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All You Should Know About Bumble Travel Mode

What is travel mode on Bumble? Although Bumble is strict about location, the team behind the app understands that humans are rarely stationary. Travel mode allows users to establish their position in a different city for up to seven days. Unfortunately, you cannot set an exact location. Bumble will “drop” you right in the middle … read more

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Is There A Default Screen Time Passcode on iOS 14/13/12?

Our modern technology habits are getting worse year after year. We are now more dependent on it than we were before and that has resulted in us always sticking to our screens like glue. Children are even more susceptible to this screen addiction due to activities like reading, texting or scrolling social media. Previously iphone … read more

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What Happens If I Reset My iPhone 12/11/XR

The Apple iPhone is known for its instinctive and clever interface which makes managing complex operations on your phone much easier than most other devices. That’s why there are more and more iOS users in the world. However, if you want to give your iPhone to your family or have some system issues need to … read more

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New! 100% Working Way for iOS 15 Beta Messed Up iPhone

It is always highly recommended to update your devices regularly, but some Apple users find issues after updating iOS beta. Some of them are minor problems while others are far more problematic. These issues may be like downloading and installation errors, Face ID problems, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, Auto-brightness issues, bugs, crashes, and the problem with … read more

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How to Turn on Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone And Android

The dark mode is quite beneficial for users with an eye problems and even normal users prefer to have it. Most people turn dark mode on at night to prevent light side effects. The dark mode reduces eye strain, saves your phone’s battery, and keeps you awake at night without emitting high-intensity light. People often … read more

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iPhone Apps Not Working? Here are How to Fix

“AlBilad Bank App is not working with iOS 14 beta” — From an Apple user on Community Sometimes, you may encounter this quotation when trying to log in to your AlBilad app ID through your iOS 14. It is a common problem that may occur when using this facility by AlBilad bank. However, if you … read more

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