Where Do Permanently Deleted Photos Go on iPhone? Answers Here


    We all treasure our photos because they capture special moments that we want to keep and cherish. However, there are times when you accidentally delete photos from your iPhone and face challenges that result in the loss of your precious memories. That’s why it’s crucial to know what happens to permanently deleted photos on an iPhone.

    In this article, we will explain where permanently deleted photos go on iPhone and provide you with complete guidance on how to recover these permanently deleted photos.

    Where Do Permanently Deleted Photos Go on iPhone

    When you delete photos from your iPhone, they don’t immediately disappear. Instead, they are moved to the Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app. This folder acts as temporary storage for deleted photos and allows you to recover them within a specific timeframe. By default, photos in the Recently Deleted folder are retained for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

    If you’ve emptied the Recently Deleted folder or the 30-day period has passed, the photos are considered permanently deleted. At this point, you might wonder where these photos go. Well, they are no longer visible or accessible on your iPhone. However, while the photos are no longer within easy reach, they still remain on the storage device.

    Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from My iPhone?

    Absolutely, yes! Permanently deleted photos can be retrieved through backup or data recovery software like iToolab RecoverGo (iOS), which can scan your iPhone’s storage and recover lost data even without backup. If, unfortunately, you don’t have any backups, it’s recommended to act promptly and use recovery software as soon as possible for better chances of retrieving your precious photos.

    The Best Way to Get Permanently Deleted Photos Back on iPhone

    Don’t let your cherished memories fade away. Take action now and recover your permanently deleted photos with ease. Whether you have backups or not, you can get your permanently deleted photos back on your iPhone by the following methods.

    Method 1: Extract from iTunes Backup

    If you have created regular backups of your iPhone using iTunes, you can recover your permanently deleted photos using this method. To simplify this task, we recommend using iToolab RecoverGo (iOS), an exceptional software that specializes in data recovery that allows you to preview and selectively recover from iTunes backup.

    Key Features:

    ✨ A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for tech novice.
    ✨ It allows users to preview the deleted photos before initiating the recovery process.
    ✨ You can selectively restore the photos you want, saving time and storage space.
    ✨ Can recover various data types, including photos, videos, contacts, and more.

    To use RecoverGo (iOS) to extract photos from iTunes backup, follow these steps:

    Step 1 Download and launch RecoverGo (iOS) on your computer.

    Step 2 Connect your phone to the computer and select the “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode.

    recovergo ios select recover from itunes backup

    Step 3 RecoverGo (iOS) will detect and display all available iTunes backups. Choose the relevant backup file that contains your deleted photos.

    recovergo ios itunes backup list

    Step 4 After the scanning process completes, you can preview the recoverable photos and select the ones you wish to restore.

    recovergo ios show scanned data

    Step 5 Click the “Recover” button, and RecoverGo (iOS) will restore the selected photos to your computer.

    recovergo ios recovered data from itunes backup successfully

    Method 2: Recover Permanently Deleted Photos without Backup with RecoverGo (iOS)

    If you don’t have an iTunes backup or have not recently backed up your iPhone, don’t lose hope! iToolab RecoverGo (iOS) offers an effective solution for recovering permanently deleted photos even without a backup. Follow the step-by-step guide below to utilize this method:

    Step 1 Install and launch RecoverGo (iOS) on your computer.

    Step 2 Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and select “Recover from iOS Device”.

    RecoverGo iOS Select Recover from iOS Device

    Step 3 Select the data types you want to recover and click “Start Scan” to allow RecoverGo (iOS) to scan your iPhone for deleted photos.

    recovergo ios guide - select device to recover iphone data

    Step 4 Once the scanning process is complete, preview the recoverable photos and select the ones you want to retrieve.

    RecoverGo iOS Scan Data Finished

    Step 5 Click the “Recover” button, and RecoverGo (iOS) will restore the selected photos to your computer.

    RecoverGo iOS Export Data From Device

    Other Common Questions about Deleted Photos on iPhone:

    Q1: Why can’t I find recently deleted photos on my iPhone?

    If you can’t find your recently deleted photos, it’s possible that they have been deleted for more than 30 days. In such cases, using a tool like RecoverGo (iOS) can help you recover those photos.

    Q2: Can I recover photos deleted from 2/3/4/5 years ago?

    Recovering photos deleted several years ago without a backup can be challenging. You can try data recovery software like RecoverGo (iOS) to retrieve these photos.

    Q3: How to recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud?

    To recover permanently deleted photos from iCloud backup, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout, and then Click “Restore from iCloud Backup


    In summary, this article answers the question of where do permanently deleted photos go on iPhone. When you delete a photo on your iPhone, it moves to the Recently Deleted folder, where it can be recovered within 30 days. However, even beyond that timeframe, you still have options to restore your valuable memories. iToolab RecoverGo (iOS) offers two effective methods for photo recovery: extracting from iTunes backup and recovering without a backup. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, RecoverGo (iOS) is a recommended solution for retrieving your permanently deleted photos. It also allows you to preview the deleted photos and recover them selectively on your computer.

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