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3 Ways to Fix Huawei Factory Reset not Working

Like most other Android phones, Huawei also tends to become more susceptible to lag when used for an extended period. This is a universal problem, and even if you are a die-hard Android fan, this is one issue you can not deny. Users have complained of having problems with the phone becoming unresponsive, slow speed, … read more

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How to Fix “Your Device Has Failed Verification” Error

Many users have reported that their Huawei P30/P20 lite devices have failed verification errors, and no matter what they do, the pop-up does not get away. In fact, users have reported that shutting down the device or going to recovery mode does not solve the problem. But in this article, we will show you the … read more

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Best 3 Ways to Fix Huawei Black Screen of Death

Huawei’s black screen of death is referred to as an error where the screen seemingly turns black and unresponsive. Although, at first instance, you may think it is a hardware problem, but in most cases, it has nothing to do with your display and is totally a software issue. It can also be a faulty … read more

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Huawei Emergency Backup not Working? 2 Best Ways!

“Hey, I am trying to open Huawei Emergency backup on my device, but I have noticed that it is not working. Besides, I have tried the factory reset method, but it takes me back to the welcome screen. Is there any way to fix it?” Huawei phones are user-friendly and offer various features when it … read more

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BEST 4 Ways to Fix Huawei Touch Screen not Working

Is your Huawei touch screen not working? You’re not alone! This is a common issue faced by many users. Not only will you see this problem in Huawei, but you have to face it with other devices. Hence, learning some basic tips and tricks is necessary to easily fix your touch screen. But before we … read more

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[iOS 16 Released] Should I Upgrade iOS 16 Now or Wait?

Touchdown! Apple iOS 16 was released for users worldwide on Sep 12th. The updates bring a plethora of new features, functionality, and important security fixes. But there also reveal some bugs in the new releases, and upgrading now is a risk. Wondering knows should you upgrade to iOS 16 now or wait. Now read this … read more

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How to Enter BIOS Menu in 3 Simple Ways

We are always talking about the new updates and features but tend to ignore the most important yet basic components of the computer. After pressing the power button of your PC, BIOS is the very first operation that is responsible for loading your OS and other essential configurations. Common users generally find it confusing to … read more

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Windows 11 22H2 Release Preview

Microsoft rolled out its latest version of Windows – Windows 11, in October 2021. This version has a lot of advancements and is more modern and performance-oriented. And although it is the latest Windows version, Microsoft is still trying to make it better by introducing updates. One such updated version of Windows 11 is Windows 11 … read more

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Windows 11 VS Windows 10, Should I Upgrade It Now?

Should I upgrade to Windows 11? — From Reddit Upgrading to the latest Windows 11 has been one of the top questions that people with Windows PCs have in their mind as Windows 11 22H2 is coming. Many hesitant people do not want to upgrade their Windows 10 PCs to Windows 11. Here, you must … read more

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