S to iPhone X. It can also run on iOS 12.3 and even the most recent version of iOS14.

    How to Use UnlockGo to Remove iCloud Activation

    Step 1. Download and install UnlockGo on your computer and ensure that it is running after successfully installing it.

    Secure Download
    Secure Download

    Step 2. On the main window, select “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” and then begin the process. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer.

    Remove iCloud Activation Lock Step 3. Once the program begins to run, the jailbreaking package required to bypass the activation lock will begin to download. Once the jailbreak package is downloaded, click on it and follow the prompts on your screen.

    the jailbreak package is downloaded Step 4. Once the jailbreaking process has been completed, you will receive the option “Remove” and UnlockGo will automatically remove the activation lock on iCloud. Make sure that you do not disconnect your device from the computer until the process is complete. UnlockGo sends you a notification that the device has successfully been unlocked.

    UnlockGo will automatically remove the activation lock

    3. Use iCloud DNS to Bypass Activation Lock without Password

    There is nothing more frustrating than trying to access your iPad or iPhone but keep getting stuck on iCloud after resetting the device. However, there are professional programs that can help you bypass an iPhone or iPad activation lock so that you can have full access to the device and create a new Apple ID.

    The iCloud DNS method refers to an HTML or online server technique that helps you reclaim some features of your iPad or iPhone. Using the DNS method, you might not be required to remove or bypass the iCloud lock since you can access the device features without entering a password.

    However, you also need to know how to bypass the lock as this step might be required later. Here is how to bypass the activation lock for iPhones and iPads using the iCloud DNS method.

    1. Turn on your apple device (iPhone or iPad)
    2. Wait for the setup to be active and choose a Wi-Fi network.
    3. Once you have clicked on the home button, select More Wi-Fi settings.
    4. Select the “i” symbol that is close to the Wi-Fi network.
    5. Choose the “Configure DNS” option and click on the “Manual” option.
    6. Once you click on the +Add Server” option, a blank will appear.
    7. Ether the server address based on your current location.
    8. Tap on the “Save” button.
    9. Use the back option and tap  “Ask to Join Networks”.
    10. If your iPhone or iPad tries to activate when using the iCloud DNS method, click on the “back” option.
    11. Once you are able to access the device’s features, continue setting the device normally.
    Use iCloud DNS

    4. Ask the Previous Owner to Remove Device on

    It is also possible to bypass the iPad and iPhone activation lock via iCloud. This happens in the event that the original user is not close by to provide their credentials and you can’t log in to their iCloud account.

    You still need to have their Apple ID and password while on their side; they will be required to verify the account’s activity from a different device. However, iCloud offers the perfect opportunity where you can remove a user from their Apple ID account remotely.

    Here is how to bypass the activation lock on iPad and iPhone using iCloud.

    1. Use your browser to visit
    2. Use the owner’s ID and password to log in (the user might be required to verify the account’s activity from a different iPad or iPhone that is associated with the account.)
    3. Tap on the “Find iPhone” icon.
    4. On your screen, choose the ‘blue dot’ that is associated with the iPad or iPhone that you need access to.
    5. Select “Erase [device]”.
    6. Click on the “Remove from account” option.
    Ask the Previous Owner to Remove Device on

    5. Ask Apple to Bypass the Activation Lock

    This method is a little bit complicated as the decision to help you bypass the activation lock of your iPad or iPhone is at the discretion of Apple. For you to get assistance, you need the following:

    1. Proof of purchase: you must prove that you are the actual owner by providing the original receipt, purchaser’s name, time and date of purchase as well as the serial number.
    2. Proof of ownership:  These should include an iMessage or any other documentation showing that you are the actual owner of the device. if you made an online purchase, the ability to prove that your purchase goes a long way in helping you get assistance from Apple. In almost every scenario, you will be asked to provide the serial number of your device so make sure that you have it.

    Expert Tip: Do not get your hopes high when asking Apple to help you bypass the activation lock of your device. Even when you might be the actual owner of the device and need assistance legitimately, it is not guaranteed that you will get assistance from an Apple employee.

    Ask Apple to Bypass the Activation Lock


    Bypassing a security feature such as the activation lock for iPadOS or iOS is something that requires careful consideration before execution. Entering the wrong credentials all too often will have your device locked permanently. Before passing your device to another person either as a gift or through selling, follow the steps above and remove the device from iCloud.

    The same should happen if it is someone else gifting or selling you the device. This way, you will be able to overcome some common challenges that Apple users face when using their iPads and iPhones but are not the original users.

    Secure Download
    Secure Download
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