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Must-Known: Top 10 Tips for Monster Hunter Now


    We all love to have the best video game collection on the outside. But when it is about choosing the best game, we should be aware of the tips that can help us succeed. This is also applicable to the Monster Hunter Now game.

    There is a chance that you might have tried to play it but were not able to play the game as you wanted. If so, don’t worry because, in this article, we will come up with several tips helpful in knowing how you can play this game easily. For sure, these Monster Hunter Now tips will help you to have an exciting experience. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

    Understand the Weapon Mechanics

    The very first Monster Hunter Now tip is to get to know more about your weapon. In Monster Hunter Now, every weapon is different in appearance, functionality, and combat style. When choosing a weapon, it’s about wielding it and understanding its unique playstyle and moveset. Understanding the weapon you choose will help you use it to its full potential in battle, making every slash, shot, or blow count.

    weapon mechanics

    Study Monster Behaviour

    The monsters in the game aren’t just the robots. They have a certain behaviour. Some certain patterns and behaviours predict their nature. When you study about them, you can know more about them. By keenly observing their mannerisms, you can anticipate when they might strike or expose a vulnerability. This lets you maximize your damage output and minimize the hits you take, making your hunts more efficient.

    Utilize the Environment

    Another important Monster Hunter Now tip is that the world of Monster Hunter Now is not only about monsters. There are so many things essential for you to have a look at. Whether it’s luring a beast into a trap or positioning explosive barrels for maximum impact, the surroundings can often turn the tide of a battle when used strategically.

    Upgrade Your Gear

    No hunter should be satisfied with their equipment throughout the game. As the challenges upgrade up, so should the quality of your armour and weapons. Upgrading ensures you stay ahead of the curve, boosting your defences against fierce monsters and enhancing your offensive capabilities to bring them down swiftly.

    upgrade gear

    Prepare for Hunts

    Next up Monster Hunter Now tip is that a successful hunt is as much about preparation as it is about execution. Before getting on a mission, arm yourself with essential supplies, from healing potions to traps. More importantly, do your homework on the monster—know its weak points and the type of damage it’s susceptible to, ensuring you’re not going blind.

    Team up with Friends

    Hunting alone has its thrills, but “Monster Hunter Now” truly shines when played cooperatively. By teaming up with friends, you can combine strategies, pool resources, and leverage the game’s multiplayer mechanics to take on even the most formidable monsters as a united force.

    solo hunt

    Master the Art of Dodging

    With monsters often unleashing devastating attacks, mastering dodging is paramount. It’s about more than just evading; it’s about understanding when to dodge and how far, ensuring you’re always out of harm’s way and ready to counter.

    art of dodging

    Use Your Palico Effectively

    On all the hunts, the Palico can be a valuable support, keep this Monster Hunter Now tip in mind while playing the game as this can be a real game changer. There are so many advantages, including offering to heal, drawing monster attention, and bolstering your abilities with buffs. By customizing their gear and skills to your preferences, you can forge a partnership where both Hunter and Palico play off each other’s strengths.


    Learn to Use Different Weapons

    Specialization has its advantages, but adaptability is a hunter’s greatest asset. By familiarizing yourself with various weapon types, you ensure you’re never at a disadvantage. Whether a monster is weak to blunt damage or requires a ranged approach, having an array of weapons at your disposal means you’re always equipped for the task.

    Patience Is Key

    This game will test your limits, pushing your skills and strategies to the edge. It’s not uncommon to face setbacks, whether failing a hunt or being bested by a particularly challenging monster. However, it’s essential to remember that every failure is a lesson. Every monster can be conquered with patience, persistence, and a willingness to learn.

    Also Know: How to Hunt More Monsters without Moving

    Well, apart from all these Monster Hunter Now tips, there is an option available to players where they can hunt more monsters without even moving from their location. This is possible by choosing the right teleporting tool. For it, we have iToolab AnyGo for you. This tool helps change the location on both Android and iOS devices, and there will be no problem in doing that as well.

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    Step-by-Step Tutorial

    Step 1 Install iToolab AnyGo and connect your device. Select the “Teleport Mode” icon to verify your present location, especially if it displays incorrectly.

    anygo for ios main interface

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    search address

    Step 3 Upon spotting the “GO” button on the map, tap it, and your location will shift to the selected place.

    teleport success anygo

    Final words

    In conclusion, this was all about the Monster Hunter Now tips that one can follow. Undeniably, this game requires cooperation, patience and some skills to compete in the game. Make sure you have all these and then become part of it. Along with it, teleporting location with iToolab AnyGo is also one of the best and safest options to consider. Just know how you can do it so that there will be no problem throughout the game!

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