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Fully Explained: How to Create WhatsApp Link without Showing Number?


    What is the idea behind the WhatsApp link? Well, it is the finest method for businesses to communicate with the target audience without showing their number. Users can generate a unique WhatsApp link using the App and use that link for a business campaign to reach a wider audience.

    In this article we will guide you on how to create WhatsApp link without showing number and also introduce you with the best WhatsApp generator available online that you can use to create WhatsApp links without adding your number.

    Is It Possible to Create WhatsApp Link without Showing Number?

    Unfortunately, no phone number is part of the link, and users must provide their WhatsApp number to create a short link. The number that you have used to create the WhatsApp link will be visible to everyone. However, if you only want to hide the number from the link, you can use an address-shortening service. These services can easily shorten the WhatsApp link and hide your number from the link.

    How to Create WhatsApp Link without Adding Number?

    How do I create a short URL for WhatsApp? If you want to generate a WhatsApp link without adding a number, then we have just the right tools for you. With the help of below WhatsApp link generators, you can easily create your links without showing your phone details. Isn’t it amazing?

    1. Sleekflow

    Looking for a way to generate a WhatsApp link? Then look no further because we have just the right tool for you. Sleekflow is an amazing tool that helps you to generate a WhatsApp short link in 3 simple steps. With the help of this program, users can now easily create WhatsApp links, allowing customers to initiate a conversation on WhatsApp without saving a number. The process to create a WhatsApp link with this program is simple and straightforward, making it the best option for beginners and non-tech users.


    • Sleekflow allows you to generate your WhatsApp link and QR code
    • Allows you to create a WhatsApp link in 3 simple steps
    • Share QR codes and WhatsApp on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and more
    • Generate WhatsApp link and QR code for free
    • Simple and Straightforward interface, best for beginners

    Cons: None to this date.

    2. Chatfuel

    Create a direct WhatsApp link with a pre-filled message via Chatfuel. Yes, you have heard it right. With this tool, users can create a WhatsApp link with a personalized message and share it with their followers across social media platforms. WhatsApp users can also get the verified green badge with Chatfuel. The good thing about this software is that it is integrated with ChatGPT, which maximizes WhatsApp number potential, enhances customer engagement, and more.

    Pros :

    • Create a WhatsApp link with a personalized message.
    • Free to use.
    • Share WhatsApp links on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, X, and more.
    • Integrated with ChatGPT, allowing users to enhance customer engagement.
    • Easy-to-use interface.

    Cons: A bit expensive compared to other WhatsApp link generator.

    3. SendPluse

    As we all know, initiating a new WhatsApp conversation can irritate new users when they must find the phone number, save it, and type a new message. However, a ready-made link reduces this process to a single click. SendPluse allows WhatsApp users to create a short link of their number, which they can share with other users. By clicking the link created by SendPluse, users can easily start a conversation without saving the number. Further, a pre-made message helps start a conversation with ease.


    • Allows you to generate WhatsApp links with ease.
    • No professional help is required to use the program.
    • Allows you to add personalized messages and customize them later.
    • Verified with the official WhatsApp Business API provider.
    • Analytic and tracking features to track opens and clicks.

    Cons: To use the advanced feature, you have to purchase a SendPluse subscription.

    4. W.App

    W.App is another WhatsApp link and QR code generator that is available online. It’s a web-based program that allows you to create WhatsApp links easily. Moreover, it enables users to create customized branded links and customized colors and shapes of QR codes. Users can also add fully customized messages with this program. Further, you will be able to keep track of how many people visit your link, from where, and on what date.


    • Allows you to create branded WhatsApp links.
    • Offers option to customize the link and OR code color and shapes.
    • No coding is required to use the program.
    • Keeps record of how many people visit your link from where and on what date.

    Cons: Sign-up is required to use the program

    5. DelightChat

    The last tool on our list is DelightChat, which allows users to create WhatsApp links that they can easily share with their customers and reach a wider audience. This tool is an online program, meaning no downloading is required for DelightChat.

    Pros :

    • Easily create a WhatsApp link with only the phone number.
    • Pre-filled messages are also added.
    • Easy-to-use interface.
    • No professional skill is required to use the program.

    Cons: No advanced features are included in the free version.

    FAQs about WhatsApp Link and Sharing

    If you want to know more about WhatsApp link and sharing, check out the section below to clear all your doubts.

    1. Can I share my WhatsApp without a phone number?

    Yes, you can share WhatsApp without using a personal phone number; you can create a WhatsApp link or QR code and share it with others.

    2. How to link WhatsApp to another phone without phone number?

    WhatsApp allows users to link a new phone to their primary account without needing a phone number. To do so, go to WhatsApp settings and select the link a device option. Then, scan the QR code on the new phone.

    3. How do I forward a link from WhatsApp?

    To forward a WhatsApp link, copy the link you have generated and send it to any WhatsApp chat. Press and hold on to the link and select the share option. Choose the platform to which you want to share the WhatsApp link.

    4. How do I share my WhatsApp account with someone?

    Use the link a device feature on WhatsApp to share an account with someone.


    WhatsApp links are the new trend. Now, individuals and businesses are using WhatsApp links to communicate with their audience. In this guide we have provided you with the best method on how to create WhatsApp link without showing phone number. Along with that, we have also introduced some apps that you can use to create WhatsApp links.

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