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How to Avoid And Remove Pokemon Go Soft Ban Time?


    Pokemon Go is still going strong after five years, with players to this day being obsessed and coming up with ideas on how they can catch their favorite Pokemon. However, many players try to cheat their way into the game, which triggers the soft ban. In this article, we will discuss Pokemon Go soft ban time and how players should do to avoid getting soft ban!

    What Actions Will Trigger Pokemon Go Soft Ban Time?

    Niantic has been implementing a soft ban on Pokémon Go players to discourage them from playing while driving. The program’s outcome doesn’t make you actually disappear, and getting multiple strikes will not result in an account suspension unless there are other violations such as GPS spoofing or exploiting glitches in gameplay.

    Those violations can lead these penalties down the road towards harsher punishments for repeat offenders. When you get soft banned in Pokemon Go, you won’t be able to catch any Pokemon and win gym battles.

    If you wish to avoid the soft ban, it is wise to avoid the following actions when you use a spoofer to go to a new location:

    • Catch a wild Pokemon
    • Placing a Pokemon in the gym
    • Feeding a berry to a wild Pokemon
    • Catching a shadow Pokemon
    • Spinning a Pokestop beyond the limit

    The Pokemon Go soft ban duration varies depending on the severity and type of offense committed. For example, playing Pokémon Go as a passenger in someone’s car or vehicle will result in an extremely brief punishment. At the same time, account sharing may be punished with up to 120 minutes worth of prohibition from using the game app.

    How to Avoid Pokemon Go Soft Ban Time?

    Using iToolab AnyGo, you can spoof without any risk of getting soft banned. It has a feature called the Auto Cooldown. It gives the user a countdown timer whenever they change location within a short time span and sets it according to how far apart those two locations are. Typically, the cooldown timer depends on how much you have teleported in the past hour. However, it can vary from 1 minute to 2 hours. This way, there won’t be too much activity before someone gets banned for violating their terms agreement with Pokemon Go.

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    Moreover, the software lets you simulate the GPS movement along any entered path at a walking speed. You can spoof the iPhone to multiple locations at the same time as well. iToolab works on the latest iOS 15 and runs on Windows and macOS desktops.

    📖 Here is how you can play Pokemon Go and teleport to any location with iToolab AnyGo:

    Step 1: Install and launch the program, and at the same time, connect the iPhone with your computer using a USB cable. Click on Start to access the current location of the iPhone.

     Pokemon Go soft ban AnyGo main window

    Step 2: Once the tool displays the present location, verify it. If it is not correct, then click on the Center On button to fix the issue.

     Pokemon Go soft ban iToolab AnyGo map

    Step 3: Click on Teleport and enter the location you want to teleport by hitting search.

     Pokemon Go soft ban select the new location

    Step 4: As soon as AnyGo sets the new location, verify it, and click on the Go tab to teleport there to play Pokemon Go and interact with new trainers.

     Pokemon Go soft ban spoof the iphone location

    How to Deal with Soft Banned in Pokemon Go?

    If you are soft banned in Pokemon Go, you can apply a few steps to remove the restrictions. We will share the tips in this section.

    How to Deal with Soft Banned

    1. How to Remove Pokemon Go Soft Ban Time?

    You can create a new account after getting the soft ban on Pokemon Go. After accessing the new account, uninstall Pokemon Go from your smartphone, and reinstall it. Now, use the banned account’s details to sign in to the game. This way, the ban will be removed.

    2. How to Get Unbanned From Pokemon Go?

    The best method to get unbanned from Pokemon Go is going to the Pokestop and spinning the coin about 40 times continuously until the Pokestop’s color turns purple. Moreover, you can check if the ban is lifted by catching a wild Pokemon; if you are able to grab it, it means that the ban is lifted.

    FAQs about Pokemon Go Soft Ban Time

    Q1: What is Pokemon Go soft ban duration?

    The duration of the soft ban lasts about 12 hours. After that period, try catching a Pokemon. If the process is successful, then Pokemon Go has lifted the ban.

    Q2: Can you trade while soft banned?

    Yes, you can trade while being soft banned, as trading with someone doesn’t count towards any violation.

    Q3: How to check if you’ve been soft banned?

    Check the following things to verify if you have been soft banned or not:

    1. Every wild Pokemon will flee whenever you try to catch it.
    2. You can not loot from PokeStops.


    Playing games like Pokemon Go is all about having a good time. However, it could quickly ruin the mood if you face a soft ban. Nevertheless, you can apply the solutions mentioned in this article to resolve the issue. Moreover, now you know all about the Pokemon Go soft ban time. Still, with iToolab AnyGo, you can prevent yourself from getting banned, thanks to the new Auto Cooldown Timer feature.

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