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How to Catch 3 of the Transform Pokemon


    Niantic regularly introduces exciting challenges in Pokemon Go to maintain players’ interest and make the game more enjoyable. There are special events, field research tasks, and inspiring rewards to keep the game fresh and entertaining.

    One such challenge is to catch 3 of the transform Pokemon. It is a difficult challenge because the transform Pokemon is rare and extremely difficult to catch. Plus, you have to catch three of them, which increases the difficulty.

    In this article, we will explain what a transform Pokemon is, how to catch 3 of the transform Pokemon, transform Pokemon events, and everything else you need to know.

    Let’s begin with the basics.

    Part 1. What is Transform Pokemon in Pokemon GO

    Ditto is the transform Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It has the ability to disguise itself as other Pokemon. So, even if you encounter it, you won’t be able to know whether it is the Pokemon you are watching or Ditto. The only way to find out is to catch the Pokemon, and it will reveal its identity once you catch it successfully.

    It is the only Pokemon in the game that can change its appearance and transform into other Pokemon. That’s why catching it is extremely difficult. Secondly, its spawn rate or occurrence is quite slow. So, you have to wait for a long time and try harder with patience.

    There are also Shiny Dittos in Pokemon Go, but these are rarer than the normal ones. You have to travel a lot, and if you are lucky enough, you might catch one.

    Part 2. Pokemon Ditto Latest Disguise in 2024

    Dittos can transform themselves into different Pokemon, so you can’t figure out whether the Pokemon you have encountered is the same as it appears or Ditto.

    You might be thinking about keeping an eye on the Pokemon in which Ditto appears. Then, there will be a higher chance of getting it. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

    The problem is that Ditto can disguise itself as various Pokemon. There is a list of Pokemon in which Ditto can appear, but it changes every month.

    This November, Ditto can appear in the following disguises,

    • Diglett
    • Snubbull
    • Grimer
    • Starly
    • Corphish
    • Litleo
    • Tympole
    • Roggenrola

    Part 3. How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon GO

    Catching Ditto is difficult. But if you know the right way, there are higher chances of catching it. Here is how you can catch the transform Pokemon.

    Catch Every Potential Pokemon

    Ditto does not appear on the map in its own shape and appearance; it disguises itself. So, you should check the potential Pokemon, which are likely to be a disguise for Ditto. The list changes every month, so keep yourself updated. For this, you can check out the news and social media of Pokemon Go.

    Once you encounter a potential Pokemon, do not miss it. Try to catch all of them in the area, as anyone can be a Ditto. The more you catch, the higher the chances of getting it.

    Select the Right Location

    You need to catch as many potential Pokemon as you can, so it is a wise idea to visit such locations where you can find a higher number of Pokemon. These are crowded places like shopping centers, parks, amusement sites, and other popular places.

    Find all the possible disguises of Ditto wherever you go, and catch them. In crowded and popular places, there are higher chances of getting it.

    Attract Pokemon

    For getting Ditto, lure modules and incense can be very helpful. By using Lure, you can attract wild Pokemon around a Pokestop. It lasts for 30 minutes, and you will be able to catch more Pokemon in this time.

    Incense can also help you attract Pokemon to your location. Its fragrance attracts Pokemon, which makes it easier for you to catch more in a short time. It lasts for 60 minutes.

    Increase Chances of Getting a Ditto

    There are limited Pokemon in the area because of the spawn rate, so you can’t catch a Pokemon every minute, even if you use lure modules or incense. Secondly, it is extremely difficult to visit multiple crowded places, especially during an event. These hurdles prevent you from getting Dittos.

    Luckily, there is a solution. You can use iToolab AnyGo, which is a reliable location-spoofing tool for Pokemon. With this, you can instantly change your location to new and crowded places and catch more Pokemon without any hassle. Use it on a special event and spoof location to increase the chances of getting a Ditto.

    It also supports GPX route files. So, if there is any special place where players have found Dittos, you can import that GPX route file and play the game in the location. Most importantly, there is a cooldown timer in the app. It helps you keep track of your location spoofing and prevents you from doing it in excess.

    Let’s see how you can use iToolab AnyGo to get the transform Pokemon.

    Step 1 Download AnyGo from the official website and install it on your computer.Open the app and click Start.

    anygo main interface

    Step 2 Connect your iPhone or Android device to the computer and select iOS or Android on the app.

    connect device anygo

    Step 3 Once the app is ready, you will see a map. Select the Teleport mode. Enter the location of any crowded area in the search bar and click Search.

    anygo search address

    Step 4 The map will show you the selected area. Click Go to spoof the location. Now, you can open the Pokemon Go app and start playing the game. Use the Joystick to move on the map and visit different places to catch Pokemon.

    location change success

    Part 4. Pokemon GO Events to Get Ditto

    Dittos are most likely to be found in special events and research tasks. You have to keep yourself updated about the latest events through the official channels.

    April Fool Event

    Ditto makes players fool by transforming into other Pokemon. That is the reason its nature is ideal for the April Fool event. Pokemon Go has a history of increasing the Ditto spawn rate in the April Fool event, so this is the best chance to get this rare Pokemon.

    Research Quests

    During some special research quests, you might find Ditto or the Shiny Ditto as well. You have to complete the in-game tasks, and there could be a chance of encountering the transform Pokemon and adding it to the collection.

    So, it is more likely to get Ditto in special events, so you have to keep yourself up-to-date. During the event, try to catch as many Pokemon as possible, especially the possible disguises. Once you hear the announcement of such a special event, make sure to start planning and collecting the items you might need, such as special Pokeballs, lure modules, incense, etc.

    Extra Tips: Useful Tips You Can’t Miss about Ditto

    Here are more useful tips that can increase the chances of getting the transform Pokemon.

    • Improve your throwing technique for catching a Pokemon. It increases the catch rate.
    • If you have a strong feeling that the Pokemon can be Ditto or the Pokemon is a bit difficult to catch, use a special Pokeball to ensure the catch.
    • Make sure to catch every shiny Pokemon during special events. It can be a shiny Ditto.
    • On the special event day, use as many incense and lure modules as you can. It helps you catch more Pokemon in less time.
    • You can also use Razz Berries and feed the Pokemon you encounter. It increases the chances of catching it.


    Q1: Can Ditto hatch from an Egg?

    It is not possible to breed Pokemon in the Ditto group, so you can’t hatch a Ditto from an egg. You can’t get it through gift eggs. The only possible way to get Ditto is to find it and catch it.

    Q2: Is Shiny Ditto available in Pokemon Go?

    Yes, Shiny Ditto is available in Pokemon Go. It was first introduced in the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event. But now, you can catch a shiny Ditto in the wild, but it is extremely rare.

    Final Words

    It is difficult to catch 3 of the transform Pokemon, but not impossible. With the right methods, techniques, and tips, you can catch Ditto Pokemon transform. We have discussed how you can catch the transform Pokemon, where it can be found, and the common disguises. Now, you can try these to add Ditto to your collection. Use iToolab AnyGo to teleport to different locations and catch more Pokemon in a day. It increases your chances of getting Dittos without stepping out of your home.

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