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Evelyn Hutton has a Master's Degree in Computer and Software Technology over six years of professional writing and editing experience. She always thrives on looking for solutions to iPhone/ iPads' problems, best tips for Pokemon Go, and sharing her knowledge with readers.
How to Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Overheating?

Apple has made huge highlights in the market when they announced the launch of the iPhone 13 max pro in September last year. iPhone 13 max pro is the advanced version of its predecessor and the most expensive smartphone available in the current market. However, soon after the launch, many buyers have reported a heating issue … read more

Evelyn Hutton


What to Do When YouTube Videos Are Not Playing?

“I’ve been encountering problems watching videos with YouTube lately. Whenever I open YouTube on my iPhone and click on a video it suddenly stops. Please, what’s the cause of this problem, and how can I resolve it because the fact I’ve been unable to access my YouTube page in the last few days really sucks.” … read more

Evelyn Hutton


How to Stop Pokemon Go Crashing? Read This Guide

“Pokemon Go keeps crashing on my iOS device whenever I open the app to play. What seems to be the issue behind it? Moreover, how to stop Pokemon Go from crashing as I have tried everything to fix it?” — From Pokemon Go Community It doesn’t matter if the application is Pokemon Go or any … read more

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Why Is My Cellular Data Not Working? How to Fix?

Internet has become like water and air to breathe for all of us. We cannot imagine even a single day without the internet. But when cellular data not working issue takes place, we feel annoyed and look out for all the possible solutions available around us. Well, if this is happening to you, just stay tuned to … read more

Evelyn Hutton


Pachirisu Pokemon Go Location Information And Guidelines

“How to catch Pachirisu in Pokemon Go? The creature is incredibly resourceful, but hard to find the game. Is there any Pachirisu Pokemon Go location information available to make catching it easier?” — From Pokemon Go Community Many Pokemon Go players have raised the concern that Pachirisu is difficult to find, and that is for … read more

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iPhone Dropping Calls in iOS 15/14? Try Quick Fixes

While in the middle of some important phone call, it is very irritating if the call gets dropped. If your iPhone drops call once in a while, there is nothing to worry about because it might be due to telecommunication signal problems. But if your iPhone keeps dropping calls more than often, you will certainly be … read more

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Grindr Fake GPS Not Working? Solve It ASAP

Grindr is a great way to meet people in your area, but what if you are unable to find the right partner and need more space? If that’s the case, you can use a fake GPS resource to look for potential partners in different locations. However, one thing worth noting about using fake GPS locations … read more

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What to Do If Your iPhone Stuck on Silent Mode

When your iPhone is stuck on silent mode, there is no need to panic! Often the simplest solutions are the most efficient. Then again, if that does not work out there are also more definitive contingencies also in place. Anyhow, your iPhone is a device, which is very important to you for several reasons, but … read more

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How to Prepare for Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2022?

“When is the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour in 2022 going to happen? Moreover, how to prepare for the highly rewarding Pokemon Spotlight Hour?” — From Pokemon Go Community Time after time, Pokemon Go rolls out events and packages for the Pokemon trainers to get rewards and increase their rank in the game. The Pokemon Go … read more

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2022 Pokemon Go GPS Spoof No Root [Android & iOS]

“How to do Pokemon Go GPS spoof with no root & jailbreak? I wish to spoof my device’s location while playing Pokemon Go to access different rewards and utilize other opportunities. However, all Pokemon Go spoofers that I have come across require me to root or jailbreak my phone. Is it possible to do Pokemon … read more

Evelyn Hutton