How to Enter & Exit iPhone Recovery Mode


    There are many situations that require you to enter iPhone recovery mode. For example, your computer doesn’t recognize the iPhone when you connect it with USB cable, or update your iPhone but stuck in Apple logo, etc. Therefore, it is important for iPhone users to know how to enter recovery mode. By referring to this article, you will know the complete steps to do it on all iPhone models. Let’s check it out!

    What Does Recovery Mode Do?

    Once you’ve entered iPhone recovery mode, you will be able to achieve the following functions:

    1. Resetting the phone
    2. Data cleaning
    3. Installing updates
    4. Backup or restore your data

    There are so many users’ concerns about entering Recovery Mode will delete everything, and the answer is it will not cause any data loss. Before entering recovery mode, you should know the ways that manually enter iPhone recovery mode are associated with iPhone models. But here’s a way can help you enter recovery mode in one-click and it’s totally free.

    How to Enter iPhone Recovery Mode with One-Click (for All iPhone Models)

    By using iToolab FixGo, you can easily enter & exit iPhone recovery mode for free. It’s very convenient for those users who have a broken Home button or Volume button, because you don’t have to press either one. You just need to download and install FixGo and launch it, then click “Enter Recovery Mode” after connecting your device. In a few seconds, your device will successfully enter recovery mode.

    How to Enter iPhone Recovery Mode Manually (with Video Guide)

    As we discussed above, if you want to enter recovery mode manually you need to follow the corresponding way on different iPhones. Ensure you’ve followed the steps one-by-one or you may fail to enter recovery mode.

    Enter recovery mode iPhone 8 or later

    1. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button and then the Volume Down button.
    2. Holding the Side button until you see the “Connect to iTunes” appears on the screen.

    Enter recovery mode iPhone 7/7 Plus

    Press and hold Side and Volume down buttons both and do not release the buttons until you see the recovery mode.

    Enter recovery mode iPhone 6 or earlier

    Press Home and Side buttons at the same time until you see the “Connect to iTunes” screen.

    That’s how you enter iPhone recovery mode in different models. But what if recovery mode doesn’t work for you how to do? Well, try to enter DFU mode! Click here to know more.

    How to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode on All iPhone Models

    Still use iToolab FixGo, once you’ve entered recovery mode this software will auto recognize it, all you need to do is click “Exit Recovery Mode”. The whole process less than 1 minute. Once done, your device will reboot.

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