2022 What to Do If You Can’t Verify Apple ID on iPhone iPad


    I’m unable to verify my account on the new iPhone XR. I get a notification; Log in to another Apple and verify. I don’t know where I need to go for verification.

    Recently, a user posted the following question on the official Apple forum.

    While evaluating the above-mentioned query, we came up with a helpful resource that can help you if you can’t verify your Apple ID on your iPad. We’ll be discussing several official methods to help you get through this. Furthermore, we’ll be explaining a reliable third-party tool to unlock your Google account and verify it accordingly.

    Part 1. Why Can’t I Verify My Apple ID?

    Are you wondering, “Why can’t verify my Apple ID?” There can be a number of reasons for this. The main reason is that you might’ve enabled the Two-Factor Authentication for your Apple ID. Therefore, to log into your Apple ID, you’ll need a verification code to log in and you need to log into your account on another device.

    Part 2. What to Do If You Can’t Verify Apple ID on iPhone/iPad

    This section is a guide for everyone wondering, “what to do if you can’t verify your apple id?” We’ll be discussing several methods to help in verifying your Apple ID. Make sure to perform all methods in sequence, one of them may work best in your case.

    Fix 1. Try using Cellular Data

    Most Apple services require a stable internet connection to work effectively. Therefore, if your iPhone doesn’t have a stable internet connection then Apple services won’t work on your phone. Similarly, when you receive the “Apple ID Verification Failed” error, try checking the internet connection on your device. Try changing your Wi-Fi internet connection with Cellular data to clear the verification error.

    can't verify apple id on iPad

    Fix 2. Resetting your time and date

    Mostly, the time and date settings of your device result in verification errors. If you can’t verify your Apple id email then try resetting your phone’s time and date using the following steps:

    1. Open the “Settings” on your iPhone.
    2. Head to General and tap on the “Date & Time” option to continue.
    3. Toggle on the “Set Automatically” option if it’s turned off. The time and date of your iPhone will automatically reset. to do if you can't verify your apple id

    Fix 3. Using trued device to verify

    You can also use another device with Apple ID signed in already to verify your device using the following steps:

    1. Sign in to your Apple ID on another iPhone.
    2. Open the iPhone’s settings and tap on the iCloud.
    3. Tap on the Password & Security option and tap on the Generate Verification Code button.
    4. Now, you can use the verification code on your iPhone with a locked Apple ID. I can't verify my apple id account

    Fix 4. Sign out from iCloud and re-login

    You can sign out and sign in again to resolve the verification error by performing the following easy steps:

    1. Open the Settings and then head to [your name].
    2. Scroll down to the end. can't verify apple id on iPad
    3. Tap on the Sign Out button, now enter the Apple ID and password for confirmation.
    4. Click on the Sign-in button. why can't verify my apple id

    Fix 5. Contacting Apple Support

    Sometimes, no reason triggers a verification failed error. You may need to contact the Apple support team to know “I can’t verify my apple id account”. The Apple Advisor can help you find the exact reason for the above-mentioned error.

    Fix 6. Check Apple system status

    Often, the verification problem doesn’t refer to something on your device. The problem can be triggered at Apple’s end. Therefore, you need to check the System Page of Apple to know what services are currently available. The services with Green Dot are available. If you’re accessing a service with Green Dot and still the problem exists then try any other method in this section.

    can't verify apple id email

    Part 3. How to Do If You Forget Apple ID Password on iPhone/iPad?

    If you forget your Apple ID password, there are many restrictions on using your iPhone. Also, if you still unable to verify your Apple ID by using the above ways you may consider removing Apple ID on your iOS devices. Here is an easy way to help you bypass Apple ID without password and 100% working, which is use iToolab UnlockGo. It’s an pofessional iOS unlocker tool can help you remove various locks on iPhone and iPad. With only a few steps, you cna easily remove Apple ID. Let’s check it out!

    Secure Download
    Secure Download

    Step 1. Download and install the iToolab UnlockGo on your PC. Launch it and select the Unlock Apple ID and connect your iOS device to your computer. Now, select the Trust option on your iPhone.

    what to do if you can't verify your apple id

    Step 2. Now, click “Unlock” button to move on. Next, you will need to unlock your iPhone screen lock and enable two-factor authentication on Settings.

    I can’t verify my apple id account

    Step 3. Download firmware package in your computer by clicking “Download” button, once done click “Unlock Now” to start bypassing Apple ID.

    I can’t verify my apple id account 2

    Step 4. The unlocking process will spend 2-3 minutes and then you can set up your iOS device by following the on-screens setps. Last, you can use the all the features by log into your new Apple ID.

    I can’t verify my apple id account 3


    If can’t verify Apple id on iPad then don’t worry, this blog will help you do that. We’ve discussed several official methods to help you verify Apple ID on your iPhone. You can implement all methods in sequence, might be possible that any of them can work in your case. Further, we’ve helped you to remove the Apple ID from your iPhone using the professional iOS unlocker tool. The tool can be used to unlock any type of activation lock on your iOS device. Hope this article can really help you solve the problem!


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