RecoverGo iOS Guide: How to Recover Data from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

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    RecoverGo iOS – Best iPhone Data Software in Year of 2023

    Looking for iPhone deleted photo recovery? If you have accidentally or permanently deleted data from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, then this guide is perfect for you. We’ll show you how to use iToolab RecoverGo iOS to achieve this goal. There are two modes to get your deleted data back including: Photos, Messages, Contacts, Safari Bookmarks, Safari History, Notes, etc.

    Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Data from iOS Device Directly?

    In the first part, you are going to learn how to recover deleted call history/contacts/photos/videos on iPhone without backup. All steps are easy to follow, just like A-B-C and won’t take much time.

    Step 1. Download and Launch RecoverGo iOS

    Download RecoverGo iOS from the official link and run it on your computer. Now select the first function “Recover Data from iOS Device”.

    recovergo ios guide - select to recover data from ios device

    Step 2. Connect Your Device to Computer

    We strongly recommend that you connect your device to your computer using a branded Lightning to USB cable. This will help your device to be recognized better. You will also need to tap “Trust” on your device when you first connect it to the computer or change the cable.

    recovergo ios guide - select device to recover iphone data

    Step 3. Select Data Type to Recover

    Now the program will display all the types of data you’d like to recover. Just select the one you want to recover. Note: Third-party cache data includes photos, videos, audio files and documents from any third-party applications.

    recovergo ios guide - select data type for iphone data recovery

    Step 4. Scanning Data on the Device

    Once you’ve connected your device without a doubt, iToolab RecoverGo iOS will detect and analyze the device environment and backup all data beforehand. All these procedures are well prepared for data extraction.

    if your device is running iOS 13 or higher, an encrypted password pop-up will appear and you will need to remember it.

    recovergo ios guide - prepare to recover data from iphone

    After a while, the program will start to scan what data is left on the device. The more data there is, the more time it will take.

    recovergo ios guide - scanning data from the device

    If data was successfully scanned, the program will tell you how much was there. It’s a good idea to do the data recovery as soon as you can, otherwise the data will be overwritten.

    recovergo ios guide - scanning data is finished

    Step 5. Preview, and Recover from Device

    Browse or filter what you want to recover. Select it and click the “Recover” button. You will have a look at the progress of data export. Just be patient for a while and finally it will open the recovered files on the computer, just check them.

    recovergo ios guide - successful iphone data recovery

    Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Data on iPhone from iTunes Backup?

    If you cannot find the data using the first method, or you want to export data from an iTunes backup. Then this is what you need to follow. First of all, let me explain some of the outstanding features as follows:

    • Never need your iPhone handy;
    • Show all iTunes backups in list;
    • Select any iTunes backup to restore;
    • You can view all the data such as photos, contacts, messages, calendars, etc. that are backed up in iTunes;
    • All selected data will be exported to the computer.
    • The data on your device will not be affected.
    Secure Download

    Step 1. Launch and Select Recovery Mode

    After you installed and launched iToolab RecoverGo iOS sucessfully, select the second feature “Recover Data from iTunes Backup”.

    recovergo ios guide - select to recover data from itunes backup

    This program will show you all the backups with iTunes, which device model, backup time, and how much data has been backed up.

    If you once set the password of iTunes backup, you have to enter it to let the program scan all data.

    recovergo ios guide - show all backup history

    Step 3. Select Data Type to Recover

    Now, you still need to select which kind of data that you want to recover. Check the box and click the “Recover” button to go.

    recovergo ios guide - select data to recover data from itunes backup

    Step 4. Start to Scan Data

    The program will start a large-scale scan of all backup data. Do not disconnect the device during this process. It will take several minutes to complete.

    recovergo ios guide - scanning data on itunes backup

    After a while, all your data will be successfully scanned and you will have an indication of how much data is on your iPhone.

    recovergo ios guide - scanning data is finished

    Step 5. Preview and Successfully Recovered!

    Take a look at all the data in your iTunes backup. Check the box on the left and see details on the right.

    recovergo ios guide - preview data in itunes

    Wonderful! Now you can select any type of data you want to recover. The program will locate it for you and tell you where it is.

    recovergo ios guide - recovered data from itunes backup successfully

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