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    This is a complete review of DoctorUnlock (, the online service that claims it can help you bypass the iCloud Activation lock on iOS devices. In it, we will determine if this service works or if it is a disappointment like many other iOS unlocking tools online.

    Let’s begin with an overview of the service.

    What Is DoctorUnlock(

    DoctorUnlock, nowadays known as or, is an IMEI-based service that can bypass the iCloud Activation Lock on iOS devices.

    It works for all iOS devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Apple watch. You provide the service with the device’s IMEI number and it claims it will permanently unlock the device.

    What Is DoctorUnlock

    Pros of DoctorUnlock

    • The service is run by professional technicians, guaranteeing the best and quick results.
    • It is compatible with devices running iOS 7 to iOS 13.
    • It is easy to use, you just need to complete a few simple steps.
    • The Apple ID on the device is removed permanently, allowing you to set up the device as new.

    Cons of DoctorUnlock

    • The process to unlock the device may take a long time.
    • Sometimes the website can stall in the process if entering your details.

    How to Use DoctorUnlock ( iCloud Removal Service?

    To use this iCloud Removal service, follow these simple steps:

    • Step 1: Go to the official website. It will jump to automatically.
    • Step 2: Enter the device model and the IMEI number of the device in the fields provided.
    • Step 3: Enter the other details that the tool may require and then click “Unlock Now” to begin the process. The website will ask you to pay an amount according to your device model.
    • How to Use DoctorUnlock

      Price of DoctorUnlock.Net (

      DoctorUnlock.Net offers a different price point depending on the device model. This is because the process they use to unlock the device will also vary depending on the model. For an iPhone 6s, it costs $41.99 to unlock the iCloud lock.

      If the iPhone you are trying to unlock is under contract, the process to unlock the device may be more involving and you may need to pay a little bit more. The official website explains everything and you will get an estimate of how much you will have to pay to unlock the device.

      Price of DoctorUnlock.Net

      Is DoctorUnlock ( Reliable?

      Although the website claims that it will easily and permanently remove iCloud Activation Lock, based on our own tests and user reviews, it doesn’t seem to work.

      You may not be able to get the best results because of the following problems associated with this tool:

      • The success rate when using DoctorUnlock seems to be very low. This is because the tool only uses the device’s IMEI number to attempt to unlock the device.
      • The website claims that the device will be unlocked in a few days, but some reviewers claim to have waited months for their device to be unlocked
      • You have to pay upfront for the service. And sometimes, when the device is successfully unlocked, you have to pay more. If the process is unsuccessful, you will not get your money back.
      • There are numerous negative reviews of the service on numerous review sites, giving it an overall low rating.
      • numerous negative reviews of DoctorUnlock.Net

      The Bad Reviews We Found Among a Few Positive Ones

      The following are some of the bad reviews we could find on the review site Trustpilot:

      zolax from

      “Don’t expect to unlock your phone for the price “showing! They will ask you to pay more

      Hiding fees

      They didn’t give me my money back and my phone isn’t unlocked

      Not recommended at all”

      PercyP from

      “A fake website takes your money and just gives a pre-unlock status which is useless and not mentioned anywhere on the website in the obvious places. Guessing all the positive reviews are sponsored by the vendor. No reply to emails.”

      Luciano Golia INC from

      “Scammers, same company and same owners of

      stay far from these people I reported them to the FBI.

      they just steal your money!”

      doctorunlock trustpilot review

      Alternative of Doctorunlock: iToolab UnlockGo

      If your goal is to unlock your device easily and quickly, then we recommend iToolab UnlockGo.

      This is a desktop tool that can bypass the iCloud Activation lock without needing the IMEI number. All you have to is connect the locked iOS device to the computer and UnlockGo will do the rest.

      Now, install UnlockGo on to your computer and then follow these simple steps to unlock the device:

      Step 1: Run UnlockGo and choose “Remove iCloud Activation” in the main screen. Click “Start” and then use USB cables to connect the device to the computer.

      Remove iCloud Activation Lock

      Step 2: UnlockGo will begin downloading the jailbreaking package needed to jailbreak the device. Just click “Jailbreak” when the package has been downloaded and then put the device in DFU Mode.

      Start Jailbreak

      Step 3: When the jailbreak process is successful, click “Remove” and UnlockGo will begin unlocking the device immediately.

      bypassed successfully

      Keep the device connected for the several minutes it takes for the process to be completed. Once the device is unlocked, you will be able to access and use the apps and features on it.


      Although Doctorunlock claims that it will easily and permanently remove iCloud Activation Lock, based on our own tests and user reviews, it doesn’t seem to work. Moreover, the process to unlock the device may take a long time. If you only want to unlock your device easily and quickly, then we highly recommend iToolab UnlockGo. With high success rate and 6 features in-one tool, UnlockGo can remove all iPhone passwords easily.

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    • Avatar Siphay Phouangphanh says:

      This site is a scam. Originally paid $28. Should have read the fine print. Then paid another $28 to continue. Then they told me that it could not be unlock and that I would have to pay for premium service to get unlock. I left it alone and chalked up the lost. Then received an email from them saying that they ran an eligibility check on my imei and that is now ready for unlock and that I needed to pay another $49 to release the unlock. Paid the $49 and still not unlock. It’s been over 2 months now. I requested a refund because they guarantee that if not unlock by the 30 day period. Still no refund. Emailed them multiple times. Now they are saying that my iPhone does not meet their requirements for unlocking. Then why did they send me an email saying that the my iPhone unlock was ready for release. The iPhone has a clean imei. It’s not stolen, blacklisted, or under any financing. This site is a straight up scam. Do not waste your money. Very shady business.

      • iToolab iToolab says:

        Thank you for your reminder and hope that more people will not be deceived. Alternatives can be considered, iToolab UnlockGo supports 30 days refund.

    • Avatar Arpad chomjak says:

      Hi my IMEI-358608071223737 sorry but my iPhone still not unlocked. I vetting from , October 2020 pay £ 99.99 Is not fair. 8, months. Thank you.

      • Amanda Chall Amanda Chall says:

        Hi, You should request a refund from
        or try UnlockGo to help you.