Can You Unlock Blacklisted iPhone? Here’s the Answer


    We all know iPhone comes up with the best options for all the users out there. When a user loses an iPhone, they can simply report about it, and it turns out to be the backlisted one. As we all know, the majority of people have no intention to return the iPhone they found randomly. If the same device is backlisted, they look for unlock blacklisted iPhone methods.

    Alternatively, when the bills are outstanding, the device turns out to be blacklisted. Well, if somehow the iPhone you own is backlisted and you wish to reverse it, then keep reading till the last. Here we will help you to know the methods helpful in unlocking the blacklisted iPhone easily. Let’s get started!

    Part 1: What Can You Do with A Blacklisted iPhone?

    Sometimes it happens that unknowingly you get the backlisted device from the phone carrier or the private shop owner. Well, in that case, you need to know what you can do. The possible things to do in such a case are:

    • If you got the phone from the phone carrier, reach out and let them know about it. There is a process they consider in order to help you. Either they go for a refund or help you to get the phone off the blacklist.
    • If you get the phone from the private seller, reach out immediately. They are solely responsible for the issue, and to help you, they come up with a solution too. They also do the same thing. Either they initiate the refund or help you to get the phone off from blacklist. But do know with the private seller, this will be quite a tricker, so handle things and situations with care.

    Part 2: Can You Unlock A Blacklisted iPhone?

    When it is about knowing if one can unlock a blacklisted iPhone, fortunately the answer is “Yes”. There are options available that are helpful in doing so easily.

    We cannot forget that now technology is so advanced and solutions are available for every problem. There are some third-party tools or say companies are available catering to the same need. You can simply reach them out and get the solution right away. When you reach the companies of this process, they consider the IMEI or ESN number for the same. Apart from that, you can reach out to the phone carrier too and get help from them.

    Part 3: How to Unlock Blacklisted iPhone 12/11/X for Free?

    When you are searching to unlock blacklisted iPhone 12/11/X for free, understand the option is available. We are sure you might be thinking about how Apple comes up with such an option, but yes, this is the truth. For having the same service, you need to reach out to the phone carrier and let them know about it. They have the authority to do it for free.

    The best part is if you are reaching the phone carrier to unlock the backlisted iPhone, no legal problem will take place, and you will get the complete solution. After getting services for once, this problem will not take place again.

    Part 4: How to Unlock Blacklisted iPhone 12/11/X with Online Service

    In this section, we are discussing the online services available to unlock blacklisted iPhone 12/11/X. The methods available are as follows:

    Third-Party Services (the use of tools):

    The primary online method available to all the users out there is the utilization of third-party tools available. Right now, some online tools have the options available to unlock the blacklisted iPhone. But do know most of the software is paid, and you cannot expect these to come with no cost.

    Use Accredited IMEI checker:

    The Accredited IMEI checker is also one of the best tools helpful in getting the IMEI or ESN number. This will be helpful in knowing the status of your device. You can choose any of the available tools as per your convenience. Be sure to check the other accessories related to your phone to get all the details.

    Sell the device:

    If nothing helps you out, selling the device can help. You can simply choose whether you wish to go to the online portal to sell it or the offline carrier available.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Unlock Blacklisted iPhone

    Q1: How to unlock a SIM card for any carrier?

    When you wish to unlock the SIM card from any carrier, the iToolab SIMUnlocker can help you. The steps to use this tool are as follows:

    • Firstly, get the iToolab SIMUnlocker on your computer. With the help of lightning cable, connect your device to the computer. unlock blacklisted iphone
    • A jailbreaking tool will get downloaded on your device, and follow the on-screen instructions. can you unlock a blacklisted iphone
    • Click “Unlock ” option appears at the end of the process. Click it, and Viola! The task is done! how to unlock blacklisted iphone

    Q2: How to unlock iCloud lock to access iPhone?

    If your iPhone is stuck on iCloud lock and without unlocking it, you can’t access the device, don’t feel confused and use iToolab UnlockGo right away. This tool is specially developed for catering to such needs of the iPhone. The steps to use this tool are:

    • Get the iToolab UnlockGo on your system and connect your phone to the computer.
    • Click on the “Unlock iCloud Activation Lock” option on the home screen and hit on start to initiate the process. click tab
    • Within a while, UnlockGo will download the appropriate software to jailbreak the device. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the jailbreaking process. jailbreak device
    • When jailbreaking is done, the “Remove” option appears. Click on it, and within a few minutes, the process will get completed. remove icloud lock


    iPhone has undoubtedly great features, but some options integrated into it let a user become feel irritated and likewise is the unlock blacklisted iPhone process. But don’t worry, when you adopt the right ways to do it, further on this problem will not take place and you will be able to sure the device efficiently!


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