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The Ultimate Guide: How to Get A Gym in Pokemon Go? [Update]


    Embarking on a quest to claim Gyms in Pokemon Go? This guide unveils strategic insights on how to get a Gym in Pokemon Go, offering distinct methods to seize and control these crucial locations. Whether exploring official apps, leveraging mapping tools or employing innovative solutions like iToolab AnyGo, these tactics ensure mastery in Gym acquisition, empowering trainers to dominate territories and reap the rewards of Gym leadership.

    Dive into this comprehensive guide to elevate your Pokemon Go journey and establish yourself as a formidable Gym Leader.

    What Are Pokemon Go Gyms

    In the Pokemon Go realm, Gyms stand as pivotal locations where trainers showcase their prowess. These arenas function as battle arenas where teams clash to claim dominion. Gyms accommodate up to six Pokemon defenders, guarding against rival teams’ onslaughts. The essence of Gyms lies in their competitive spirit, fostering battles to secure control. Successfully holding a Gym entails maintaining the defenders’ motivation by strategic treat-giving.

    Rewards for Gym conquests include items, stardust, and XP. They symbolize power hubs, enabling CP boosts, and offering an avenue for trainers to exhibit their Pokemon’s strength. Gyms epitomize the competitive aspect of Pokemon Go, serving as coveted territories where trainers test their mettle and vie for supremacy.

    what are pokemon go gyms

    3 Ways about How to Get A Gym in Pokemon Go

    In this section we’ll explore three methods to discover Gyms in Pokemon Go. These paths involve leveraging PogoMap, utilizing the Official App, and tapping into the Ingress Map. Let’s uncover how these options help us locate Gyms in the game.

    Way 1. Getting A Gym via PogoMap

    When it comes to discovering Pokemon Gyms in Pokemon Go, PogoMap stands out as a reliable resource, particularly for dedicated enthusiasts. PogoMap, a third-party platform, aggregates data from users worldwide to present a comprehensive map of Gym locations. This tool is instrumental for players aiming to scout Gyms across various regions. To make use of PogoMap and locate these coveted Gym spots:

    • Begin by accessing the official PogoMap website, which serves as the hub for Gym exploration.
    • Sign in using your preferred social accounts to unlock the map’s features.
    • Sign in using your preferred social accounts to unlock the map’s features.

    pokemon go scanner pogomap

    Way 2. Getting A Gym via the Official App

    When it comes to discovering Pokemon Gyms within the Pokemon Go app itself, a recent update has introduced an innovative map feature, making Gym locations more accessible based on earned Gym Badges. Here’s a simple guide to utilizing this built-in functionality:

    • Start by tapping on the trainer profile icon located on the main screen of the Pokemon Go app.
    • Scroll down within the profile settings and locate the “Gym Badges” section, then tap on “List” to view the collection of badges earned.
    • Utilize the map icon, prominently placed within the app, enabling users to explore nearby Gym locations based on their earned Gym Badges.

    getting a gym via official app

    Way 3. Getting A Gym via Ingress Map

    Pokemon Go’s Gym locations draw heavily from Ingress, Niantic Labs’ earlier game. Ingress players contributed location data to create a global map that points to landmarks and places of interest. This same data serves as Gym locations in Pokemon Go:

    • Install the Ingress app and create an account.
    • Log in to the Ingress website to access their extensive intel map, showcasing notable spots globally.
    • Utilize browser extensions like those for Chrome and Firefox to identify Gyms specifically related to Pokemon Go.
    • Engage with the Pokemon Go community by contributing to a collaborative Google map detailing Gym locations worldwide, assisting in the map’s population and enhancement.

    getting a gym via ingress map

    How Do You Get A Gym in Pokemon Go At Home

    Looking to access Pokemon Go Gyms without stepping out? But how do you get a Gym in Pokemon Go? Discover the power of iToolab AnyGo for a seamless gameplay experience. This cutting-edge location spoofing software empowers players to transcend physical boundaries, teleporting effortlessly to desired global locations.

    Compatible with the latest iOS, iPhone, Windows, and Mac systems, AnyGo offers the ultimate solution to remotely access gyms and discover rare Pokemon. Opting for iToolab AnyGo revolutionizes gameplay, enabling users to simulate walking routes or teleport instantly to coveted spots. With AnyGo, delve into a world of enhanced Pokemon Go exploration and elevate your gaming adventure.

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    • Fully support the latest iOS 17/Android 14.

    Step 1 Download and launch AnyGo on your PC. Connect your iPhone and click Start.

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    Step 2 Access Teleport, input your preferred location, and hit Search.

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    Step 3 Once the location is confirmed, click Go to instantly teleport there.

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    Also Know: How Do I Battle in A Gym in Pokemon Go

    In Pokemon Go, battling at Gyms is a crucial aspect of gameplay, offering opportunities to vie for control and earn rewards. To engage in Gym battles, approach a Gym of a rival team and tap it to initiate a battle. You’ll assemble a team of up to six Pokemon to challenge the defenders and aim to claim the Gym for your team. During the battle, utilize three types of actions: perform Fast Attacks by tapping the screen, execute Charged Attacks when the meter is full, and dodge opponent attacks by swiping left or right. Win rounds by reducing the opponent’s Pokemon HP to zero. Following each round, decide whether to continue or conclude the battle.

    To claim control of a Gym, defeat all the Pokemon defenders to make it open for your team. Approach the Gym, tap to enter, and assign a Pokemon from your collection to secure it. Strengthen friendly Gyms by feeding Berries to the defending Pokemon. Regularly interacting with Gyms allows you to participate in Raid Battles, earn Gym Badges, and collect valuable items like Poké Balls and Potions.


    The journey to claim Pokemon Go Gyms demands strategy, exploration, and tactical gameplay. A crucial question here stands: how to get a Gym in Pokemon Go? This comprehensive article has answered your query and illuminated the diverse avenues available to conquer Gyms, from leveraging PogoMap and the Official App to tapping into the Ingress Map.

    However, for trainers seeking an edge in Gym acquisition without stepping outdoors, iToolab AnyGo emerges as a game-changing solution. This cutting-edge location spoofing software offers a seamless experience, allowing players to transcend physical limitations and access Gyms effortlessly. Compatible across various platforms, AnyGo facilitates teleportation to desired global locations, enabling the discovery of rare Pokemon and elevating the gaming experience. Embrace iToolab AnyGo to redefine your Pokemon Go adventure, accessing Gyms from home and mastering the art of Gym leadership with ease.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q1. What Are the Different Gym Colors in Pokemon Go, and What Do They Signify?

    There are many different Gym colors in Pokemon Go and they signify different teams: Mystic (blue), Valor (red), and Instinct (yellow). Each color represents a specific team and signifies ownership of the Gym.

    Q2. Can I Change the Gym’s Team Control Once It’s Claimed By a Rival Team?

    There are many different Gym colors in Pokemon Go and they signify different teams: Mystic (blue), Valor (red), and Instinct (yellow). Each color represents a specific team and signifies ownership of the Gym.

    Q3. What Benefits Do Gym Leaders Enjoy in Pokemon Go?

    Gym Leaders in Pokemon Go enjoy benefits like earning PokéCoins and Stardust for each day their Pokemon defend the Gym. They also receive items from the Gym’s PokéStop.

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