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Everything You Need to Know about F3arRa1n Bypass


    Do you forget the Apple ID to activate your iOS device, or purchase a second-hand iOS device with iCloud activation lock? When you search the internet to find a solution, you will see an iCloud bypass tool named F3arRa1n. Can you use this tool to bypass iCloud? Does this tool work? Check this article to find answers.

    Part 1: Full Review of F3arRa1n

    F3arRa1n is a software tool that allows iOS users to activate the iDevices manually. It provides you with different methods to activate iOS devices, like using checkra1n tool or via DFU mode. It also offers detailed tutorials on each method. You can test the compatibility with your device before you purchase the credits to use F3arRa1n iCloud Bypass tool.

    F3arRa1n iCloud Bypass

    Before using F3arRa1n to bypass iCloud lock on your iPhone/iPad, you need to know the drawbacks of it.

    • It can’t be installed on Windows 11 system, and it only works on 3 MacOS versions.
    • You need to download and install the latest iTunes on your computer.
    • You can only use Gmail to register the tool.
    • The process to test the compatibility of your device is complicated and time-consuming.

    Is F3arRa1n Free?

    No, F3arRa1n is not a free tool. You must pay for using its service on your phones. During the unlocking or repairing process, the on-screen instruction navigates to the payment section. Here, the user must pay the required amount to complete their desired function on the iPhone using this tool. The pay differs with the feature you activate on your iPhone. It is paid software, and the app directs to the payment page while performing the unlocking activities.

    f3arra1n price

    Part 2: How to Use F3arRa1n to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

    Use the F3arR1n tool by following the below instructions carefully. Surf the steps one after the other to ensure flawless bypassing activities.

    Step 1: Download the F3arRa1n tool and the latest iTunes on your PC. 

    Step 2: Connect your iOS device to the computer with a USB cable.

    Step 3: Choose an option based on your iOS version.

    f3arra1n icloud bypass tool

    Step 4: If your device is running iOS 12.0-14.8, you need to install WinRa1n on your computer. Then jailbreak your iOS device with it.

    Step 5: After jailbreaking, click the “Connect Device” button on F3arRa1n.

    Step 6: On your locked iOS device, set a language and region, and connect to a working Wi-Fi network.

    Step 7: Please don’t go to the activation lock screen. If you see the screen, tap “<” button to return to the previous screen.

    Step 8: The tool will automatically check the compatibility of your device.

    Step 9: If your device is supported and the Serial has not been paid, the tool will lead you to the purchase page to buy credits.

    Step 10: Soon after the payment, click the desired tab to continue.

    Step 11: Your iOS device will be activated later.

    Note: The process to bypass iCloud activation lock on iOS 15-16 is complicated to follow. You can check the official tutorial on its website.

    Part 3: Best Alternative to F3arRa1n iCloud Bypass

    After reading the above content, you will find that F3arRa1n is hard to use. Before I wrote this article, I spent a whole day exploring how it works. So, if you don’t have any technical knowledge, I suggest that you choose other easy-to-use iCloud bypass tools.

    The best alternative for the F3arRa1n app is the iToolab UnlockGo tool. It is a professional program designed to unlock all the iPhone locks effortlessly. It is the perfect tool to unlock iCloud activation on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. You do not have to seek the experts to solve the phone locking issues, instead, download iToolab UnlockGo iOS Unlocker to proceed with the unlocking process hassle-free.

    UnlockGo iOS Unlocker – the Easiest Tool to Bypass iCloud

    • It can bypass iCloud lock on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch running iOS 12.0-16.6.
    • The tool is easy to use. With the on-screen instructions, you can activate your iOS device withint 5 steps.
    • Based on the advanced technology, it guarantees a high success rate.
    • By using this tool, you don’t need to install extra applications.

    Here are the stepwise instructions to remove the activation locks on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch using UnlockGo iOS Unlocker.

    Step 1 Download UnlockGo app on your PC and launch it. Then, choose Unlock iCloud Activation Lock from the home page and click the Start button. Connect your iOS device with the PC using a reliable USB cable.

    itoolab unlockgo ios unlocker

    Step 2 The tool downloads the firmware package automatically after detecting your device.

    download firmware package

    Step 3 Switch your phone to DFU mode to perform the unlocking process.

    put iphone in dfu mode

    Step 4 Once you have entered the DFU mode successfully, UnlockGo will start to jailbreak your device.

    jailbreaking iphone

    Step 5 You need to enter the DFU mode again after the jailbreaking process. Then, UnlockGo will remove the iCloud activation lock from you device within minutes.

    unlock icloud locked iphone

    Now, you can set up your iPhone and your iPhone allows you to create a new Apple ID using the App Store.

    The Bottom Line

    Thus, you are at the end lines of the discussion about F3arRa1n iCloud Bypass. You had a better understanding of the F3arRa1n tool. If you have enough technical knowledge and are willing to explore the possibilities of F3arRa1n, you can have a try. However, if you’re looking for an easy and trustworthy tool, then try iToolab UnlockGo iOS Unlocker 

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    • Avatar tural kerem says:

      Do you have a method to bypass icloud on iphone 13 pro max?

      • Paul Jones Paul Jones says:

        Hi tural, there is no third-party program can bypass iCloud on iPhone 13 Pro Max right now. We suggest that you contact Apple support center for help.