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How to Backup WhatsApp Without Google Drive


    In Android devices, Google Drive is used to create a backup. Therefore, WhatsApp users rely too much on Google Drive for backup and restoration. It requires a high-speed internet connection, and sometimes it does not work due to many reasons. In this article, we will discuss other ways to backup WhatsApp without Google Drive as it will allow WhatsApp backup access as well.

    Part 1. Can You Back up WhatsApp without Google Drive?

    Yes. There are different ways in which a user can backup WhatsApp without Google Drive. These solutions include backup using SD Card, Email, and third-party applications like iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp). We will discuss all of these methods in detail. The reason to choose these methods to backup WhatsApp is that the user can access it and see all the files. Whereas with Google Drive backup, the only way to access the backup is by restoring it; otherwise, the user cannot see or access the WhatsApp backup.

    Part 2. How to Backup WhatsApp without Google Drive

    1) Backup WhatsApp using an SD Card

    The first method that we will discuss for backing up WhatsApp without Google Drive is through SD Card. It is a local backup made by WhatsApp, which can be useful in the future or when you need to access the data. It is a great alternative to Google Drive, and it doesn’t require any internet connection or anything. But your SD Card should have sufficient space to cater to the WhatsApp backup.

    Here are the steps which the user can follow to backup WhatsApp using an SD Card.

    Step 1: On your Android device, open WhatsApp. Go to “Settings > Chats > Chat Backup”.

    Step 2: Here, you will see an option of “Backup to Google Drive”, click on it and choose “Never”. It will disable the automatic WhatsApp backup to Google Drive.

    backup whatsapp without google drive

    Step 3: Tap on “Backup” under the label “Local backup”. WhatsApp will backup the data to your SD card.

    how to backup whatsapp without google drive

    This backup is accessible to the user, but the SD Card will only be able to hold the WhatsApp backup for the last seven days. It is because you have turned off automatic Google Drive updates. Try to create a backup after every seven days.

    2) Backup WhatsApp using Email

    Another method to backup WhatsApp without Google Drive is via email. WhatsApp allows the user to create a backup of an individual chat or group chat and export it to the email. When in need, the user can download this chat. This chat can include media files if you want. Follow these steps to export chat using email.

    Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your Android device. Go to “Settings > Chats > Chat History”.

    Step 2: Here, you will see an option of “Export Chat”. Tap on it. Now, you need to select the chats that you want to backup through email. The user will be asked if he wants to include media or want to create a backup without media. Choose any of the options.

    how to backup whatsapp chat without google drive

    Step 3: An email will be generated with the selected chat (with or without media). The user can enter the recipient and send it. In this way, the chat can be exported or backed up using the WhatsApp feature of exporting chat using email.

    how to backup whatsapp messages without google drive

    Part 3. Reliable Way to Backup WhatsApp without Google Drive

    The third and final way to backup WhatsApp without Google Drive is through a third-party app which is iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp). It is a perfect WhatsApp tool that works for both backup and restoring WhatsApp data.

    RecoverGo (WhatsApp) works for both Android and iOS operating systems, so it takes a lot of tension out of the air. Besides creating a backup, it Can recover deleted WhatsApp data, including chats, photos, videos, documents, and call logs as well. It has a high success rate and is compatible with a large number of phones. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that enables the user to take full advantage of the tool. Below are the steps to create a backup using this powerful software.

    Secure Download

    Step 1: Install the software on your computer, open the tool and connect your phone. Click on “Backup and view WhatsApp data” as we want to create a WhatsApp backup.

    how to backup whatsapp messages without google drive 2

    Step 2: Click on “Backup Now” to create a new and latest backup. Choose the WhatsApp account of which you want to create a backup and unlock your phone.

    backup whatsapp messages without google drive 2

    Step 3: It will take a few minutes to backup your WhatsApp data. The user can then view the backup by clicking on it. Click on the “View” button to continue accessing your WhatsApp backup.

    backup whatsapp messages without google drive 3

    With only 3 steps you can easily backup your WhatsApp on your computer without Google Drive. Compares to the first two methods, this is much easier and faster. Storing WhatsApp data on your computer is also a safe way to ensure that your data is not lost. Give it a try now!


    Q1: Can you back up WhatsApp to OneDrive?

    Yes. Anyone can backup WhatsApp to OneDrive, but it is a complex process. When you create a local backup, WhatsApp creates different and special folders for all the chats and media. OneDrive can be synced to the mobile phone, and automatic backup can be enabled to backup WhatsApp to OneDrive.

    Q2: Will I lose my WhatsApp conversations if I change phones?

    No. This is why the backup exists. Backup helps the user preserve all the chats, including media files. The user can follow any of the backup methods explained in the article to create a backup of their WhatsApp without Google Drive. Google Drive is also a good option but having other options is better. Try using iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp) to backup and view your WhatsApp data.

    Q3: Can I backup WhatsApp on WhatsApp Web?

    No. WhatsApp Web only provides the user the facility to chat with friends or family using a computer. It is not more than that. The backup will still occur or take place using the smartphone. For both Android and iOS users, WhatsApp Web does not allow or offer any kind of backup.


    Keeping a backup of WhatsApp is very important. There are different ways other than Google Drive to backup WhatsApp. It includes using an SD Card, email, or even third-party applications to backup WhatsApp data. However, local backup on SD Card and export chat feature through email is a WhatsApp service. iToolab RecoverGo (WhatsApp) is a third-party data recovery and backup tool for WhatsApp. It makes sure your data is safe, and the backup can be restored when needed. Download this tool now and create a backup of WhatsApp with ease.

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