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Solved! iPhone & iPad Says Incorrect WiFi Password but It Correct!


    My iPhone won’t accept WiFi passwords. I have been entering the correct password for quite some time now, but the device is not acknowledging it as the correct key. Moreover, the WiFi is working fine on other devices.

    — From an Apple user on Community
    incorrect password WiFi

    Not connecting to the WiFi network after an iOS update is a commonly occurring issue amongst iPhone/iPad users. However, there are multiple ways to fix the iPhone incorrect password WiFi problem. You only have to check our post and apply the stated solutions to bypass the iPhone won’t accept WiFi passwords complication and Wifi password incorrect but is correct.

    Why iPhone/iPad Keep Saying Incorrect WiFi Passwords

    Before enabling the potent solutions to make the WiFi on iPhone/iPad up and running again, it is vital to understand what might be causing the issue in the first place. So we will explain why your iOS device keeps saying that you have entered the incorrect password in this section.

    Wrong Passwords

    To keep the WiFi password more secure, users tend to use different symbols, numbers, and letters in both upper and lower case. Therefore, one could likely forget to enter the correct password to access the WiFi on iPhone/iPad. We recommend that you double-check whether the passcode you have entered is the correct one or not!

    wifi wrong passwords

    Wrong Type of Wireless Security

    There are different sets of wireless security you can use before setting a password for the WiFi connection, such as WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA3. If you enter the correct network key on the wrong wireless security protocols, then the iPhone incorrect password WiFi complexity will definitely occur.

    wifi incorrect wireless security

    Wireless Card is Not Supported

    Possibly your device’s wireless card doesn’t support the WiFi connection. For that, there is no way other than either updating the firmware or getting an alternative modem to enable using the internet.

    7 Ways to Fix iPhone Won’t Accept WiFi passwords Even It is Correct

    Once you understand the root of the iPhone Won’t Accept WiFi passwords problem, it will be easier for you to apply one of the eight solutions mentioned in this section to re-enable the internet on the iOS device. The methods are as follows:

    Way 1. Restart Your iPhone

    One of the quickest ways to start WiFi on the iPhone is restarting it. If you use an older iPhone version, press the Power button for a few seconds to restart the device. Moreover, for iPhone X, 11, or 12, hold the Power button and volume low key to apply the procedure.

    wifi password incorrect restart the phone

    Way 2. Reset Network Settings

    If you have recently updated the WiFi settings and your iPhone starts to cause the incorrect password issue, it is wise to reset its Network Settings. Then, follow the steps below to apply the solution:

    • From the Settings menu, tap on General.
    • Select Reset from the list.
    • Finally, press Reset Network Settings to wipe all network settings.
    • Now, select the WiFi connection and enter the correct password to use the internet.
    wifi password incorrect-reset network settings

    Way 3. Forget the WiFi Network and Re-Join

    If you do not wish to wipe the Network Settings of the entire device, then we recommend enabling the Forget WiFi option and enter the correct password again to access the network. The instructions are listed below:

    • Access the Settings app and tap on the WiFi option.
    • Locate the WiFi connection you wish to erase and press the “i” button next to it.
    • Hit the Forget this Network button to erase the network.
    • From the WiFi menu, press the connection again, and enter the correct password to complete this method.
    iPhone will not accept WiFi password

    Way 4. Restart the WiFi Router or Modem

    There is a chance that your WiFi router is faulty, which might be the reason your iPhone keeps saying incorrect WiFi password. Under such circumstances, we suggest restarting the Modem using its power button. Once the Router is switched on, connect the iPhone/iPad with the network and see if you can use the internet or not!

    Way 5. Disable WiFi Assist

    In case of a poor network, the WiFi Assist utility automatically switches the WiFi connection to mobile data. Therefore, it is beneficial when you wish to surf the internet without any interruption. However, it could be the reason behind the persistent iPhone incorrect password WiFi issue.
    Here are the steps:

    • Use the Settings menu to access the Cellular utility.
    • Locate the WiFi Assist tab, and turn it off.
    • That’s it!
    incorrect wifi password to disable wifi assist

    Way 6. Force Restart Your iPhone

    If the phone is still stating that you are entering the incorrect password, even if you have entered the right one, it is better to force restart the iPhone and see if it fixes it. However, this method varies with different versions of the iPhone.
    Go through the following steps to learn the technique:

    • Press the Volume Up, Down, and Wake button one by one if you are using iPhone 8 or newer versions.
    • Simultaneously, press and hold the Volume Down and Wake key to Force Restart iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.
    • If the phone is iPhone 6 or older, then press the Home and Wake button at the same time to fix the incorrect password complication.
    incorrect password wifi force restart iphone

    Way 7. Change the WiFi Password

    If none of the methods listed above offer to solve your iPhone incorrect password WiFi issue, then it is best to change the password using the Modem settings and see if it connects to the iPhone or iPad.

    Fix “iPhone Won’t Accept WiFi Passwords” with FixGo

    The previous solutions require you to perform technical steps on the iPhone or iPad to rectify the iPhone incorrect password WiFi error. However, you can use a third-party app, such as iToolab FixGo, to repair any sort of system errors occurring on the iOS device.

    Secure Download
    Secure Download

    The unique thing about using this software is that you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your data. Once you fix the iPhone with iToolab FixGo, your device will feel as good as new!

    Suppose you are wondering how to navigate iToolab FixGo to fix the iPhone incorrect password WiFi error. In that case, you only have to apply the following steps listed below to complete the job.

    Step 1 Install FixGo on your desktop and connect the iPhone or iPad using a USB cable. Launch the software and select Standard Mode before clicking on Fix Now.

    iphone stuck on charging screen itoolab fixgo

    Step 2 The program will install the latest firmware on the iOS device. Hit Browse to select the destination for the firmware. After that, click on Download to save it.

    iphone stuck on red charging screen itoolab fixgo

    Step 3 Click on the Repair Now tab to initiate the process of fixing the iPhone. The tool will notify you upon the successful completion of the task.

    iphone stuck on battery screen itoolab fixgo

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    Now you know the most powerful solutions to resolve the iPhone will not accept WiFi password issues. Each technique is easy to follow! However, if you wish to get the job done at a fast rate without having to compromise the device’s data, then there is no better option than using iToolab FixGo, which is intuitive and easily accessible.

    iToolab FixGo

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    • Avatar Snoglydox says:

      How does one install FixGo when one can’t get on the internet because of Apple’s WiFi screw up update, that installed through the very WiFi it won’t get on now, and essentially turned my $400.00+ iPad into a paper-weight with one update, causing me to be unable to connect to numerous devices that us it? My WiFi is not the problem, as I have over thirty items connected to it, most using PC!

      • Evelyn Hutton Evelyn Hutton says:

        Hi Snoglydox,
        Thanks for your questions. FixGo is designed for Win or Mac. Once you installed FixGo on your computer, you can open the tool and connect your iPhone/iPad to solve problems.

    • Avatar Mark says:

      Thanks so much!!! Had to go all the way to step 6 to get my iPhone to connect, but now it seems to be working!!! Thanks again!!!