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Mina Activator: What Is It & Is It Safe to Use?


    Apple’s commitment to security has always been top-notch, and one way they ensure this is by the use of iCloud activation lock. This feature, which was introduced in 2013, prevents unauthorized access to your device once it gets lost or stolen.

    But sometimes, it’s possible to get stuck on the activation screen even when you’re the legitimate owner of the device. Perhaps you’ve forgotten the password to your iCloud account and don’t have access to recovery options anymore. Or, you just bought a second-hand iDevice and the previous owner forgot to remove their account details and can’t reach them for one reason or another.

    Whatever the reason you can’t get past the activation lock screen, the experience can be frustrating — to say the least! That’s why a good number of iPhone users turn to the Mina activator!

    So, what exactly is this program, and how can you use it to bypass the iCloud lock on an iDevice?
    Well, these are just a few of the many questions that this article seeks to answer. This article covers everything you need to know about the Mina activator, from what it is and how it works to the associated pros and cons. We’ll even suggest an alternative solution and leave you to decide, so let’s jump right in.

    What Is Mina Activator, Anyway?

    Mina activator, or the Minacriss Bypass A12+, is a unlock tool specially designed to help Apple device users solve the woes that come with the iCloud activation lock. With this tool, you can bypass any iCloud-locked iPhone or iPad.

    mina activator website

    The program supports a wide range of iPhone and iPad models, particularly those running on iOS 17. It, however, isn’t a free tool, so expect to pay some amount to acquire the services from official sources.

    But do you really get what you pay for? Mostly, Yes!

    Using the Mina activator tool comes with a fair share of pros and cons:


    • It works for different models of iPhones and iPads (A12-A15) running on iOS 17.
    • It is easy to use.
    • It’s safe to download and install the program.


    • It can be costly depending on the device model you’re unlocking.
    • It requires you to share your device IMEI or serial number.
    • Only supports MacOS.
    • So many dealers out there increase the chances of getting scammed.
    • You will need to wait several hours or days to complete the unlocking process.

    How to Use Mina Activator to Bypass iCloud?

    Use these steps to bypass iCloud with Mina activator:

    Step 1: Download and install the tool on your Mac computer or laptop. For download, use the link provided by the official seller.

    Step 2: Launch the tool, and with your iDevice connected via a USB, click the Activate your Device button on the screen. This will check whether the tool is compatible with your iDevice.

    mina activator interface

    Step 3: If supported, proceed to register the device’s serial number or IMEI on the server. It’s at this step that you will be required to pay for the device registration. Be sure to choose the correct model for your iDevice when registering it with the server.

    mina activator support popup

    Step 4: Wait for your batch to be processed. Usually, your source will alert you when your iDevice is ready for activation. Depending on the server, the processing period may last between 1 to 3 days or up to 5 on rare occasions.

    mina activator device on process

    Step 5: Once the batch is ready, launch the tool with your iDevice connected to your computer. A pop-up will appear asking for permission to download an additional firmware to facilitate the process. Accept the request.

    Step 6: Hit the Activate your Device button to bypass the iCloud lock. Remain patient and keep the device connected to the computer until the process is complete.

    Once done, the device will boot automatically, and you can now do the initial setup without worrying about Apple ID and password – and that’s it!

    bypass icloud with mina activator successfully

    Is It Safe to Use Mina Activator?

    Of course, it’s safe to use the Mina activator tool to bypass the iCloud activation lock. The tool is absolutely harmless to download and install on your computer. However, only work with links provided by the official sellers to be on the safe side.

    Recently, there have been reports of people getting scammed on Twitter. However, as long as you get the tool from the official developer or an authentic seller, you don’t need to worry about getting scammed.

    One thing, however, that raises eyebrows when acquiring Mina Ramdisk activator is the requirement that you share the IMEI or serial number.

    Well, referring to the procedure provided, this data is used to register your device on the server and possibly help create a customized batch for your iDevice. Of course, this makes sense. However, the fact that it’s generally advisable to protect your device’s serial number or IMEI at all costs leaves some users skeptical about using this tool – which makes even more sense!

    Why? Because when your IMEI falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to:

    • Track your phone.
    • Create a duplicate phone with the same IMEI and possibly use it to commit crimes.
    • Block your phone from using a network.
    • Access your messages and social media.
    • Access your banking details and other confidential information saved on your phone.

    Of course, those are just some of the ways sharing your IMEI or serial number can jeopardize your privacy and security. The number opens a window to your personal information, which is why you should be careful when sharing it.

    Explore the Best Alternative to Mina Activator

    Although the Mina iCloud bypass tool undeniably does the work, there are many risks associated with the method, and the fact that you have to share your IMEI or serial number makes it even worse.

    But what if there was a more affordable, simple, and reliable way to get the same results – all while keeping your IMEI and serial number private?

    Well, that’s where iToolab UnlockGo iCloud Unlocker comes in handy.

    Features Mina Activator UnlockGo iCloud Unlocker
    Supported System macOS Windows & macOS
    Unlocking Time Hours – Days Several Minutes
    Price $90-$195/1 Device $19.95/1 Device

    This tool solves a wide range of iDevice access issues, from removing activation lock without previous owner and bypassing the screen lock without passcode or Face ID details to removing Apple ID and even MDM lock!

    UnlockGo iCloud Unlocker – Bypass iCloud in Minutes

    • The iCloud unlocker tool is broadly compatible, supporting iPhone 5s – iPhone X and iPod touch 6 – iPod touch 7, as well as a variety of iPad models.
    • It allows you to bypass iCloud activation lock within several minutes.
    • The program can be installed on both Windows and MacOS.
    • It’s much cheaper than Mina Activator, and you can save $10 if you purchase now.

    Of course, it’s also easy to use, and the procedure differs slightly between iOS 12.0-14.8 and iOS 15.0-16.3. Here, we will show you how to bypass iCloud on iOS 15.0-16.3 using a Windows computer.

    Step 1 On your computer, download and install iToolab UnlockGo iCloud Unlocker. Connect your iDevice to the computer with a USB cable and launch the tool. Select the Unlock iCloud Activation Lock option from the options provided.

    unlockgo icloud unlocker

    Step 2 Click the Start button to proceed. Download the firmware package to facilitate the deactivation process.

    download firmware package

    Step 3 Click the Remove Now button. The package will put the device into Recovery mode automatically. Then, manually set the device into DFU mode.

    set iphone into dfu mode

    Step 4 Jailbreak the device. The process may take several minutes, so wait patiently.

    jailbreaking ios device

    Step 5 You need to set the device into DFU mode again after the jailbreaking process. Then UnlockGo iCloud Unlocker will remove the activation lock immediately. You can access your device within 1-2 minutes.

    bypass icloud with unlockgo icloud unlocker successfully

    And that’s it – easy peasy!


    While the iCloud activation lock is an essential security feature, sometimes we are forced to bypass it for one reason or another. Mina activator is a good tool for that purpose, but it’s relatively expensive, and the risks associated with sharing your IMEI and serial number make it only partially reliable.

    Fortunately, iToolab UnlockGo iCloud Unlocker provides a safer and more affordable alternative to achieve similar results while keeping your personal information private. Plus, its broad compatibility and ease of use make it a top choice for many users facing iCloud activation lock issues.

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