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What’s the Price for Unlocking An iPhone in 2024?


    Undoubtedly, the iPhone is widely used for its advanced security features, i.e., the passcode, activation lock, and network carrier. However, it’s irritating when you can’t remember your password or your iPhone is locked by a carrier like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, TracFone, etc. To get back its access, you often have to spend money.

    Are you looking for a way to unlock an iPhone? Do you know the cost for unlocking an iPhone? This article will help you learn about the price for unlocking iPhone screen passcode, iCloud activation lock, and SIM lock.

    Part 1: What’s the Price for Unlocking iPhone Carrier?

    Unlocking your iPhone carrier is really beneficial. Firstly, you can swap it to a different carrier. It also lets you switch to an international SIM card for a less expensive calling plan when traveling internationally. Even if you are selling your iPhone, unlocking the carrier is a must before transferring it to the new owner.

    Here is how to check carrier lock status:

    • Call your carrier. They will check whether your iPhone is locked or not and unlock it if you meet the eligibility requirements.
    • Go to Settings – General – About. Scroll down to look for the Carrier Lock option. If it shows “No SIM Restrictions”, it means your iPhone is unlocked.
    • chcck carrier lock

    Let’s consider the price for unlocking iPhone from different carriers:

    AT&T does not charge for unlocking an iPhone unless it meets certain conditions. These include the device being fully paid off, active on an AT&T network for a minimum of 60 days, must not be reported as stolen or lost, etc.

    T-Mobile unlocks iPhones at no cost, provided the device meets specific criteria, such as being active on their network for 40 days and fully paid off. If the device supports remote unlocking, it processes unlock requests automatically.

    Verizon automatically unlocks iPhones 60 days after purchase, regardless of whether the phone is fully paid off. This policy applies to both postpaid & prepaid devices purchased directly from Verizon or one of its authorized retailers. However, if you can’t wait, contact the carrier and provide the details.

    TracFone will charge you up to 300 USD once you meet the required criteria, such as the device needs to be active on its network for a certain period and paid in full. However, you must contact customer service to know the exact amount for your iPhone specifications.

    Part 2: How Much Does It Cost to Unlock iCloud Lock?

    iCloud activation lock is a specialized security feature that shields your iPhone data from anyone trying to access it without permission and improves the chances of recovery. It turns on automatically when you enable Find My on your iOS device. If you factory reset an iPhone without removing the Apple ID, you’ll be required to enter the previous Apple ID and password to access the device. Therefore, it’s important to check the iCloud lock status if you’re ready to purchase a second-hand iPhone. Here is how to check iCloud lock status:

    Open the iToolab iCloud lock check website on your browser, enter your iPhone’s IMEI or Serial number in the designated section, and hit “Check.” It will tell you whether your iOS device is iCloud locked or not in seconds.

    check icloud lock status

    If unluckily you have purchased a second-hand iPhone with iCloud lock, iToolab UnlockGo iPhone Unlocker is a fantastic tool that can remove the iCloud lock without Apple ID password or previous owner. It can save you in various situations, such as getting your iPhone lost, locked to the iPhone owner, disabled/locked Apple ID, unrecognized Face/Touch ID, broken screen, etc.

    Price: iToolab UnlockGo is the cheapest tool on the market. Its cost to unlock iCloud lock is $19.95 for Windows and $24.95 for Mac users.

    Let’s follow the given steps to unlock the iCloud lock within minutes:

    Step 1 After launching iToolab UnlockGo, select the “Unlock iCloud Activation Lock” from the home screen. Press “Start” and connect your locked iPhone to your computer.

    unlock icloud lock

    Step 2 This program will start downloading the necessary firmware package. It may take several minutes.

    download firmware package

    Step 3 Once downloaded, tap “Remove Now” to make your iPhone enter recovery mode. Later, put your iPhone into DFU mode.

    put iphone into dfu mode

    Step 4 The jailbreaking process will start once your iPhone has entered the DFU mode successfully.

    jailbreaking iphone

    Step 5 Once the process finishes, put it into DFU mode again. This tool will remove the activation lock in one to two minutes.

    remove icloud lock successfully

    Part 3: What’s the Price for Unlocking iPhone without Passcode?

    The price for unlocking iPhone screen passcode is solely based on your chosen software. However, several free methods exist to unlock an iPhone without a passcode. Let’s dig into their details:

    Resetting iPhone via Apple ID: iOS 15.2 or later versions allow you to reset iPhone and remove iPhone screen passcode via Apple ID. You only need to make sure that you have signed into an Apple ID on the device, and your device connects to a working network.

    Unlocking iPhone via Previous Passcode: If you recently changed your passcode and forgot it but remember the previous one, iOS 17 or later allows you to use the last passcode to create a new passcode. Enter the wrong passcode five times to make the “iPhone Unavailable” message appear. Click “Enter Previous Passcode” and type your old passcode.

    Restoring iPhone via iTunes: To restore your iPhone, connect it to your computer through a USB cable. Open iTunes and press the mobile icon from the main window. Click “Summary”> “Restore” and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Erasing Passcode via iCloud Account: If “Find My iPhone” is enabled, visit the iCloud website, log in using your Apple ID, and opt for “Find iPhone.” Tap “All Devices,” choose your iPhone from the drop-down menu, and hit “Erase iPhone.” This method will erase complete iPhone data, including the passcode, letting you set it up as new or restore it from a backup.

    If the above-outlined methods aren’t working for you or you need a hassle-free solution, try iToolab UnlockGo iPhone Unlocker to remove your iPhone passcode. With one license code, one user can enjoy six features: bypassing Screen Passcode, iCloud Activation Lock, Apple ID, Screen Time Passcode, and MDM, as well as turning off FMI. Let’s comply with the given tutorial on how to unlock the iPhone passcode:

    Step 1 When you connect your locked iPhone to your computer, the iToolab program will detect it automatically. Pick up the “Unlock Screen Passcode” option from the main interface.

    unlock iphone without passcode

    Step 2 The program will download a firmware package based on your iPhone model and iOS version. Wait for a few minutes to download and ensure a stable internet connection. But if it’s already downloaded, press “Select” to import.

    download firmware

    Step 3 Once the package is downloaded, tap the “Unlock Now” button to remove the iPhone’s passcode. Your iPhone must stay connected to your computer during the process.

    download firmware successfully

    Step 4 After the passcode removal, hit “Done” to start setting up the new screen lock. You can also restore your data from a previous iTunes/iCloud backup.

    unlock iphone passcode successfully

    FAQs About iPhone Unlock Price

    Q1. Does Apple Unlock iPhones for Free?

    Firstly, Apple can’t unlock a SIM lock but can help you remove the activation lock. Apple will charge a service fee based on your iOS model. Additionally, providing evidence of iPhone ownership, such as personal identification, a sale receipt, etc., is crucial.

    Q2. What’s the Price for Unlocking iCloud on iPhone 11/11 Pro Max?

    The iCloud unlock price differs for iPhone 11 or 11 Pro Max depending on the approach.

    • Some websites can unlock iCloud for free with IMEI. But be careful; they will only collect your personal information.
    • Some websites, like UnlockBoot, require a payment of 200-400 USD, along with some processing time.
    • Apple can also unlock iCloud on some iOS models. To get the price, you need to submit a request to Apple Support with proof of your ownership and the iPhone model.

    Get Coupon Code to Save Money for Unlocking iPhone

    This article provides the price for unlocking iPhone in different scenarios. You can choose the service or method based on your situation. If you want to unlock iPhone screen passcode or remove iCloud activation lock at the lowest price, iToolab UnlockGo is the best choice. Get this software now and get back access to your iPhone!

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