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Forgotten Password for Apple ID, We Teach You Fix Quickly


    Have you forgotten the password for Apple ID? Apple ID and password are undoubtedly important for accessing Apple device services. Without these two things, you won’t be able to use your device. However, for some reason, people forget their Apple ID password, which can be frustrating. This article is for you if you are facing the same situation and cannot open your iCloud. Here we will provide you with different ways to reset your Apple ID password. Continue reading the article.

    Part 1. I Forgot My Password for Apple ID, How to Reset It Quickly?

    In this section, we will explain different ways to reset Apple ID password. However, using these ways, you won’t be able to know what your password is, as these ways only help you reset your Apple ID. So, let’s see how these methods work.

    Way 1. Go to Password & Security to Set New Password

    The first method to reset the Apple ID password is using the Password and Security option. This way will work for your iPad and Apple Watch as well. Here is how to set your new password.

    • Go to Settings and hit the Name option.
    • Click the “Password & Security” option.
    • Now, click the “Change Password” button.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen, and you are good to go. So, if you have forgotten the iPhone password, then this is how you can reset it. Below we have mentioned another way to help reset the Apple ID password.

    Step 2: To delete the Apple ID linked with your iOS device, choose the “Unlock Now” tab.

    change iphone password

    Way 2. Go to Web Browser to Reset, and You Need a Trusted Device

    If the above method doesn’t work for you, check Apple’s website, which will help you reset the Apple ID password. However, this method might take more time than other methods, so have some patience. But if it is your only option left, follow the steps below to reset your Apple ID password.

    • Go to, type your Apple ID, and click the “Continue” option.
    • Step 2: To delete the Apple ID linked with your iOS device, choose the “Unlock Now” tab.

      forgot apple id password how to reset

    • Enter your device’s passcode and again click the “Continue” option.
    • You will be asked to enter your password twice, then click the “Next” or “Change” options depending on your device.
    • Remember that you will be asked to answer some questions for security reasons, so make sure you know your security answers.
    • After completing all the steps, you will get the new password soon.

    Part 2. Forgotten Password for Apple ID, How to Sign Out My Account?

    Since Apple ID asks for complex patterns to set the password, there are chances that you might forget your Apple ID password. It is a common thing and can happen to anyone. So, what to do if you forget your iPhone password? Below are the two things you should do when you don’t remember your Apple ID password.

    Situation 1. Disable Find My iPhone

    If you have forgotten the iCloud password, then disable Find My iPhone. In this way, the Activation Lock will automatically be turned off. Below are the steps you can follow to Disable Find My on Mac and iPhone.

    On iPhone, iPad, and iPod:

    1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
    2. Now, go to Settings > [your name] > Find My.
    3. Click Find My [device], then turn off Find My [device].
    4. Finally, Find My iPhone is turned off.

    Turn off Find My on a Mac:

    1. On your Mac, Look for the Apple menu and click the “System Preferences” option.
    2. After that, click the Apple ID.
    3. Click iCloud in the sidebar, then deselect the Find My Mac option. In this way, Find My will be turned off on Mac.

    Situation 2. Just Sign out of Apple ID

    If you have forgotten your iPhone password and don’t know how to unlock Apple ID, iToolab UnlockGo is the perfect option. It will help you unlock Apple ID by following a few simple techniques. Let’s see how it works.

    UnlockGo – All-in-One Unlock Tool for iPhone/iPad

    Step 1: Launch iToolab UnlockGo On your computer or Mac, open iToolab UnlockGo and choose the “Unlock Apple ID ‘ option. Also, connect your iOS device to the computer.

    unlockgo - select unlock apple id

    Step 2: To delete the Apple ID linked with your iOS device, choose the “Unlock Now” tab.

    unlockgo - start to unlock apple id

    Step 3: You have to download the required firmware package. And for that, select the location and click the “Download” button.

    unlockgo - download firmware

    Step 4: Once the firmware is downloaded, hit “Unlock Now” to unlock your Apple ID.Make sure the iPhone is connected during the process. It will take a few minutes to unlock the Apple ID.

    unlockgo - apple id successfully

    Once the Apple ID is removed successfully, follow the instructions on the screen to set up your device. Click the “Unlock with Password” option and hit the “Use Device Passcode” button. You will be asked to enter the password, and from there, you can create your new Apple ID and enjoy all the features.

    Solved Finally, You Won’t Worry about It!

    What to do if you forgot your iPhone password? If you have forgotten the password for Apple ID, then the ways mentioned above will definitely help you. Using these methods, you can reset your Apple ID and enjoy all the services again. If you want to unlock Apple ID, use iToolab UnlockGo. This tool is easy to use and helps remove Apple ID password without hassle. Also, it ensures you can easily set your new passcode and use Apple ID services again.

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