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Chat to Click WhatsApp: How to Use with 3 Ways


    The Click-to-Chat WhatsApp feature helps different businesses create links that redirect customers to their WhatsApp accounts. It is a highly recommended feature for those who want to communicate and promote their work.

    click to chat whatsapp

    WhatsApp asks you to save a new person’s number and name when you message them, but with the click-to-chat WhatsApp feature, you don’t have to follow this process.

    But what is this feature, and how can it help increase one-on-one engagement? Continue reading this article, as we will tell you everything about it.

    Part 1. What is Click to Chat WhatsApp for?

    WhatsApp click to chat allows you to open WhatsApp chat using the link. This feature is used by many brands who want to improve sales and attract more customers.

    However, to use this feature, you must create a link and leave a WhatsApp button on your website. The good news is that WhatsApp provides you with two different methods that you can use to add WhatsApp click to chat button, so you don’t have to put in any extra effort.

    Having WhatsApp click to chat on a website offers many benefits. Some of the top ones are discussed below.

    • With this feature, you can reach almost two billion people around the world.
    • The click-to-chat feature is beneficial for those who want to increase engagement and attract more customers.
    • WhatsApp is a secure platform that provides an end-to-end encrypted feature, which means you don’t have to worry about conversations.
    • You can chat with your customers for 72 hours without worrying about anything.
    • Thanks to WhatsApp click-to-chat links, you don’t need to follow extra steps to save the numbers.
    • WhatsApp offers the best customer experience as compared to other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

    Part 2. How to Use Click to Chat WhatsApp Link on Social Media?

    Using WhatsApp click to chat link on your social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is simple and allows you to improve your customer engagement. Here is how you can add this link on these platforms.

    1. Click to Chat on WhatsApp on Instagram

    You can easily add the Click to Chat WhatsApp button to your Instagram by going to the Settings section of your WhatsApp application. From there, you can choose the “Facebook & Instagram” option and choose the “Instagram” option. After that, you can paste your desired link and click the “Add” button. Soon your click to chat WhatsApp button will be added on Instagram.

    How to Create WhatsApp Link on Instagram

    2. Create WhatsApp Link on Facebook

    To connect your page and WhatsApp account, go to your Facebook application and look for menu options. From there, choose the page where you want to add the button and click the “Settings & Privacy” option.

    Next, click the “Settings” button and look for the “Permissions” button. You will see the “Linked Accounts” option, so choose the “WhatsApp” button. Select your country code and enter your WhatsApp business number. Now, follow the instructions on your screen to connect the device.

    3. Make WhatsApp Link on Twitter

    Go to your Twitter app and click the “Edit Profile” option. Now, go to your bio, type Click to Chat WhatsApp and place the link with it. Don’t forget to generate your WhatsApp link where you want to redirect all the users.

    By following all these simple steps you can create click to chat on WhatsApp links and direct your customers to your other social media accounts.

    Part 3. How Do I Add WhatsApp Chat Button to My Website?

    Adding Whatsapp click to chat on a website is a simple process if you follow the right steps. Below, we have mentioned how you can add a WhatsApp chat button to your websites.

    1. How to Create WhatsApp Click to Chat Link on the Website

    Here are some simple steps that you can follow to create a WhatsApp click-to-chat link on your website.

    Step 1. First create your own link using the format. Here you have to add your own number “+1 (555) 123-4567”. If you need to generate link with a pre-filled message, use format.

    Step 2. Once you have generated the links, use the HTML code to get the WhatsApp chat button on your website. You can check this link to get the HTML code.

    Step 3. Paste your WhatsApp link using the button, and you are good to go.

    2. You Can Get Customer Support, Marketing, and Sales

    There are many other benefits of using WhatsApp click to chat link on your website. Apart from contacting, it offers many other things, such as:

    • You can use this WhatsApp link to improve your customer support. That means you can ask customers to provide you feedback, rate your product and more.
    • You can improve your Marketing strategies, such as engaging with your audience and telling them about your new products, promotions and the latest news about your upcoming products. You can also share promo codes with them.
    • Using WhatsApp is the best way to improve Sales as you can sell your products in no time. You can get ideas about product prices and latest trends.

    Part 4. 3 Chat to Click WhatsApp Apps Recommended

    If you want to try some new apps to generate the links, here are the top recommended click to chat WhatsApp apps that you can use this year.

    1. Click to Chat (Android)

    Android users can try the Click to Chat application to generate WhatsApp links with one-click. This app is downloaded by 10 million users and has a positive rating on Google Play Store. It is a lightweight app and is compatible with all Android devices.

    2. Instant Click To Chat (Android)

    Instant Click To Chat is another Android application with almost 1 million downloads. You just have to download the app, add your phone number along with a text and you are good to go. You can use this app to share any direct link with your phone number.

    3. Direct Message: Click to Chat (iOS)

    The last app in our list is Direct Message: Click to Chat that is especially designed for iPhone users. It lets you chat with anyone without saving their numbers. It is 100% secure and available for all the latest iOS devices.

    Part 5. Can I Use WhatsApp Click to Chat Send Image/Media Files

    Currently, WhatsApp Click to Chat does not allow the direct sending of images or media files using the URL. The Click to Chat feature is designed for sending text messages only. That means you can only send the plain text, not the images and media files.


    Click to Chat on WhatsApp is a useful feature that allows users to start a WhatsApp conversation with someone without saving their phone number in their contacts. It uses a URL to directly open a chat with a specific phone number and a pre-filled message.

    With this feature, you can do lots of things that we have discussed above. Also, there are many apps available that help you generate the click to chat WhatsApp links with one-click.

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