Easy Way to Fix iPhone Randomly Vibrates for No Reason


    Hi, I am facing a usual predicament where my device is vibrating unintentionally after I have recently updated iOS to the latest viable version. How can I fix it?

    iphone randomly vibrates

    This apparently has nothing to do with whether you have been using your iPhone for a while or if you just got yourself a brand new one with a fully updated iOS. For instance, you might not even have any applications running in the background but for some reason you find your iphone randomly vibrating all the same. These ghost vibrations could sure feel like a nuisance to some users. Imagine if you’re at a meeting or attending to an important call and your iPhone goes off. Let’s find out what is the cause and what we can do to deal with it.

    Why Does My iPhone Vibrate for No Reason?

    Your iPhone, just like all other phones, has a few basic functions like notifying you in case of new emails, calls or messages which usually involves a ringtone or a vibration setting. These are common reasons why your iPhone might be vibrating randomly:

    Reason 1. An uncommon instance could be when your device was unfortunate enough to get wet. This would require manual tampering or immediate repairs.

    Reason 2. If you notice that your iPhone keeps on vibrating during specific activities like when on charge. It could be so that you have a faulty USB cable or charger. This issue has a more immediate solution such as replacing your charge and/or cable as soon as possible.

    Reason 3. iPhone could still be vibrating randomly with a reasonable explanation at its back, which is why in some cases there are device settings set on vibrate or applications that alter your pre-sets by default.

    This problem can also be caused by bugs in new iOS systems, such as iOS 15 beta. I’ve seen some iOS users discussing this issue in the Apple community. In such case, you can try a professional iOS system tool to fix the problem.

    How to Fix iPhone Randomly Vibrates in 3 Steps

    As far as the oversaturated internet goes, there may be only a handful of truly reliable software service providers that can claim to repair issues like your iphone randomly vibrating. The iToolab FixGo, which is compatible all the way upto the latest iOS 15 and is a go-to reliable iphone remedy.

    Here is the standard procedure you can follow to bring a permanent stop on any future iphone random vibrations or glitches. FixGo will help you identify the problem and prescribe the solution to you instantly.

    Step 1: Connect to your Computer

    Launch FixGo once you install it on your PC. When you are in the main screen, click on “Standard Mode”.

    iphone randomly vibrates fixgo

    Now, use your device’s lightning cable to connect it to your computer. Once detected, click “Fix Now” option.

    phone randomly vibrates fixgo

    Step 2: Download Firmware Package

    Download the latest firmware by clicking on “Browse” in order to ascertain the appropriate pathway then click on “Download”.

    why does my phone randomly vibrate fixgo

    Step 3: Now get on with fixing the issue

    Now that you have your issue discovered and firmware downloaded, click on the “Repair Now” option to begin correcting the issue. Wait for the process to complete. It will take only a few minutes.

    why does my phone vibrate randomly fixgo

    Free Ways to Fix the iPhone Vibrates for No Reason

    If you are still hesitant from using a software service to fix your iphone randomly vibrating then rest assured that there are other free, quick and easy methods to solve the problem.

    1. Hard Reset: Let’s get done with the obvious. Hard Resetting your iPhone involves a combination volume up button and power button or volume down button, depending on the model of iphone.
    2. Close all background apps: Your phone maybe vibrating because there are too many active applications running in the background which are receiving notifications.
    3. Update your iOS version: Often obsolete or backdated iOS versions can get affected by bugs in its system. Just go to “General” settings and click on “Software Update”.
    4. Try Restarting your iphone: Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best and restarting your iphone could do the trick just as easily.
    5. Use iPhone Recovery Mode: Restoring your iphone through Recovery Mode can deal with any and all temporary software glitches. Connect your iphone to your computer and launch iTunes then follow the on screen instructions.


    Your iphone is regularly updated and highlights various contingencies that are meant to help you through all technical difficulties. You need not face any hassle while trying to solve a problem on your iphone like it randomly vibrating for no reason by using iToolab FixGo. It is equipped with all the necessary tools you would ever need. Irrespective of that, follow the easy methods recommended above to fix your iphone randomly vibrating issue.

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