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[Tips & Tricks] How to Get Relicanth in Pokemon Go


    Relicanth is a Pokemon with a rocky appearance. Lives in the deep sea and was introduced back in Gen III. Relicanth bodies withstand the water pressure of ocean depths. Relicanth is one of its types, it’s unique among all. Why is it rare? It’s because it’s only found in New Zealand. This rarity can be explained in the sense that Niantic has made different spawn points and New Zealand is the place where players can find it. Now if we think the only way for a user to find Relicanth is by going to New Zealand. This seems like a lot of expense and work to catch Relicanth. But don’t worry because we have devised ways for our players where we will tell them how to get Relicanth in Pokemon Go. So, let’s get to it then!

    how to get relicanth in pokemon go

    Where Relicanth Can Be Found in Pokemon Go

    Relicanth can be found in Pokemon Go but only in some specific regions. It is found only in New Zealand and can be found in certain areas near the equator. Mainly in New Zealand but some other parts of Melanesia, Fiji, Samoa, etc. It is tied to a specific location and cannot be easily caught. It can only be available for Pokemon players if they live in these specific regions.

    3 Methods to Get Relicanth in Pokemon Go

    As we discussed earlier the specific regions this Pokemon is found in, it is easy for users to identify the region where it can be found. This ultimately will help the user decide the coordinates where Relicanth can be caught. For our players, we have devised three methods that they can opt for to catch the mighty Relicanth. So, let’s discuss them one by one and see how Relicanth can be caught!

    Method 1. Travel to Its Region

    Relicanth is found in regions that are close to the equator like New Zealand, and places like Fiji, Samoa, and Melanesia etc. So, if Relicanth matters a lot to you and you can go any heights for it then traveling to the region would be the ultimate solution. Go to these places and enjoy and explore the beautiful areas located in the city and also catch Relicanth, the ultimate purpose that you were here for. Mostly Relicanth is associated with water-based locations and exploring the nearby areas will help locate it.

    But for those who don’t have the luxury of traveling, how will they catch the Relicanth? They can do so by following the next two suggestions that we are about to discuss.

    get relicanth from region

    Method 2. Participate in Special Events

    Another way to catch this Pokemon is by participating in special events that are held occasionally. What players can do is participate in these special events like the Relicanth Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour in Las Vegas. Just purchase a ticket to events like these and try your luck in catching this mighty Pokemon. Various events like these happen mostly, just keep an eye on the official announcement about Pokemon Go events that feature the Relicanth temporarily.

    Method 3. Trade with Other Trainers

    Trading is the ultimate go-to solution for our Pokemon players. Maybe the obsession that you hold for Relicanth, someone else, was finding another rare Pokemon. Similarly, if due to ticket unavailability, you don’t get a chance to catch Relicanth, trading is an option.

    It’s easy and handy. In trading, there is a chance that you might get a rare Pokemon by exchanging gifts with your friends. Maybe those friends become your lucky friends which can also lead the way of users becoming best friends.

    trade with other trainers

    A Useful Tool to Get Relicanth in Pokemon Go At Home

    All these above recommendations are good, but one of them is not easy and the other two seem to be based on luck. So, what if we devise a way that is not much hassle and bring New Zealand to your country? This seems not so real, but actually, it is!

    There is software that we are about to introduce that will help users modify the location and allow the user to appear physically without actually being there. That application is iToolab AnyGo. With AnyGo Location Changer, users can change their device’s location virtually, allowing them to appear as if they are in a different place without physically being there. So, choosing it would be a good option as users can modify their location to New Zealand and catch the rare Pokemon. A perfect opportunity for our beloved players.

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    Step 1 Link the PC and phone together. Next, launch the application and select “Start” from the main window’s menu.

    launch anygo location spoofer

    Step 2 As soon as you’re on the map, your present position will be displayed. The next page will show the map. If your current location is off, you will need to hit the “Center on” symbol to acquire the proper one.

    teleport mode interface anygo

    Step 3 On your PC, click the “Teleport” icon that is situated in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, type in your desired area and press the “Search” button.

    search address anygo

    Step 4 The new preferred location will be noted by the system. To teleport, click “Go”.

    teleport to a new place anygo

    Also Know: Any in-game Events Related to Relicanth Recently

    Recently, there has been no in-game event. But various Pokemon Go events occur simultaneously in which players can participate and catch Relicanth. An example of an event would be the Relicanth Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour in Las Vegas, taking place from October 15th to 17th. Although this event has been placed, our viewers can keep an eye out for other exciting events that feature Relicanth.


    In this article, we learned about how to get Relicanth in Pokemon Go, the rare Pokemon that was only possible to catch in New Zealand. The tip that we gave our user is the most useful of all. Just spoof and modify your location and catch Relicanth. iToolab AnyGo is the ultimate solution. Its location spoofing skills make tracking down unusual findings like Relicanth easier than ever. So, whether you’re an experienced trainer or a casual player, AnyGo will improve your Pokemon Go experience. Hope all our readers get to catch the mighty Relicanth.

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