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Tips and Strategies: Shiny Piplup Evolution in Pokemon Go


    In Pokemon Go, Piplup is a cute Pokemon with one of the most endearing looks in the series. Even though it’s not very strong in-game, fans will find it to be a valuable collection. There is a shiny, light purple version of this blue penguin Pokemon with pink feet and a beak.

    Here’s the spot to go if you’re wondering how to obtain Shiny Piplup in Pokemon Go. I’ll explain the Shiny Piplup evolution, where to find it, and its various forms in this article. In addition, I’ll provide a quick suggestion for making Pokemon Go easier to play.

    Get to Know Shiny Piplup Evolution

    Shiny Pokemon are rare and special variants of Pokemon that have a different coloration than their normal counterparts. Collectors and trainers highly seek after them, as they are a sign of luck and dedication. The chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in the wild is usually 1 in 4,096, but some methods can increase the odds.

    Shiny Piplup evolution Pokemon Go has the same stats and abilities as their normal forms, but they sparkle when they enter a battle or perform a move. Some Shiny Pokemon have drastic changes in their appearance, while others have subtle differences.

    shiny piplup evolution pokemon go

    More Details of Shiny Piplup Evolution

    Shiny Piplup, a Water-type Pokemon with a light gold-colored body (Pokédex number 393), evolves into Shiny Prinplup at level 16. Shiny Prinplup, a Water-type Pokemon with a silver body and navy blue head (Pokédex number 394), then evolves into the final form, Shiny Empoleon, a Water-Steel type Pokemon with a silver body and gold crown, at level 36 (Pokédex number 395). Shiny Empoleon represents the pinnacle of this evolutionary line. Let’s see in detail about the shiny Piplup evolution Pokemon Go.

    shiny piplup evolution

    1. The Beginning of Shiny Piplup

    Shiny Piplup has a base stat total of 314, with 53 HP, 51 Attack, 53 Defense, 61 Special Attack, 56 Special Defense, and 40 Speed. Shiny Piplup can learn a variety of moves, such as Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Brine, Hydro Pump, Peck, Drill Peck, and Ice Beam. Shiny Piplup has the ability Torrent, which boosts the power of Water-type moves when its HP is low, or the hidden ability Defiant.

    2. Shiny Piplup Evolution to Prinplup

    At level 16, Shiny Piplup transforms into Shiny Prinplup, the second evolution in the Water-type Penguin Pokemon series. The body of Shiny Prinplup is silver, while its head is navy blue. Its wings, beaks, and crowns are accented with gold or yellow. In addition, it has a more developed head crest and a bigger, sharper beak than Shiny Piplup.

    Shiny Prinplup is a Special Attack-focused player with a basic stat total of 405.

    3. Shiny Prinplup Evolution to Empoleon

    Shiny Prinplup develops into Shiny Empoleon at level 36, the last and strongest form of the Water-Steel type Penguin Pokemon series. To grow from Piplup to Empoleon, you must feed 100 candies. Once you have enough candy, choose the “evolve” option, and it will transform into an Empoleon.

    The three horns on the beak of Shiny Empoleon attest to its power. Shiny Empoleon has 530 base stats and specializes in Special Attacks.

    Where to Find Shiny Piplup, and How to Get

    Shiny Piplup is a form of Piplup, a Water-type Penguin Pokemon. In contrast to the typical blue and white colors, its body has a pale gold tint. Rainy, feral, or aquatic environments are where Shiny Piplup is most likely to surface; these locations are also home to other Piplup types.

    where to find shiny piplup

    If you’re interested in locating Shiny Piplup, you can participate in Piplup-related activities like Community Day and Halloween. To capture Piplup more readily, you need to utilize Great Balls or Ultra Balls. Additionally, Pokestops may be exchanged for eggs that could develop into Shiny Piplups. Utilizing gold coins to obtain Shiny Piplup is an additional choice.

    Easy Way to Get Shiny Piplup in Pokemon Go

    Shiny Piplup is an uncommon Pokemon that appears in many places. But getting to these places can be challenging and take time. Thankfully, some applications modify location so you may pretend to be somewhere else when playing games like Pokemon Go. iToolab AnyGo Location Spoofer is among the greatest and safest applications for this use.

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    Steps on iToolab AnyGo Location Spoofer

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    Tips for The Difference Between Shiny Piplup and Regular Piplup

    The main difference between Shiny Piplups and Regular Piplups is their color. The body of Shiny Piplup is a paler shade of blue, while its hair, beak, and claws have a faint green tinge. The shining form of Empoleon, its last iteration, features a gold crown and trident rather than a blue one, making the distinction more obvious.

    Regular Piplup prioritizes Special Attack and has a starting stat total of 314 points. Shining Piplup is extremely uncommon and has a similar trait to other shining Pokemon in that it shines when it joins a battle or uses a move.


    In this article, we have learned about the shiny Piplup evolution. Moreover, we have shared some tips for finding shiny Piplups, such as participating in events, using items, trading eggs, and using location-changing apps.

    One of the best and safest location-changing apps for Pokemon Go is iToolab AnyGo , which can help you spoof your location in seconds with just one tap. It is the easiest and most convenient way to find shiny Piplup and other rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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