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Can WhatsApp be Tracked? The Truth You Need to Know

Alex Santia

    Wondering can WhatsApp be tracked? Users can easily be tracked on WhatsApp as while signing up on WhatsApp, there are no settings for privacy and security. You must have noticed that while signing up on WhatsApp, users don’t require any password, username, or authentication information.

    That’s why many users think that someone is monitoring them; if that is the case, then you have to notice several phone signs which will occur on your device when you are getting traced, such as unusual noise or notification, Phone battery draining, slow performance, Phone hanging and more. These signs could mean that someone is monitoring you. However, if you want to spy on someone, follow the next section to find out the top 5 Spy apps available online.

    Can You Track Someone on WhatsApp

    With the help of the WhatsApp location feature, users can now share their live location with their loved ones. If you want to track someone’s location without knowing them, simply open the chat with the person you want to track, click on the + sign, and then choose a location. Now share the live location and choose how long you want to share your location with the following person. Once you have shared your location with them, they can see where you are on a map in real time.

    You can also use the third-party tracking app to track someone without knowing them; here are the top 5 tracking apps available online.

    1. mSpy

    spybubble whatsapp tracker

    Can I track someone’s location on WhatsApp? If you want an answer, then this App is your answer. mSpy is a cell phone tracker app, and it can access massive amounts of data from the target device. This App can track GPS location, monitor WhatsApp messages, media files, and more. mSpy lets you monitor the received as well as made calls on WhatsApp.

    2. SpyBubble

    spybubble whatsapp tracker

    SpyBubble is a Spy tool specifically designed for WhatsApp and other free messengers available on your device, including Facebook. With the help of this spying app, you can easily access the smartphone of your loved ones. You can easily access all the data on their phone, such as Pic, Videos, Text messages, and more.

    3. CocoSpy

    cocospy whatsapp tracker

    We all know that WhatsApp is a hard app to track; however, CocoSpy makes spying on WhatsApp much easier. You can install this App on Android and iOS without root or jailbreak. Once this App is installed on your device, you can easily get every little detail from the target device, including WhatsApp details, directly on your Cocospy browser. After that, you can read all the received or send messages on WhatsApp.


    MobileSpy is also a smartphone tracking program with more advanced features. This program is non-detectable and provides its user with access to photos, videos, and calls. With the help of this program, you can easily undelete the messages. MobileSpy allows you to access WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. This program is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

    5. Hoverwatch

    hoverwatch whatsapp tracker

    If you want to Spy on someone’s WhatsApp, Hoverwatch is the best application to fulfill this job. This program offers over 40 features to help you track someone’s smartphone.

    It can easily track all the Internet activities happening on the target device, such as you can easily view the Internet history, visiting sites, watching videos, and more. One of the best features hackers love the most is the front camera phone capture. This program automatically takes a photo via the front camera whenever the user unlocks their phone screen.

    These were the best WhatsApp tracking apps available online; with the help of these Apps, you can easily track someone’s location and access their Data without knowing them.

    Can WhatsApp be Tracked by Someone?

    WhatsApp says that no one can access your live location without your permission. However, since the technology is growing, many third-party programs have said that their Apps can track someone’s location without knowing them.

    We have mentioned the top 5 WhatsApp Spy App that can easily Spy on the target device without their permission.

    Can Police/FBI/Government Track WhatsApp

    Well, having end-to-end encryption is not enough for your privacy while using popular Apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. Because Law enforcement, such as the FBI and police, access your private data whenever they want.

    In 2020 a document was prepared by the FBI, and in this document, they mentioned that the FBI could access the private information of their suspect whenever they want, and they called this act Lawful Access.

    How Can You Tell If Someone is Checking Your WhatsApp

    To know if someone is checking your WhatsApp, you have to look for the signs that will occur when your device is being monitored. Some signs will help you indicate that your device is being monitored.

    1. Battery Draining

    If your device battery is draining rapidly without any heavy activity, then this could mean Spy App is running in your background. They can collect your private data and use it for their own purpose.

    2. Unusual Noise or Notifications

    If your device vibrates without any notification or creates different noise, then this could also mean that an unknown Spy App is installed and monitoring your WhatsApp activity on your device.

    3. Phone Hanging

    If your device hangs too much without any reason, it also indicates that it is being monitored.


    As we all know, WhatsApp is one of the best messaging Apps available. It lets you chat and share data with your loved ones for free. This App encrypts all your data, but still, there is a chance that someone is monitoring your activity without your permission, and in this guide, we have answers can WhatsApp be tracked so that you can understand it completely.

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