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iOS 16 VS iOS 17: Upgrade or Wait, Which Is Better


    should update or wait ios17

    Are you eager to update your iPhone to iOS 17 upon its release? If so, you’re likely filled with questions about the differences between iOS 16 and iOS 17. When does iOS 17 come out, and when will it leave beta?

    The release date for iOS 17 is scheduled for fall 2023, according to Apple. Historically, they have launched the final version of major iOS updates shortly after introducing a new iPhone, typically in the middle to late September. In this blog post, we’ll delve into iOS 16 vs iOS 17, exploring the key disparities and enhancements in Apple’s latest mobile operating systems.

    iOS 16 VS iOS 17: What’s New in iOS 17?

    In iOS 16, Apple wowed users with flashy additions like a customizable lock screen. Now, in iOS 17, they are focusing on enhancing the overall user experience with several quality-of-life updates. Among the coolest new features to look forward to are improved autocorrect technology, better widget support, voice message transcription, and the exciting ability to leave video messages for your FaceTime contacts when they miss your call.

    These five remarkable additions will be arriving later this year, bringing even more convenience and functionality to your iOS devices.

    Contact Posters

    In iOS 16, the introduction of the customizable Lock Screen allowed users to personalize their iPhones. Now, iOS 17 is bringing a similar approach to contacts. Just like the Lock Screen, Contact Posters offer the freedom to add text, change font and color, and adjust the position to seamlessly blend with the image. You can even change the background color to further customize your posters. Moreover, you have the option to use emoji or photographs for that extra personal touch.

    To maintain consistency, these Contact Posters will also serve as the main images in your Contacts app, providing a visually appealing and individualized experience. With iOS 17, connecting with your contacts becomes not only functional but also creatively engaging.

    Live Voicemail

    iOS 17 brings a fascinating addition called Live Voicemail. This intelligent feature provides a real-time text transcription of voicemail messages as they are being left on your iPhone. Whether you’re in a meeting, on the go, or simply curious about the urgency of an incoming call, Live Voicemail allows you to read the caller’s message as it’s being recorded. You can then decide to pick up the call in the middle of the voicemail if necessary. This convenient feature keeps you informed and in control of your calls like never before.

    The Journal App

    Coming to iOS 17 later this year, the Journal app is a new digital diary offering a one-stop-shop for memories, goals, affirmations, and daily reflections. It lets you import photos, videos, music, and text, and prompts you with questions to enhance the accuracy of your entries. Preserve special events, practice gratitude, and affirmations with ease. Set up daily reminders to ensure consistent journaling. This app empowers your iPhone to be a powerful tool for capturing life’s moments and fostering personal growth.

    Standby Mode

    With the introduction of Standby Mode, your iPhone unlocks a fresh approach to its non-active state. This mode transforms your device into a smart digital display while charging in a horizontal orientation. Alongside a larger time display, Standby Mode showcases recent photos, popular widgets, live activities, and more. It offers an engaging and informative visual experience, making the most of your iPhone’s screen even when not actively in use.

    Name Drop

    Streamlining information sharing across devices has been a key objective in recent iOS iterations. Starting with iOS 15, SharePlay was introduced and later integrated into Messages with iOS 16. Now, iOS 17 elevates this convenience further by enabling effortless sharing between two iPhones or an iPhone and Apple Watch. Simply hold the devices close to each other to exchange contacts, photos, videos, or synchronize music playback. This seamless process enhances the user experience, fostering smoother connections and data exchange between Apple devices.

    ios 17 beta update

    iOS 16 VS iOS 17: What Are Users Saying about iOS 17?

    Apple’s latest iOS 17 change log has shed light on various issues with the software, and testers are encountering additional problems with the latest firmware version. Users are reporting abnormal battery drain, installation and download difficulties, Face ID issues, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems, crashes, lag, and troubles with both first and third-party applications. Notably, iOS 17 is only compatible with devices equipped with the A12 Bionic chip or newer, excluding the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus released in 2017 from receiving the update this year.

    Pros of iOS 17 include Standby Mode, Live Voicemail, and a revamped message app, among other enhancements. However, the update comes with some cons, such as instability issues, battery drainage, and problems with real-time dictation, among others.

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    I Have Upgraded to iOS 17, Can I Still Downgrade to iOS 16.5?

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    The Choice is Yours

    The article discusses the features and comparisons of iOS 16 and iOS 17. It highlights the new additions in iOS 17, such as Standby Mode, Live Voicemail, and the Journal app. However, it also mentions some reported issues with iOS 17, including battery drain and instability problems. The article concludes with information about a tool called iToolab FixGo that can fix iOS device issues without data loss. It also provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool to repair the device.

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